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Lessons in Love Chapter 1: Your Ultimate Event Guide

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Welcome to the ultimate event guide for Chapter 1 of Lessons in Love! Whether you’re stuck and need help progressing or simply want to unlock missed events, this guide is here to assist you. Please note that this is not a walkthrough, and if you’re new to the game, we recommend playing it blind for the best experience.

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What is This Guide?

This guide provides a comprehensive list of triggers for all events in the first chapter of Lessons in Love. It’s designed to help you navigate through the game and unlock those few missable events. Missable events are marked in red, and if you miss an event, your game’s event tracker will display a crossed-out event name in red. However, it’s worth mentioning that many missed events are the result of specific choices made during the game.

Main Events

Here is a list of the main events in Chapter 1:

Every Day I Grow Some More

Cliche Bath Scene

Am I Awake?

First (?) Day of School

Slumber Party

Dreaming of Flying

Day 5+ Super Secret Sex Dungeon

Day 7+ Delinquent

Day 8+ Mitochondria

Day 12+ Self-Esteem

Day 14+ Operation: Fallen Angel

Day 16+ I Thought of You

Day 20+ Not Even Me

Day 21+ Male Anatomy

Day 23+ French Toast

Day 24+ Outside of Everything

Day 26+ Ponytail

Day 28+ Drowning

Day 30+ So Many Voices

Day 33+ Horrible People

Day 34+ Cleaning Duty

Day 36+ Walk in the Park

Day 38+ Unexpected Profession (Makoto)

Day 40+ David & Goliath

Day 42+ This Town Has Two Halves

Day 44+ Walk in the Park Little Girl

Day 48+ Missing

Day 50+ Cafe Mocha (Rin)

Day 54+ Normal Office Visit

Day 56+ Different Worlds (Maya)

O World (In Our Final Moments)

Day 60+ Normal Office Visit One to Seven

Day 63+ Delirium (Rin)


Day 65+ Carry Me Home (Sana)

Nothing Was Missing, Except Me (Rin)

The S Word

Day 70+ Supermom (Sana)

Weight Limit

Day 72+ The S Word

Slope Intercept Form

Day 77+ Scientific Research

Day 79+ Friday

A Castle for Everyone (Chika)

Secret Ingredient

Day 80+ Weight Limit


Day 83+ You and Me and the Night (Miku)


Day 85+ Milk, Eggs, and Water

Day 89+ Girl-Talk

Stronger I Become

Day 91+ One to Seven

Girl-Talk Recall

Day 96+ Monday

You and Me (Maya)


Day 102+ Sunday

Recall Takoyaki (Maya)

The Letter T (Happy)

How I Feel (Happy)


Day 103+ During Rewrite, visit the shrine 5 times, then go to school

Cursed Birds

Day 110+ Reset

Human Trafficking

Day 114+ Reset

Scouting Mission (Sana)

Girl Talk Pt. II

Day 120+ Reset

Stronger I Become

A Different View

Day 121+ Reset

On The Bright Side

Day 126+ Reset

Apples to Apples (Yumi)

A Castle for Everyone (Chika)

Everything Horrible

Day 128+ Friday

On The Bright Side

Erotic Game Protagonist

Day 130+ Saturday or Sunday

Everything Horrible Rumors

Day 138+ Erotic Game Protagonist


Happy Events

In order to complete Chapter 1, it’s essential to see or miss out on all happy events. Here are the happy events you need to experience:

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The Room With Clocks

Cafe Mocha (Rin)

Swim Trip (missable)

You Don’t Love Me, Do You?

How I Feel Side Event (Chika)

Everything is Connected (missable)

Nightvision (Miku)

Nothing is Beautiful Complete

Turn Off The Lights (missable)

Important Things (Ami)

Tick Tock Tick Tock Tick Tock


Trinity Pt. I: Stations of the Cross

Three Girls in a Line on the Beach


To complete Chapter 1, make sure to experience all main events, happy events, and interactions with the main and side characters. Keep track of the events using your game’s event tracker and refer to this guide whenever you need assistance. Enjoy your journey in Lessons in Love, and don’t forget to support the game’s creator, Selebus, on Patreon to ensure its continued development. Happy gaming!

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