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Best Ways to Optimize Gem Spending in RAID: Shadow Legends

This article contains affiliate links, through which we may earn a small commission from qualifying purchases and registrations made on our site. In RAID: Shadow Legends, Gems hold immense value as the premium currency, but acquiring them can be quite challenging. While there are several enticing items and boosts available for purchase, it’s crucial to understand how to make the most of your Gems. In this guide, we will break down the optimal ways to spend your Gems to maximize your in-game experience.

Best Ways to Utilize Gems

There are numerous options for spending Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends. However, some choices offer greater value for your Gems than others. Let’s explore the most efficient ways to allocate your Gems, taking into account your progress and gameplay preferences.

Unlock and Upgrade the Gem Mine

If you plan on playing RAID: Shadow Legends for an extended period, the wisest initial investment for your Gems is to unlock the Gem Mine. Once unlocked, the Gem Mine will passively generate Gems for you to claim. Although it requires an upfront cost of 500 Gems, both of its subsequent upgrades also cost 500 Gems each.

Bear in mind that it takes about 100 days for the purchase and upgrades of the Gem Mine to pay for themselves. After this point, all the Gems generated will be pure profit. Therefore, it’s essential to fully upgrade the Gem Mine as soon as possible to maximize its profitability. However, if you don’t anticipate playing the game for an extended period, it may be best to save your Gems for other options.

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Expand Purchase Slots in the Market

The Market offers a wide array of useful items, including shards, champions, and gear. Initially, you can only access the first six slots for purchases. However, by unlocking additional slots, you can significantly enhance your options. We recommend opening all six additional slots for the best experience.

Here is a breakdown of the costs to upgrade each additional slot in the Market:

  • First additional slot = 50 Gems
  • Second additional slot = 40,000 Silver
  • Third additional slot = 80 Gems
  • Fourth additional slot = 60,000 Silver
  • Fifth additional slot = 120 Gems
  • Sixth additional slot = 100,000 Silver

By investing in these expansions, you’ll have a more extensive selection of items and characters to choose from, ultimately bolstering your gameplay.

Champion Masteries or Energy Refills

Once you’ve unlocked and fully upgraded the Gem Mine and Market slots, your next focus should be on champion masteries or energy refills, depending on your current progress in the game.

If you are in the early stages, purchasing mastery scrolls directly for champions is your best bet. By visiting a champion’s mastery page, you can unlock all masteries with a single purchase of 800 Gems. Please note that this option is only advantageous if you haven’t already gathered a significant number of mastery scrolls for that champion.

As you progress to the late game, particularly when you can effectively farm Minotaur’s Labyrinth stage 15, energy refills become the better choice. Using Gems to purchase energy refills from the Shop will provide you with more mastery scrolls in the long run compared to direct purchases.

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To summarize, our recommended spending strategy is as follows:

  1. Unlock and fully upgrade the Gem Mine.
  2. Unlock all additional purchase slots in the Market.
  3. Purchase mastery scrolls directly unless you reach the late game.
  4. Once in the late game, prioritize energy refills to maximize mastery scroll farming.

Additional Gems Purchases

Beyond the core spending strategies outlined above, there are a few other valuable purchases to consider based on your specific needs:

  • The Big Shard Pack for 900 Gems: A worthwhile investment, especially if you’re in need of shards.
  • XP Boosts: Depending on your circumstances, XP boosts can greatly accelerate your progression.

By adhering to these recommendations, you’ll optimize your Gem spending in RAID: Shadow Legends and make the most of your in-game currency.

That concludes our guide on the best ways to spend Gems in RAID: Shadow Legends!

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