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Marvel Snap Deck Guide for Beginners


Marvel Snap has taken the gaming world by storm since its release in October 2022. With its captivating Marvel characters and locations, players are eager to dive into the game. However, constructing effective decks can be daunting, especially for beginners.

This article aims to help newcomers navigate the complexities of Marvel Snap by providing a breakdown of the best beginner decks using only Pool 1 cards. By following these deck recommendations, players can climb the ranks and reach higher levels of play.

Best Marvel Snap Pool 1 Decks for Beginners

Here are the top Marvel Snap decks for beginners that utilize only Pool 1 cards:

Control deck

In the early stages of Marvel Snap, decks rely more on individual card strength rather than team synergy. As players progress and unlock more cards with complex abilities, this dynamic changes. The Control deck is a great starting point and includes the following cards:

  • “Korg”: Ruins one of the opponent’s draws by replacing it with a Rock.
  • “Nightcrawler”: Provides additional mobility when moved once.
  • “Angela”: Buffs cards played in its location, making it an excellent combo with Nightcrawler.
  • “Yondu”: Removes the opponent’s top card, offering high risk-high reward gameplay.
  • “Cable”: Takes away the opponent’s bottom card, reducing their card count when combined with Yondu.
  • “Scarlet Witch”: Exchanges locations that don’t benefit the player or disadvantage the opponent.
  • “Wolfsbane”: Best used in a lane with at least two cards for maximum value.
  • “Cosmo”: Helps avoid On Reveal abilities.
  • “Enchantress”: Removes abilities of all ongoing cards at a location, countering Iron Man.
  • “Jessica Jones”: Grants a +4 Power buff if a card in the same location is not played after her.
  • “White Tiger”: Summons a powerful Tiger at one of the remaining locations.
  • “Odin”: Allows the reuse of the 7-power Tiger ability when played after White Tiger.
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The Control deck focuses on manipulating the match’s elements to control the opponent’s moves. By utilizing various combos like pairing Angela with Nightcrawler or playing Odin after White Tiger, players can employ flexible and effective attack strategies.

Kazar deck

The Kazar deck revolves around the Kazar card, which grants a +1 Power buff to all 1-Cost cards, increasing their value significantly. Here’s an example deck:

  • “Ant-Man”
  • “Squirrel Girl”
  • “Korg”
  • “Nightcrawler”
  • “Angela”
  • “Armor”
  • “Scarlet Witch”
  • “Wolfsbane”
  • “Captain America”
  • “Kazar”
  • “Blue Marvel”
  • “Onslaught”

The Kazar deck’s strategy involves placing Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught in one lane, while spreading 1-Power cards across the other locations. Adjustments can be made based on card availability, but the main focus should remain on buffing the team through Kazar, Blue Marvel, and Onslaught.

Tempo deck

The Tempo deck aims to set the pace of the game right from the start. Here are the recommended cards for this deck:

  • “Hawkeye”: Becomes the most valuable 1-3 card when another card is played in the same location after it.
  • “Korg”
  • “Nightcrawler”
  • “Angela”: Utilize the Nightcrawler + Angela combo for maximum value.
  • “Medusa”: When played with Hawkeye in the middle lane, instantly grants seven Power.
  • “Scarlet Witch”
  • “Lizard”: A versatile card that can be played strategically for either a 2-5 value or to force the opponent to play more cards in the location.
  • “Mister Fantastic”: Best placed in the middle lane for maximum value.
  • “Captain America”: Buffs all cards at the location.
  • “Jessica Jones”: Grants a +4 Power buff if a card is not played in the same location after her.
  • “Iron Man”: Doubles the Power of a location, making it one of the top cards in Marvel Snap.
  • “America Chavez”: A strong 6-9 card that allows drawing from 11 cards in the first five turns.
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The Tempo deck encourages players to take charge of the game early on by utilizing the unique abilities of each card.

Movement deck

The Movement deck requires constant card movement to surprise opponents. Here are the key cards for this deck:

  • “Iron Fist”
  • “Nightcrawler”
  • “Multiple Man”: A critical component of the deck, maximizing its duplication abilities with Iron Fist.
  • “Dr. Strange”: Another card that aids in movement.
  • “Hulk Buster”: Supports Multiple Man.
  • “Heimdall”: Helps create as many Multiple Man clones as possible.
  • “America Chavez”
  • “Enchantress”
  • “Miles Morales Spiderman”: Can be a valuable 3-5 card in the movement-based deck.
  • “Angela”
  • “Forge”
  • “Kraven”: Gains two Power Points when a card moves at its location.

The Movement deck relies on constantly moving cards to keep opponents guessing until the end of the match.

Hybrid starter deck

For players who find it challenging to select a single deck, the Hybrid deck combines movement, control, and buffs. Here’s a list of cards for this versatile deck:

  • “Ant-Man”
  • “Hawkeye”
  • “Nightcrawler”
  • “Quick Silver”
  • “Colossus”
  • “Sentinel”
  • “Mister Fantastic”
  • “The Punisher”
  • “Kazar”
  • “Iron Man”
  • “Blue Marvel”
  • “Spectrum”

The Hybrid deck offers flexibility and counters a majority of meta decks. It allows players to place 1-power cards first and then buff them with Kazar. The deck incorporates strategies from the previous decks mentioned, with Colossus focusing on control and Nightcrawler enhancing movement.


These beginner-friendly Marvel Snap decks provide a solid foundation for players starting with only Pool 1 cards. By mastering the strategies and combos mentioned for each deck, players can improve their gameplay and progress further in Marvel Snap. Enjoy exploring the vast possibilities and unleash the power of Marvel’s iconic characters in your decks.

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