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Lost Ark Express Mission Event: A Comprehensive Guide


The Lost Ark Express Mission Event is designed to assist newbies and players who wish to start a new alt character in quickly catching up and accessing endgame content. This event offers various methods to boost your character, including generous material rewards and enhanced honing for gear and weapons. In this guide, we will explore the different boosts available in the Express Mission Event and provide tips on maximizing the event rewards for your roster.

Duration of the Event

The Express Mission Event in Lost Ark will run from April 21 to June 30, 2022. This generous timeframe allows ample opportunity to complete all the available missions in the event.

How to Participate in the Express Mission Event

To participate in the Lost Ark Express Mission Event, simply log in to the game. You will be greeted by the event window, prompting you to select a character to participate. Only characters at Level 50 with a gear level below iLvl 1000 are eligible to join. If you don’t see the event window, go to “Edit Widgets” below your minimap and add the Event Quest widget. Click on the Event Quest icon to access the event window.

Growth Support Effect - Lost Ark

Eligibility Requirements

Any Lost Ark character who has reached Level 50 and has a gear level lower than iLvl 1000 can take part in the Express Mission Event. Tier 1 characters will benefit the most from the rewards, as they will receive honing materials that quickly boost them to Tier 2. Tier 2 characters will no longer find use for Tier 1 materials. Tier 3 characters cannot participate due to exceeding the gear level restriction. However, characters who participated as a lower tier and reach Tier 3 within the event can still complete the missions.

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Where to Find Express Mission Event Missions

The Lost Ark Express Mission Event is divided into four sections, with Tier 1 and Tier 2 missions available in different regions:

  • Tier 1: Rohendel and North Vern
  • Tier 2: Yorn and Feiton

Rewards and Boosts in the Express Mission Event

There are two primary ways to boost your character in this event:

Honing Boost

The selected character for this event will receive three types of honing boosts:

  1. Growth Boost Effect: Reduces the required XP for honing by 40% for item levels between 1 to 15. This means you’ll need fewer Guardian or Destruction stones to reach 100% required XP for honing.
  2. Level Boost Effect: Every successful honing attempt between levels 1 to 12 will increase the gear level by 2 levels.
  3. Success Rate Up: Increases the success rate for honing gear by 20% for gear levels 1 to 15.

Growth Support Effect - Lost Ark

Super Express Missions and Rewards

Super Express Missions offer substantial rewards in the form of materials and battle items upon completion. These missions are divided into four levels, with increasing difficulty as your iLvl rises. Additionally, there is a Bonus level that involves clearing special dungeons.

Higher mission levels unlock once all missions of the previous level are completed, and you receive additional rewards upon completing a level.

Level 1 Missions and Rewards

  • Reach iLvl 460
  • Rewards: x2 Uncommon Engraving Effect Support Chest

Level 2 Missions and Rewards

  • Reach iLvl 600
  • Rewards:
    • x10 Stronghold Activity Relief Chest
    • x5 Stronghold Energy (L)
    • x5 Leap’s Essence
    • x5 Major Life Energy Potion

Level 3 Missions and Rewards

  • Reach iLvl 960
  • Rewards: 1,000,000 Silver
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Level 4 Missions and Rewards

  • Reach iLvl 1100
  • Rewards:
    • Super Express Complete Chest
      • 1,000 Gold
      • x1 Relic Rapport Selection Chest
      • x3 1,000,000 Silver Chest
      • x20 Legendary – Rare Card Pack
      • x10 Legendary – Epic Card Pack
      • x3 Legendary Card Pack
      • x1 Legendary Card Pack Selection Chest
      • x3 Legendary Rapport Selection Chest
      • x5 Unidentified Powerful Stone of Soaring
      • x10 Sailing Coin Selection
      • x20 Epic Class Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
      • x20 Epic Combat Engraving Recipe Selection Chest
      • x20 Growth Support Epic Accessory Chest
      • x30 Creation Fragment
      • x10,000 Raid Seal
      • x10,000 Victory Seal
      • x10,000 Adventurer’s Seal
      • x50 Honor Leapstone (Bound)
      • x500 Destruction Stone Crystal (Bound)
      • x1500 Guardian Stone Crystal (Bound)

Bonus Missions and Rewards
These missions involve clearing special dungeons and are already unlocked, regardless of the character’s progress in the event.

Choosing the Best Character for the Express Mission Event

For the most optimal experience, it is recommended to participate in the Lost Ark Express Mission Event with a fresh Tier 1 character. Tier 2 characters can still join, but they will only benefit from materials applicable to their tier. However, all tiers can aim for the Level 4 Clear Reward, as it provides the most valuable rewards suitable for any tier.

Considering the event’s duration of over 2 months, you may also hold off participating until a new class is released. Currently, the Glavier has been unveiled alongside the event, allowing players to take their new Glaviers to the endgame by participating. On the other hand, the Destroyer class does not have an exact release date yet, with an estimated release by the end of May. If there are no delays, completing the event within a month should still be feasible, depending on your playtime.

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It is crucial to note that veteran Lost Ark players should refrain from using their main characters for this event. Rewards are tied to the selected character, and once you choose your main character, you cannot switch to another for the Lost Ark Express Mission Event. The event’s goal is to progress from iLvl 302 to iLvl 1100 on a character, so selecting the wrong character or one that is already at a high level would be a missed opportunity.

If you found this guide helpful, be sure to check out our other Lost Ark articles for more useful tips and information. Enjoy the Lost Ark Express Mission Event!

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