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The Ultimate Guide to Marvel Snap Discard Decks for Every Pool

Pool 1 Discard Deck: Unleash the Power of Apocalypse

A surprising yet remarkably effective strategy to dominate your opponents in Marvel Snap is through the use of discard decks. The best discard deck for Pool 1 consists of Blade, Yondu, Nova, Elektra, Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Angel, Angela, Wolverine, Lady Sif, Sword Master, and Apocalypse.

Once you’ve tried out this discard deck, it’s strongly recommended to explore the all-new and incredibly powerful Zabu deck. At the very least, learn how to counter it!

This particular discard deck revolves around maximizing Apocalypse’s Power to sweep up a location on the final turn. To achieve this, the deck includes a high number of 1 Cost cards that can be rapidly emptied from your hand, leaving Apocalypse as the sole card to be discarded.

Moreover, this strategy also enhances the Power of Angela and Ant-Man, as their abilities rely on multiple cards. This ensures that each location is filled with more than just 1-2 Power cards.

Keep in mind that Sword Master, Blade, and Lady Sif are the key cards for increasing Apocalypse’s Power. Therefore, make sure to empty your hand as much as possible before utilizing them.

Pool 2 Discard Deck: Versatility and Power

For those looking to shake things up, the Pool 2 discard deck offers increased versatility. This deck includes Blade, Yondu, Ant-Man, Nightcrawler, Angela, Wolverine, Swarm, Morbius, Bishop, Lady Sif, Sword Master, and Apocalypse.

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One notable advantage of this deck is the ability to benefit from Morbius’ Power stacking ability whenever a card is discarded. Additionally, it provides a second option for securing victory through Swarm. By discarding enough Swarm cards, you can effectively swarm each lane with 0 Cost copies of him on the final turn.

Unfortunately, there are no additional cards in Pool 2 that allow for card discarding. Hence, the heavy lifting will still rely on Sword Master, Lady Sif, and Blade.

However, Bishop, similar to Angela, enables Power stacking by playing cards. By quickly unloading your 1 Cost cards, you can significantly boost the Powers of Ant-Man, Angela, and Bishop.

Meta Discard Deck: Unleash the Full Potential

For those seeking a competitive edge, the Meta discard deck is your go-to choice. This deck includes Blade, Swarm, Morbius, Colleen Wing, Gambit, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Ghost Rider, Hellcow, Hela, Apocalypse, and Death.

With Morbius stacking Power for every discarded card, Hela and Ghost Rider bringing discarded cards back, and an abundance of cards available for discarding, this is undoubtedly the best discard deck available.

The main strategy revolves around getting Death and Apocalypse onto the field by turn 6. Lady Sif can discard Death, allowing Hela or Ghost Rider to bring her back.

Gambit, Blade, Sword Master, Lady Sif, Colleen Wing, and Hellcow all contribute to card discarding. This results in Morbius gaining +12 Power and potentially escalating Apocalypse’s Power up to 32, provided you play your cards right.

For the final push, having Swarm in your deck allows you to fill any free spaces with 0 Cost versions of himself.

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Countering Discard Decks in Marvel Snap

To counter discard decks in Marvel Snap, you need to employ strategic cards such as Enchantress, Rogue, Mantis, Yondu, Cable, Cosmo, Shang-Chi, Aero, Leader, and Maximus.

These cards possess the ability to prevent ongoing effects, reveal effects, steal your opponent’s cards, or even determine the final placement of cards. Utilizing such cards will give you the upper hand against discard decks in Marvel Snap.

Understanding Discard in Marvel Snap

Discard is an ability in Marvel Snap that allows players to remove cards from their hand with the potential of bringing them back later on. Cards with this ability include Blade, Lady Sif, Sword Master, Gambit, Colleen Wing, and others. While Pool 1 has only a few cards with the discard ability, more cards with this ability emerge in later pools.

It’s crucial to distinguish between the discard and destroy abilities to create the most effective discard deck in Marvel Snap.

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