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How to Unlock the Incendio Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

When you begin your journey in Hogwarts Legacy, you’ll have access to some basic spells right from the start. However, most spells can only be unlocked through progression, requiring you to complete certain missions to learn and utilize them. One such spell is the powerful Incendio Spell, allowing players to unleash fiery destruction upon their enemies.

Unlocking the Incendio Spell

The Incendio Spell can be unlocked on your second day at Hogwarts. To acquire this spell, you must undertake a quest called “Finding the Secret in the Restricted Section.” This quest has two requirements that must be fulfilled.

Incendio - Image by eXputer
Incendio – Image by eXputer

The first requirement is reaching Level 3 in the game. The second requirement involves learning a fire-making charm known as Incendio. However, the game doesn’t explicitly inform players about the fire-making charm, so it’s crucial to understand that the spell is called Incendio and is similar to the popular Disarm spell.

Therefore, if you wish to master the art of fire in Hogwarts Legacy, you must first learn the Incendio spell. Here’s how you can unlock it within the game.

Requirements for the Spell

First, make your way to the Defense Against Dark Arts Classroom and interact with your professor. The professor will assign you a quest with two tasks that must be completed to unlock the spell.

In the first task, you’ll need to engage in two rounds of the “Crossed Wands” mini-game. This mini-game can be accessed during the “Finding the Secret in the Restricted Section” quest.

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Crossed Wands - Image by eXputer
Crossed Wands – Image by eXputer

To participate in the mini-game, interact with Lucan Brattleby, who can be found in the clock tower. In the clock tower, you’ll engage in a duel against fellow students. Accompanied by your trusty companion, you must strategically cast spells, dodge incoming attacks, and counter enemy shields to emerge victorious and learn the Incendio spell.

The second requirement involves completing a round of “Spell Combination Practice.” Interact with Lucan to initiate the training. In this practice session, you’ll face off against a training dummy.

Spell Combination Practice - Image by eXputer
Spell Combination Practice – Image by eXputer

During the practice session, you must execute precise combinations by pressing the buttons at the right time, ensuring the dummy doesn’t touch the ground. This training exercise will teach you valuable skills like air juggling and spell cycling, which will prove essential in future battles.

Once you’ve completed both requirements, return to the Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom and speak with the professor. She will provide you with a pattern representing the Incendio spell. Trace the pattern, which forms a triangle, and you’ll successfully acquire the ability to perform the Incendio spell. With this spell, you can burn your enemies and break red-colored shields.

Talking to Professor Hecate - Image by eXputer
Talking to Professor Hecate – Image by eXputer

After learning the Incendio spell, take the opportunity to explore the castle before embarking on your next quest, “The Secrets of the Restricted Section” main quest. During this quest, simply follow the path displayed on the screen to learn the spell.

Summing It Up

In conclusion, we’ve provided you with a comprehensive guide on acquiring the Incendio spell in Hogwarts Legacy. Be sure to also check out our guides on obtaining crucial spells like Crucio, Glacius, Expelliarmus, and Arresto Momentum. If you’re just starting your journey in Hogwarts Legacy, don’t miss our guide on house choices and who to choose. Additionally, we’ve prepared a guide on the Room of Requirement in Hogwarts Legacy that you should definitely explore.

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Remember, unlocking powerful spells is an essential aspect of your magical adventure at Hogwarts. Master them well, and may your incendiary prowess lead you to triumph!

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