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Welcome to the LumiRank Mid-Year 2023! As the Smash Ultimate community continues to expand and the level of talent deepens, securing a top spot in the metagame becomes increasingly challenging. Today, we are proud to acknowledge the players who have worked hard to rise to the top.

A Check-in Point for LumiRank Mid-Year 2023

LumiRank Mid-Year 2023 serves as a progress check as we journey through this year. Our end-of-year ranking will encompass the entire season and the remaining months. For more details regarding the LumiRank partnership, release schedule, and more, please refer to the introductory article available here.

Revo | Yoshidora

#10. Revo | Yoshidora

Photo: Bekah Wong (@alonelychime)

When discussing the most formidable regions, Kansai must be mentioned. What’s even more impressive is that Yoshidora, the region’s third-best player, has secured a spot in the top 10, a feat unmatched by any other region.

While Yoshidora has consistently been a top 20 player since the post-pandemic era, this season marks a breakthrough as he achieves his first top 10 finish. This accomplishment is well-deserved, considering his remarkable achievements. He has won two submajors, including a victory over Asimo and Miya twice. With only one placement outside the top 8 this season (a 13th place at MaesumaTOP #11), Yoshidora boasts the third-highest major top 8 rate among all ranked players. This places him just below acola, who has a perfect attendance record, and Tweek, who has missed only one major top 8.

In addition to his victories, Yoshidora has defeated Yaura, Kameme, and Shuton twice, along with several other top 50 and adjacent players. However, his true claim to fame lies not only in his wins but also in his consistent performance. In a season characterized by volatility, maintaining consistency is crucial, and Yoshidora exemplifies this. He is among the three players who have not suffered any losses outside of the top 50: acola, Glutonny, and of course, Yoshidora himself.

With Yoshidora’s upcoming appearance at the highly competitive Tera tournament, where many top overseas players will also be present, the one thing holding him back—a lack of head-to-head matches against players from North America and Europe—might soon be rectified. Don’t be surprised if Yoshidora climbs even higher in the rankings by the end of the year.

— Jonas “Fortuna” Stritzinger

SST | Shuton

#9. SST | Shuton

Photo: 限界社会人ナナミ / Genkai Syakaijin Nanami (@takatou0711)

Shuton has been a top player in Ultimate since the game’s inception, winning the first Umebura SP back in 2018. Now, he adds another top 10 season to his already impressive resume.

In contrast to Shuton’s consistent performance in 2022, his 2023 has been more turbulent but no less impressive. While he experienced some lower placements compared to last year, he also achieved greater success. This season, Shuton won back-to-back majors with Olimar at KOWLOON #5, the first-ever major in his home region of Kyushu, and with Aegis at WAVE #4.

Simultaneously mastering two different characters, Shuton poses a formidable challenge to his opponents. With Pyra and Mythra at his disposal, Shuton expertly switches between them, leveraging each character’s strengths to exploit his opponents’ weaknesses. Despite the increased competition, Shuton’s high attendance remains unchanged, resulting in a series of victories against numerous opponents. Notably, Kameme struggled against Shuton, with the former facing six defeats at their encounters throughout the year.

To conclude the season, Shuton secured third-place finishes at three North American supermajors. At Battle of BC 5, he encountered an early loss to Armadillo but rallied to embark on an impressive losers run. Crown the Third saw him maintain his position from the winners’ side. While his final third-place finish at Smash Factor X falls just outside the season’s boundary, it serves as a promising foundation for an even higher placement in the coming year. Shuton has been a presence in Ultimate since day one, and there’s no indication that he or the game are going anywhere. Stay tuned to see if he can make 2023 his best season yet!

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— Alice “Alice” Len

Liquid | Riddles

#8. Liquid | Riddles

Photo: Bekah Wong (@alonelychime)

The Smash community can be perceived in various ways. To athletes, it’s a platform for competition. Extroverts see it as a means of socializing. And for budding entrepreneurs, it presents a potential future career. However, if you were to view it through the lens of a stockbroker, no asset has experienced growth quite like Riddles’ has throughout the game’s lifespan. With his exceptional skills in piloting Kazuya and Terry, the Team Liquid athlete’s smooth movement and strategic execution have elevated him to the pinnacle of success.

