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The Ultimate Guide to Mastering Killjoy on Ascent in VALORANT


Since her introduction, Killjoy has emerged as a top pick on Ascent due to her unparalleled defensive capabilities. With limited options for attackers to infiltrate the sites, Killjoy’s traps can be incredibly effective in neutralizing their advances. Additionally, her game-changing ultimate can turn the tide of rounds by simplifying site takes and retakes. In this guide, we will explore various defensive setups, turret placements, and attack strategies to help you dominate on Ascent with Killjoy.


Killjoy’s expertise lies in her defensive setups, particularly on the B site. Fending off attackers alongside a Sova and Killjoy can feel nearly insurmountable. Let’s explore the most effective setups for defending B on Ascent.

Toaster Oven

One popular setup for the B site is called the Toaster Oven. This setup targets the main entrance Lane, where most attackers converge. To execute this setup, place your first Nanoswarm on the intersection of the thin bricks. Follow up by placing your second Nanoswarm on the cracked brick. This arrangement effectively covers a large area, leaving attackers with no escape route. Additionally, position your Alarm Bot in Lane to serve as a signal for activating your Nanoswarms. Depending on your preference, you can place the Alarm Bot closer to the entrance or farther back, each offering its own advantages. When the Nanoswarms are activated, attackers are left with two choices: forge ahead and face your on-site defense or retreat towards Spawn or Market, where your teammates lie in wait.

Toaster Variation

To counter opponents who catch on to your Toaster setup and attempt to break your traps with Shock Darts, Grenades, or other abilities, you can employ the Toaster Variation. Place your first Nanoswarm in the corner between the door switch and Lane, and position your second Nanoswarm on the ledge at the end of Lane. While this setup covers a slightly smaller area, it becomes more challenging for attackers to neutralize with utility.

Door Switch

Attackers frequently close the Market doors upon entering the B Site. To prevent immediate door closure, deploy your Alarm Bot strategically behind the door switch. Stand against the switch wall and aim at the bottom plank of the table to place your Nanoswarm inside it. This setup successfully delays attackers attempting to close the Market door, leaving them vulnerable to attacks from Market and Defender Spawn after their smokes dissipate.

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Mid Market

As the central area of Ascent, Mid becomes a crucial pathway for attackers to execute split-site strategies. To impede their progress, position your Nanoswarm and Alarm Bot strategically in Mid Market. These traps will provide enough delay for a teammate to rotate and reinforce your defense. Once your teammate arrives, you can establish a potent crossfire to overwhelm attackers.

Turret Spots on B

Two common turret placements on the B site offer valuable defensive coverage. The first turret placement, on top of the barrels in Defender Spawn, provides surveillance over B Main and slows down enemy pushes while inflicting chip damage. The second turret placement is synergistic with the Toaster setup. By placing it deep within the Logs Cubby, it covers Lane effectively and hinders enemy mobility.

Additional Turret Spots

While the previous turret placements are widely utilized and highly effective, there are alternative choices depending on the situation. Placing your turret on the Radianite crates on-site allows you to play inside the Boat House and capitalize on its positioning to eliminate enemies. Another option is placing the turret at an off-angle on the far left to intercept enemies coming out of B Main. The third turret, positioned in Markets, serves as a replacement when you lack a teammate covering that area. It acts as a warning system, alerting you to any B Main or Markets pushes. Lastly, a turret positioned to watch aggressively into B Main facilitates close-range battles during save rounds.

Tree Setup

Attackers often target the Tree Room while attacking A. This compact area serves as an ideal spot for Killjoy’s traps. A simple setup involves placing the Alarm Bot on the middle grate and the Nanoswarms on the other two grates. This setup effectively covers the entire Tree Room, leaving attackers vulnerable as they attempt to flee through the crack.

Door Setup

Similar to the B Site, attackers frequently attempt to close the door on A as soon as they enter. To deter such actions, set up a Nanoswarm on the wire near the switch. Additionally, position another Nanoswarm on the second crack of the ledge and place your Alarm Bot in the middle to activate upon detecting movement towards the door or Generator.

