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Exploring the League of Legends Infernal Skin Line: A Fiery Battle for Dominion

We’ve all heard tales of cults blindly worshiping entities that seek to rule the mortal realm. However, the League of Legends Infernal Skin Line takes this concept to a whole new level, immersing the world in flames and ashes. Let’s delve into this captivating storyline and see our favorite characters transformed into fiery beings fighting for the Ashen Lord.

The Ashen Lord and His Infernal Army

At the center of this chaotic narrative stands Ashen Lord Aurelion Sol. Unwisely summoned by pyromancer cultists, this god of fire and ruin was intended to be controlled for their own gain. Instead, he unleashed his infernal legions upon the world, remaking everything in his image—cinder, ash, and death[^1^].

The Infernals: Champions Consumed by Flame

Within the League of Legends Infernal Skin Line, we encounter a host of champions who have fallen under the sway of the Ashen Lord, becoming instruments of destruction in his fiery army. Let’s take a closer look at a few of these infernal beings:

Infernal Akali

Summoned from the depths below, Infernal Akali is a djinn who incinerates her patron’s enemies. However, such power does not come without dire consequences[^1^].

Infernal Alistar

Leading the charge in the Infernal invasion, Alistar is a colossal juggernaut whose imposing presence belies unimaginable strength and speed. Armies have crumbled beneath him, overwhelmed by his overwhelming power[^1^].

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Infernal Amumu

Unintentionally summoned alongside the malevolent Infernals, Amumu, though small compared to the raging monsters, seeks only friendship. Tragically, his touch unwittingly incinerates those who come too close[^1^].

Infernal Diana

As a key figure among the lesser Infernals, Diana serves as a blistering elemental terror. She is dispatched ahead of the main invasion forces to assassinate crucial officials and set cities ablaze, even earning the admiration of her kin for her extreme methods[^1^].

Infernal Galio

A black-hearted monstrosity leading the hellish Infernal hordes, Galio stands titanic even among his fiery brethren. Each of his steps melts the very bedrock, consuming entire armies without a second thought[^1^].

Infernal Karthus

The disciples of Karthus summon this infernal harbinger into the world through their discordant chorus. His arrival heralds columns of hellfire descending from the heavens above, leaving a trail of destruction in his wake[^1^].

Infernal Kennen

Kennen, a playful spirit of fire, may not possess malign intentions, but his lightning-quick movements ignite everything in his path. Any village unfortunate enough to entice this impish spirit will experience havoc like never before[^1^].

Infernal Mordekaiser

An ancient Infernal general bereft of remorse or feeling, Mordekaiser reanimates the incinerated corpses of his victims, turning them into soldiers for his vast armies. Like a burning plague, they sweep across the world, leaving no life untouched[^1^].

Infernal Nasus

Even crueller and more hateful than their lesser counterparts, the greater Infernals, including Nasus, strike terror into the hearts of all who encounter them. Nasus, a three-headed monstrosity hailing from an abyss of unimaginable horror, withers life with a mere touch, subsequently reducing it to ash[^1^].

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Molten Rammus

A relentless warbeast hailing from the Infernal hordes, Rammus selects a direction and begins spinning, indiscriminately burning homes, armies, and entire nations to ashes[^1^].

Scorch Earth Renekton

An Infernal that embodies the screams from the darkest corners of mortal imagination, Renekton, once thought to be a myth, now roams freely, punishing humanity for their hubris[^1^].

Infernal Shen

Rising from the raging depths of the underworld, Infernal Shen appears on battlefields in the blink of an eye, shielding his fellow titans from even the most formidable resistance[^1^].

Infernal Varus

Ripping massive gouts of magma from the earth’s foundation, Infernal Varus hurls them in volleys at anyone daring to oppose him. Each arrow strikes with the force of an exploding volcano, leaving nothing but ash in its wake[^1^].

Infernal Vel’Koz

The cataclysmic titan known as Vel’Koz remains shrouded in mystery, as most who encounter him combust at his mere presence. One thing is certain, however: his incinerating gaze can obliterate entire civilizations, leaving only smoldering ruin behind[^1^].

Firefang Warwick

Leading the hounds of the Ashen Lord, Firefang Warwick’s appearance blazes with the fires of molten hellscapes. Relentlessly scouring the earth for survivors of Infernal attacks, he reduces them to sputtering cinders[^1^].

Volcanic Wukong

Drawing upon the power of molten rock bubbling beneath the earth’s surface, Volcanic Wukong’s rage splits mountains, conjures rain of lava, and turns rivers into blackened glass. His refusal to back down from any challenge may hold the key to his eventual defeat[^1^].

Scorched Earth Xerath

An unstable creature born from roiling magma, Xerath possesses a keen intellect. He awaits the day when he can ascend through the ranks of the Infernal war machine and overthrow the Ashen Lord. His ambitions remain shrouded in secrecy, but their fulfillment may be closer than anyone realizes[^1^].

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The Corrupted: Victims of Infernal Conflagration

The Infernal Skin Line also features champions who, along with their people, fell victim to the ravages of the Infernals. Consumed by rage and misery, they now seek to spread their torment:

Charred Maokai

Once a steward of the gentle treefolk, Maokai and his people were consumed by the infernal flames. Fueled by anger, he now seeks to spread his wrath to anything that crosses his path[^1^].

Wildfire Zyra

Once a forest nymph, Zyra fell victim to the burning touch of the Infernals. Now, she unleashes her wildfire upon the dying forests and valleys of her decimated world[^1^].

Shadowfire Temple: Champions of the Flame

From the Shadowfire Temple arise champions who wield the element of fire against the burning horrors unleashed by the Ashen Lord:

Foxfire Ahri

A talented young pyromancer from the Shadowfire Temple, Ahri abandoned her quiet life when extremists unleashed the burning horrors of the Ashen Lord. Now, she employs her fire magic to combat them, even in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds[^1^].

Shadowfire Kindred

The high priests of the Shadowfire Temple called upon their own god to fend off the all-consuming Infernals when the Ashen Lord rose. Unbeknownst to them, their god is twofold: Destruction and Rebirth. As Kindred takes up the mantle, they fight against the flames, but their struggle may come at a bitter price[^1^].

Guardians: Emerging from the Depths

As the Ashen Lord’s ascent tore mountains from their foundations, a curious phenomenon transpired. From beneath these great mountains emerged strange obsidian creatures. These enigmatic beings have joined the battle, equipped with unique abilities to fight the Infernals[^1^].

Conclusion: The Catastrophic Summoning

The Infernal cult’s ill-fated summoning wrought havoc upon the world. Although their intentions remain unclear, the catastrophic consequences cannot be denied. Feel free to explore the League of Legends Blood Moon skin line as well[^1^].

Riot Games Skin Story on skin release[^1^].

Infernal Skin Line

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