Competing at such a high level leaves no room for wasted time, a fact evident in Riddles’ remarkable performances this season. He has consistently attended large events nearly every week, accumulating impressive results. The pinnacle of his achievements thus far occurred at Collision 2023, where Riddles overcame formidable adversaries such as MkLeo and Sonix, defeating Skyjay twice to claim the top spot. Beyond this victory, Riddles secured repeated top 8 finishes at Let’s Make Big Moves 2023, MAJOR UPSET, MaesumaTOP #12, Kagaribi #10, CEO 2023, and Get On My Level 2023. Along the way, he achieved victories against notable players including Dabuz, Tea, ApolloKage, Kameme, Tweek, and many others, establishing himself as Canada’s most prominent and promising prospect.

With Riddles becoming increasingly prominent in the main event, it’s evident that this has been his strongest season yet. While the stockbroker may have been late to the investment party, one can confidently expect Riddles to continue this upward trend, ultimately solidifying an even more prominent position in the future.

— Tom “G-P” Scott

LG | MkLeo

#7. LG | MkLeo

Photo: Nem (@NemSumeragi)

The fact that the greatest Ultimate player of all time can win the biggest North American tournament of the season and still miss out on the top 5 speaks volumes about the high level of competition in Smash Ultimate. However, don’t think for a second that MkLeo will surrender his throne without a fight.

Having commenced the season with a 4th place finish at LMBM and a victory at Genesis 9, where he defeated Sonix, Tea, MuteAce, and Light, it seemed like business as usual for the GOAT. However, this year saw him miss twice as many top 8s at majors compared to the first four years of Ultimate.

Nevertheless, when MkLeo is at his best, he undoubtedly appears to be the world’s premier player. He boasts a 3-2 record against Sonix, a 2-2 record against Sparg0, and a 2-1 lead against Light. MkLeo possesses the speed, spacing, and X-factor that made him the central figure in the Smash Ultimate universe for an extended period. But recently, he hasn’t been achieving the same level of success we expect from him. Out of the nine ranked tournaments he participated in, he only managed to secure first place at Genesis and the B+ tier Wavedash 2023. However, apart from a loss to the rising star ShinyMark due to a challenging matchup, most of MkLeo’s defeats were against top 20 players. This top 20 group is as competitive as it has ever been in Ultimate’s history.

It’s unfair to judge MkLeo solely based on his standing as the Greatest of All Time. Even in his weakest season, he remains superior to most players at their very best, and he relishes challenges. Feel free to underestimate him, but keep an apology form on hand because he will undoubtedly prove you wrong.

— Jack “Trash Day!” Clifton

Moist | Light

#6. Moist | Light

Photo: Dylan Revezzo (@RedShirt__)

Light entered 2023 with more momentum than ever before. After securing a 4th place finish on UltRank 2022 and numerous grand finals appearances, he has taken his game to new heights in 2023. With a string of victories and strong head-to-head performances, Light has demonstrated his ability to triumph in any tournament when all the pieces fall into place. Even in tournaments where he didn’t perform at his best, it took a considerable effort to defeat him. Although he missed top 8 in three out of nine qualifying tournaments, it was due to losses against formidable opponents such as Shuton, Chase, Glutonny, Tweek (twice), and Quandale.

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The turning point for Light in 2023 was Genesis 9, where he comfortably defeated threats like YOC, SHADIC, and Kameme. He then embarked on a series of game 5 sets, eliminating Tweek, losing to MuteAce, and eventually battling through Sparg0 and Sonix in the loser’s bracket. Light exhibited a strong desire for a rematch with Mute in the grand finals, but he fell just short after a narrow loss to MkLeo, concluding the tournament in 3rd place. A month later, Light emerged as the champion at LVL UP EXPO, where his only loss was against Tweek. However, he exacted his revenge by double eliminating both Tweek and Sonix in the loser’s bracket to claim victory. Light’s consistency throughout the season, with only one loss outside the top 50 and a remarkable head-to-head record against Sonix, along with key wins over Sparg0 and MkLeo, solidifies his ranking. He is poised to climb even higher in the remainder of 2023.

