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Destiny 2 Guide: Mastering Randy’s Throwing Knife and Obtaining the God Roll


Welcome to our comprehensive guide on how to acquire and optimize Randy’s Throwing Knife in Destiny 2. This Rapid-Fire Frame Kinetic Scout Rifle is highly sought after and can be obtained as a drop from the Crucible Playlist in Season of the Deep (21).

Randy’s Throwing Knife Scout Rifle

Why Randy’s Throwing Knife is a Must-Have

Randy’s Throwing Knife Scout Rifle is an exceptional weapon for all game modes, including PvE, PvP, and Gambit. Its rarity and ease of acquisition make it an excellent choice for every Guardian. Here are the key reasons why you should consider obtaining Randy’s Throwing Knife:

  • Versatility in all game modes
  • Unique and rare archetype
  • Convenient to farm

How to Obtain Randy’s Throwing Knife God Roll

To acquire Randy’s Throwing Knife, you must participate in Crucible Game Modes. The weapon can drop randomly as an end-of-match reward, from Crucible-based Weekly Challenges, or by turning in Crucible Engrams. Starting in Season 22, you’ll also be able to focus Crucible Engrams specifically to obtain this weapon.

PvE God Roll

Randy's Throwing Knife PvE God Roll

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake is the optimal choice due to Randy’s Throwing Knife’s unfavorable recoil pattern. Additionally, any barrel that enhances range is suitable for Rapid-Fire Frame Scout Rifles.
  • Magazine: Flared Magwell increases reload speed and is highly recommended. Avoid Extended Mag.
  • Column 3 Trait: For this roll, Rapid Hit provides significant benefits through precision hits. Other viable options include Perpetual Motion and Pugilist.
  • Column 4 Trait: PvE-focused options include Kinetic Tremors, Rampage, Kill Clip, Swashbuckler, and Focused Fury.
  • Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment is a decent passive benefit option, but there’s no alternative.
  • Masterwork: Enhancing the range stat is crucial for Rapid-Fire Frame Scout Rifles.
  • Mods: Minor Spec is ideal for handling rank and file enemies, considering the limited ammo capacity of scout rifles.
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In conclusion, Randy’s Throwing Knife excels in PvE activities, especially those requiring range. Its unique perks make it a standout choice. It’s also an excellent pick for Gambit due to its effectiveness against both PvE and PvP opponents.

PvP God Roll

Randy's Throwing Knife PvP God Roll

  • Barrel: Hammer-Forged Rifling is essential to maximize the range stat, compensating for the poor range inherent to Rapid-Fire Frame Scout Rifles.
  • Magazine: Ricochet Rounds is an exceptional choice, enhancing both range and stability. High-Caliber Rounds can also be beneficial for the added flinch effect.
  • Column 3 Trait: Optimal options include Perpetual Motion, Rapid Hit, and Zen Moment.
  • Column 4 Trait: Kill Clip is highly effective in PvP scenarios, reducing the number of shots required for a kill. Rampage and Swashbuckler are also viable alternatives.
  • Origin Trait: One Quiet Moment is the default passive benefit with no alternatives.
  • Masterwork: Improving the range stat is crucial for maximizing the weapon’s potential in PvP engagements.
  • Mods: Targeting Adjuster is a versatile mod choice suitable for PvP scenarios.

Randy’s Throwing Knife thrives in PvP encounters, offering reliable and forgiving performance. Although it may not have the best time-to-kill, its consistency and ease of use are unmatched. This weapon is a valuable addition to any Guardian’s arsenal and excels in Gambit, accommodating both PvE and PvP combat.

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Thank you for reading our comprehensive guide on Randy’s Throwing Knife. This weapon is compatible with all classes (Hunter, Titan, and Warlock), subclasses (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, and Strand), as well as all PvE and PvP modes in Destiny 2 (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

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