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Step 1: Assessing Your Account

In optimizing your gaming account, it is essential to evaluate your gear distribution across three key categories: the top (weapon, helmet, shield), the bottom (gloves, chest, boots), and the accessories.

For Early Game accounts, prioritize rolling necessary items as silver holds more value at this stage. Also, keep in mind that when farming stages 10-17, only retain 4-star pieces if they have desirable main stats and belong to frequently used sets. However, keep all 5 and 6-star pieces. For Mid Game and advanced accounts, gear selection requires more discernment.

The following recommendations are primarily intended for those farming stage 17 and above. Please note that each account is unique, and exceptions may apply to individual circumstances.

Mid Game

Top Row

  • Consider rolling any items with speed, and keep them if suitable.

  • Roll any items with crit rate.

Bottom Row

  • Roll items with percentage-based main stats.

  • Retain Speed Boots.

  • Keep a small selection of 5 or 6-star accuracy Chest pieces.

  • Hold onto ALL Speed Sets that have speed substats.


  • Retain all accessories that are 4 stars and above (if you have none, keep everything). Focus on 5+ star accessories whenever possible.

Late Game

Top Row

  • Roll items with speed.

  • Roll items with crit rate.

  • Roll 6-star items with crit damage.

  • Additionally, consider rolling complementary set-piece items or those that align with your build (e.g., accuracy with perception) if they possess positive substats (excluding flat stats).

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Bottom Row

  • Roll items with percentage-based main stats that also have speed, crit rate, or crit damage substats.

  • Roll accuracy and resistance chests with speed.

  • Retain Speed Boots if lacking in set bonuses.

  • Furthermore, roll a piece with a positive main stat (non-flat roll) if it has at least 2 positive substats.

  • Keep ALL Speed Sets with speed substats.


  • Retain Reaction and Bloodshield pieces regardless of other factors.

  • Rings should match the main stat with a percentage substat. Eventually, limit to rings with 2 positive substats.

  • Amulets with accuracy and eventually resistance substats should be kept.

  • Sell all attack amulets unless you have bomb champ factions. In that case, only keep ones with accuracy substats.

  • Keep HP/ATK/DEF banners with speed. Sell the rest. Eventually, restrict banners to those with complementary percentage substats. You could consider keeping ones without speed if the percentage substat matches the main stat, but be highly selective.

  • Retain all Accuracy banners. Eventually, limit to 5-star banners with speed and all 6-star banners. Then, only keep 6-star banners with speed.

End Game

Top Row

  • Roll anything that is 5-star Epic, Legendary, or 6-star with speed.

  • Roll anything that is 5-star Legendary or 6-star with crit rate or crit damage.

  • Items must have at least 2 positive stats and be 6 stars. Eventually, look for 3 positive stats and Epic or better quality.

Bottom Row

  • Roll items with percentage-based / accuracy / resistance main stats that also have speed, crit rate, or crit damage substats. Accuracy and resistance items must be 6-star.

  • Roll percentage-based main stat items with at least 2 positive stats.

  • Keep Speed Boots if they have 2 positive stats.

  • Retain a small selection of accuracy and resistance Chest pieces that are 6-star and have at least 2 positive substats.

  • Hold onto ALL Speed Sets with speed substats.

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  • Rings: Keep only 6-star rings with matching substats.

  • Amulets: Retain only 6-star Epic and above quality. Keep a few attack amulets with accuracy substats for bomb champs.

  • Banners: Limit to 6-star banners with speed substats. Eventually, keep only Epic and Legendary banners with matching or complementary substats for hp/atk/def main stats.

By following these guidelines, you can strategically evaluate and prioritize the gear in your account, optimizing its performance for each stage of the game.

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