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Unleash the Full Potential of Black Panther in Marvel’s Avengers Game

Are you ready to take your Black Panther gameplay to the next level? The Crystal Dynamics team at Marvel’s Avengers has shared some pro tips on how to optimize your Black Panther build. Whether you prefer ranged attacks, stacking debuffs, intrinsic-focused abilities, or going all-out with melee combat, we’ve got you covered. Get ready to unleash the full potential of this powerful Avenger!

Ranged Black Panther Build – Hannah Ballard’s Expertise

Hannah Ballard, QA Supervisor at Crystal Dynamics, has a unique approach to Black Panther’s abilities. Instead of relying solely on swipes and kicks, she focuses on maximizing T’Challa’s ranged attacks. By equipping gear that adds the Vibranium status effect to his Kinetic Daggers, she enhances the explosive power of his ranged arsenal.

Key gear perks that boost the effectiveness of this strategy include the ‘Dagger Magnifier,’ which increases status damage from Dagger attacks, and the ‘Vibranium Payload,’ which activates a Vibranium Payload on enemy targets. The Pinpoint Vibranium Payload Gauntlets grant the ‘Kinetic Reverberation’ perk, amplifying the damage dealt by Ranged attacks with Kinetic Daggers.

To further enhance her Ranged build, Hannah equips Blue Iso-8 Minor Artifacts that provide precision, ensuring her Ranged stat hits new heights. Best of all, these gear pieces can be easily obtained from Outpost Vendors, making it convenient to suit up for the endgame grind.

Intrinsic-Focused Black Panther Build – Brian Waggoner’s Expertise

Brian Waggoner, Designer at Crystal Dynamics, showcases an intriguing build focused on maximizing Black Panther’s intrinsic generation. By using Percussive Blast consistently and applying the ‘Mark of Bast,’ this build empowers T’Challa’s Intrinsic abilities like never before.

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Waggoner recommends equipping Faultless Empowerment Claws and Targeted Empowerment Gauntlets, which grant intrinsic bursts and improve intrinsic attack damage. The Reactive Empowerment Protector enhances intrinsic generation when taking damage. Finally, the Legacy of Bast gear applies the Mark of Bast debuff with every Percussive Blast. The Red ISO-8 boosted melee damage and Cosmic ISO-8 with reactive cosmic surge perk further augment Black Panther’s combat prowess.

With this build, you’ll generate intrinsic energy by attacking, blocking, and parrying, unleashing powerful Percussive Blasts that deal area-of-effect damage and apply the potent Mark of Bast debuff. Get ready to pounce on enemies with devastating force!

Melee Black Panther Build – Scott Hitchcock’s Expertise

Scott Hitchcock, Associate Designer at Crystal Dynamics, embraces Black Panther’s reputation as a formidable hand-to-hand combatant with his Melee build. By using gear that enhances specific combo finishers, he maximizes the impact of Panther’s melee attacks.

Hitchcock highlights the Kinetic Pulse attack, which benefits from gear perks that add status damage to Heavy Finishers and Kinetic Daggers. By equipping gear like Sheath of the Ancestors and Bashenga’s Mettle, players can create explosive displays of battery damage. Gear perks such as Legacy of the Ancestors replenish Willpower during Percussive Blast, ensuring sustained combat effectiveness.

This build offers flexibility and sustainability in combat scenarios, empowering Black Panther to unleash devastating melee attacks while conserving his resources. It’s time to show your opponents the true power of the King of Wakanda!

With these expert builds, you can customize Black Panther to suit your preferred playstyle. Whether you prefer ranged attacks, stacking debuffs, intrinsic-focused abilities, or going all-out with melee combat, Marvel’s Avengers offers diverse options for unleashing Black Panther’s full potential. Remember to choose gear that complements your desired playstyle and boosts Black Panther’s unique abilities. Suit up, Avengers, and let the power of Wakanda guide you to victory!

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Thumbnail & Header Image Credit to Twitter User: @Hoffman_VP

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