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Diablo IV: Discovering Lilith’s Hidden Shrine

In the vast and immersive world of Diablo 4, there lies a captivating side-quest known as “Reject the Mother.” Located within the Dry Steppes region, this quest challenges players to express their defiance towards the powerful Lilith by shouting at her concealed shrine in Tusmaa Rift. However, unraveling the secrets of this shrine can prove to be quite perplexing if one is unaware of the necessary steps.

Embarking on the Reject the Mother Quest

To partake in this side-quest, it is imperative that you progress through the story and complete the Whittling Sanity main-quest in Act 3. Once accomplished, make your way towards the Tusmaa Rift area, situated east of Ked Bardu town. Your objective is to locate the Thorn Note, which can be found within Abaharu Canyon.

Referencing the provided map below, the exact location of the note has been carefully marked. Familiarize yourself with it, if necessary.

Diablo 4 Reject the Mother becomes available after completing the Whittling Sanity main-quest

For expedited access to Tusmaa Rift, utilize the Ked Bardu Waypoint to fast travel. From there, continue your journey on horseback or with your trusty mount, should you have unlocked one. If not, fear not and commence your expedition on foot.

Once you reach the designated spot, you will stumble upon the Torn Note, partially buried amidst the earth and rocks. Upon interacting with it, the following message will greet you:

“Shout your rejection, ‘no Mother of mine,’ at her towering statue in the rift’s hidden shrine.”

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It is worth mentioning that the surrounding area is known to spawn numerous adversaries intermittently, so remain vigilant and eliminate any threats that impede your progress.

Now, let us delve into the subsequent steps required to successfully reject Lilith at her secretive shrine.

Discovering Lilith’s Secret Shrine

After perusing the contents of the Torn Note and dealing with any nearby foes, consult your map to identify the quest’s search area located to the north within Tusmaa Rift, as depicted in the following screenshot.


Upon arriving at the designated location, you will encounter Lilith’s imposing statue positioned adjacent to the entrance of the Dark Ravine dungeon.


Prioritize the elimination of any adversaries present, ensuring a disturbance-free encounter. Subsequently, position yourself directly in front of the statue and perform the No Emote.

However, please note that this specific Emote is not readily equipped. To acquire it, press Up on your PlayStation/Xbox D-pad (/), then access the customization menu by pressing /. From there, choose the No Emote from the available options. Utilize the / keys, if necessary, to navigate and locate an empty slot, and press / to assign the Emote to said slot. Save your changes by pressing / followed by /.

To execute the Emote itself, press Up on the D-pad once again, select the No Emote from your inventory (using / as needed), and confirm your selection with /.

Having completed these actions, you are now ready to finalize the Diablo 4 Reject the Mother quest. Approach the newly spawned Heretic’s Chest to the right of the shrine. In addition to the valuable loot contained within, you will also receive Renown points, experience (XP), and gold. Should you crave further excitement, consider embarking on another Dry Steppes side-quest, such as the enthralling Sentimental Value.

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With this comprehensive guide at your disposal, conquer the challenges presented in the Reject the Mother quest and unveil the secrets held within Lilith’s hidden shrine. Embrace the adventure and revel in the world of Diablo IV.

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