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Best Knull Decks in Marvel Snap: Dominating the September 2023 Meta

Destroy decks in Marvel Snap are undeniably popular, and if you’re looking to wreak havoc and capitalize on chaos, then Knull is the card you need. With its uncapped power and a cost of six, Knull can turn the tide of a game on the final turn. In this article, we’ll explore the best strategies, combos, and staple cards for Knull decks, ensuring your dominance in the Marvel Snap meta.

Exploring Knull’s Abilities

Knull is a fearsome six-cost card with zero power. It possesses an ongoing ability that states, “Has the combined power of all cards destroyed this game.” This means that the more cards you destroy, the stronger Knull becomes. You can access Knull in Series Four, either by reaching Collection Level 486 or by purchasing it from Marvel Snap’s rotating Token Shop for 3,000 Collector’s Tokens. The power of Knull varies based on the cards and locations used in the game, making it a versatile and adaptable addition to your deck.

Strategy and Combos for Knull Decks

If you want to maximize the potential of Knull, your deck should focus on destroying as many cards as possible. Combining Knull with cards like Galactus and Death will amplify its power even further. Galactus, for example, adds to Knull’s power total with each card destroyed using its effect. When paired with Wave or Electro, Galactus and Knull become an unstoppable force in the late-game.

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Additionally, Death, an incredibly strong card for Knull decks, reduces its cost by one for every card destroyed. Playing both Knull and Death on your final turn can result in a massive surge of power, potentially securing your victory.

Best Knull Decks for Marvel Snap

Knull Galactus

Marvel Snap Deck
Galactus is still a threat in the meta. Screenshot via

The Knull Galactus deck is a formidable combination in the Marvel Snap meta. Drawing cards like Electro, Doctor Octopus, Knull, and Death can give you a significant advantage. Begin by playing Electro or Wave to bring Galactus into play early, leaving only one location remaining. On turn five, play Doctor Octopus, filling up the opposing side of that location and leaving your opponent with no options on turn six.

This is where Knull and Death shine. By playing both cards on turn six, you’ll experience a substantial power swing. Assessing your opponent’s cards’ power at this location, you can use Shang-Chi to strategically destroy them, reducing your opponent’s overall power and increasing your chance of victory.

Knull Death

Marvel Snap Deck
Daken and X-23 make Destroy decks more explosive. Screenshot via

The Knull Death deck revolves around the destructive power of Deadpool. With each card destroyed, Deadpool’s power doubles, benefitting both Knull and Death. Your primary strategy is to destroy Deadpool as much as possible, increasing Knull’s power and reducing Death’s cost.

Prepare your cards in the early turns, strategically playing Nova ahead of Deadpool whenever possible. Between turns three and five, unleash your Destroy cards and replay Deadpool each turn. Daken is a valuable addition to this deck, acting as a significant power source. If all goes according to plan, you’ll be able to play both Knull and Death on your final turn, effectively ending the game.

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Staple Cards for Knull Decks

To create a successful Knull deck, there are a few staple cards you shouldn’t overlook:

  • Death: This card’s cost is reduced by one for each card destroyed during the game.
  • Wolverine: When discarded or destroyed, Wolverine regenerates at a random location with +2 Power.

Including these cards in your Knull deck will enhance your overall strategy and increase your chances of victory.

Countering Knull Decks in Marvel Snap

If you find yourself facing an opponent with a Knull deck, there are a few strategies you can employ to counter their dominance. Using Shang-Chi to destroy Knull or Death is a solid approach, especially when you can predict where these cards will be played. Alternatively, consider using Enchantress, whose ability nullifies Knull’s ongoing effect. Rogue is another potent option, as she can steal Knull’s power, leveling the playing field.

Earlier in the game, cards like Armor, which prevents destruction in specific locations, and Cosmo, which disables On Reveal effects, can disrupt Destroy decks and give you the upper hand in the battle against Knull.

In conclusion, Knull is a game-changing card that can elevate your Marvel Snap gameplay to new heights. By implementing the right strategies, combos, and staple cards, you’ll dominate the meta and leave your opponents in awe of your destructive power.

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