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Li Ling Dislyte Guide: Optimizing Relics for Maximum Impact

Just acquired Li Ling, but unsure how to maximize its potential on Dislyte? Look no further! This comprehensive guide will not only help you understand this powerful esper better but also provide invaluable tips on how to build it.

Who is Li Ling, aka Nezha on Dislyte?

Li Ling is a formidable fighter-type esper whose main role is dealing devastating damage. This esper possesses the unique ability to heal itself through the vampirization of its Tai Chi skill. Additionally, Li Ling can steal the AP (Ability Points) of each target, enabling it to execute rapid follow-up attacks.

Details of Li Ling’s Skills (max level!)

  • Altar: Unleashes a barrage of attacks, striking all enemies three times. Each hit inflicts damage equal to 38% of ATK, along with true damage equivalent to 6% of the target’s max HP. The final strike also siphons 10% of the target’s AP.

  • Tai Chi: Launches a five-fold assault on a single enemy. Each strike deals damage equal to 36% of ATK and converts 50% of the damage into healing. Additionally, every hit inflicts true damage equivalent to 6% of the target’s max HP. Li Ling’s ATK determines the maximum true damage, reaching up to 80%.

  • Flamethrower: Scorches an enemy, dealing damage equal to 130% of ATK while absorbing 15% of their AP.

  • Captain Ability: Boosts the ATK of allies by 30%.

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Which Relics to Equip on Li Ling?

Dislyte offers a plethora of relics, making it challenging to find the optimal combination for our esper. In this segment of the guide, we reveal the correct relic pairs to optimize Li Ling’s performance.

Example of a Relic Set

This recommended relic set amplifies Li Ling’s damage potential, especially with its first skill, which strikes all enemies thrice. The objective is to achieve a substantial burst of damage, be it in PvP or PvE scenarios.

Second Example of a Relic Set

Alternatively, if the aforementioned relic build doesn’t suit your playstyle, you have the flexibility to equip different runes:

This alternative relic build excels in PvP defense. Li Ling can act swiftly in the turn order, potentially eliminating the most vulnerable espers from the opposing team. However, we strongly advise using the first build for attacks or PvE encounters.

Recommended Stats for Relics

Below, you’ll find the suggested stats for the runes to equip on Li Ling. Ensure that these stats take precedence when selecting relics.

Li Ling’s Strengths and Weaknesses

According to the Tier List, Li Ling is classified as a tier S character, indicating its outstanding abilities with minimal weaknesses. It shines in Story mode and cubic Erebium, while also excelling in battles against Kronos, Fafnir, and the Space Tower. However, Li Ling might face challenges when confronting Apep. That said, it remains an exceptional choice for both offensive and defensive PvP compositions.

  • Story and Cube: S
  • Kronos: SS
  • Apep: A
  • Fafnir: S
  • Turn: S
  • PvP (Attack): S
  • PvP (Defense): S

How to Obtain Li Ling?

Li Ling can be obtained as one of the legendaries in your first multi-summon. On the beginner’s banner, you have a chance to acquire either Tang Xuan or Li Ling. If you happen to pull Tang Xuan, we strongly recommend rerolling, as missing out on a legendary tier S esper given for free would be unfortunate.

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In case rerolling isn’t an option, keep in mind that Li Ling only has a 1% chance of appearing (excluding pity). So, hold on tight and keep your fingers crossed for a successful summon.

Now armed with the knowledge of Li Ling’s capabilities and the best way to optimize it, conquer Dislyte with this extraordinary esper!

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