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Turret Spots on A

When it comes to turret placements on A, two common spots offer excellent coverage of both A Main and Tree Room. These turrets are positioned at an off-angle, forcing attackers to readjust their aim to engage them effectively. Placing your turret on the boxes on Rafters can be advantageous during pistol rounds, as it deals chip damage from a distance. However, for rifle rounds, it’s advisable to opt for a different placement to prevent attackers from isolating and destroying it before their site push.


Killjoy’s ultimate ability, the Lockdown, detains all enemies within its 30-meter radius, rendering their weapons and abilities useless. The Lockdown serves as a game-changer during retakes, forcing attackers off the site and facilitating a defuse. As a Killjoy playing on B, you will often find yourself retaking A. To maximize the effectiveness of your Lockdown, place it in the corner as indicated. This strategic placement covers the entire site, compelling attackers to either retreat towards A Main or Wine. To enhance the Lockdown’s impact, throw a Nanoswarm into Wine. Safeguard Tree Room and ensure the door is closed before positioning yourself in the corner between the tree and the wall. Then, throw your Nanoswarm just above the tree branch. When the Lockdown has approximately 7 seconds remaining, activate the Nanoswarm. Attackers in Wine will then face the difficult choice of being detained or succumbing to the molly. Meanwhile, attackers in A Main will be far away, facilitating an easy defuse.

A Lockdown spot for retaking the B site is also available. This Lockdown placement blankets the entire site, forcing attackers to exit towards you and your team. Before utilizing this Lockdown, ensure there are no attackers outside the site who can destroy it. Additionally, be mindful of your aim when placing it to avoid mistakenly positioning the Lockdown on the table, which would allow attackers to wall bang it.


Although Killjoy excels in defensive roles as a Sentinel, she can still make a significant impact on the attack. Her Lockdown can be used to facilitate site takes and prevent defuses, while her turret provides valuable support and flank coverage.

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One of the best turret placements for the Mid area is atop the wall in Tiles, or Mid Link. Position the turret on the far right of the left wall. This turret offers a wide field of view, covering Cat Cubby and providing flank protection for pushes through Mid or B.

Placing your turret in A Main or B Main can effectively watch flanks and eliminate defenders attempting aggressive pushes. Additionally, for post-plants, positioning your turret on-site creates a distraction that can slow down retakes, giving you an opportunity to peek and eliminate distracted defenders.

Attack Lockdowns

Similar to the defensive strategies, Lockdowns can be employed on the attack to neutralize defenders and take control of sites. Placing Lockdowns in B Main or A Main grants you easy access to the sites. However, be cautious when using the A Lockdown, as it does not cover the right side of Hell or Rafters, potentially allowing defenders to hide in those areas.

Nanoswarm Lineups

After successfully taking a site and planting the spike, your primary objective is to prevent defenders from defusing. Killjoy’s abilities are incredibly useful in this regard. Instead of placing your Nanoswarms directly on the spike, it is often more effective to utilize lineups from a safe distance. Here are a few recommended Nanoswarm lineups for the A and B sites.

  • For the A Site, when the spike is planted in front of the Green Boxes, position yourself in the corner between the Radiant Boxes and the wall. Aim at the tip of the spike and throw your Nanoswarm.
  • If the spike is planted in front of the Generator, start in the same corner and align the tip of your turret’s icon with the small spike.
  • Finally, if the spike is planted at the default Green Boxes on the B site, position yourself in the corner in B Lobby and aim at the spike. Your Nanoswarm will land in front of the Green Boxes, effectively covering the spike.


By leveraging these defensive setups, turret placements, and attack strategies, you can fully harness Killjoy’s potential on Ascent. Don’t forget to explore additional Nanoswarm lineups and setups to further enhance your gameplay. Special thanks to the contributors Keeoh and Eevux for their valuable insights and contributions to this guide. With dedication and practice, you’ll become a formidable force as Killjoy on Ascent. Good luck!

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