— James “Doxazo” Rivers

LG | Tweek

#5. LG | Tweek

Photo: Ramz Baltodano (@BustedDrones)

It comes as no surprise that Tweek secures a high position on this list. Once again, the master of consistency demonstrates his ability to stand among the world’s best players.

Tweek’s year thus far consists of participating in nine A+ tier or higher tournaments. Out of these nine events, he missed top 8 only once, losing to two top 20 players. Few competitors can claim such a track record. Remarkably, Tweek has suffered only one loss to a non-top 50 player throughout the entire season—a setback that didn’t hinder his tournament performance. Despite this hiccup, Tweek completed an impressive five-set losers run at Get On My Level, ultimately finishing 7th after facing Riddles.

One of Tweek’s strengths lies in completely overpowering most opponents. With positive records against players like Sparg0, MkLeo, and even Big D, who previously challenged Tweek’s Diddy Kong in 2022, it is nearly impossible to rank this New Jersey native outside the top 5. When only a handful of players stand a chance against him, Tweek will undoubtedly continue to win sets, accumulate an extensive list of top 8 finishes, and further develop his deadly combination of Diddy Kong and Sephiroth. It’s clear that Tweek is currently playing at his best.

— Benjamin “BennyTheGreat” Schmid


#4. Sonix

Photo: Joseph Chow (@chowjiaming)

Sonix is the player everyone loves to hate—even though he’s an incredible player and a great person. He has undoubtedly mastered the art of frustrating his opponents and employing a hit and run style in Super Smash Bros. Ultimate. Any match against Sonix has the potential to go to time, and his suffocating and effective approach works against players of any caliber.

However, Sonix is more than just a camping machine. His punish game and edgeguarding abilities have improved significantly over the past year. His mental resilience and defensive gameplay mean little if he can’t capitalize on openings and establish leads, but Sonix excels in these aspects better than anyone else on the planet.

Throughout the season, Sonix only missed top 6 once, at Crown the Third. His consistent performance culminated in a first-place finish at the 877-entrant S+ tier GOML 2023. This tournament perfectly exemplified Sonix’s style, boasting an impressive game record of 28-2. His victories included wins over MkLeo, Sparg0, Zomba, and Dabuz, along with several 25-minute sets where Sonix maintained control over his opponents.

With his exceptional regional results, consistent performances at major tournaments, and a supermajor victory, Sonix secures his first-ever top five season, proving that he is among the best players in Ultimate. And once he establishes a lead, well… you already know what happens.

— Jack “Trash Day!” Clifton


#3. FENNEL | Miya

Photo: アルファ / Alfa in Japan (@alfa_gorinne)

It’s hard to believe that just a year ago, we were questioning whether Miya was the real deal as he rapidly rose through the ranks on Smashmate. Since his victory at Kagaribi #8, Miya has embarked on an incredible journey, solidifying himself as the best Game & Watch player, securing a top 2 spot in Japan, and earning immense respect from players and spectators who were unfamiliar with him at the start of 2022.

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Although Miya has been prone to unusual losses, he compensates for it by having the highest tournament attendance among the top 5 players by a significant margin. The Kansai native participated in twenty-two separate events this season, including international tournaments where he secured 5th place at Battle of BC 5. Through his overseas travels and numerous victories in Japan, Miya has established an impressive record with five major victories and countless regional wins. He has defeated all of Japan’s top players, including a milestone victory over long-time rival acola at MaesumaTOP #11.

With the support of his new sponsor, Fennel, Miya is set to broaden his horizons even further in the future. Expect to see him achieve even greater heights in the coming months.

— Kenny “kenniky” Wang

FaZe | Sparg0

#2. FaZe | Sparg0

Photo: Bekah Wong (@alonelychime)

Sparg0 has finally claimed the title of North America’s number one player this season, showcasing an exceptional performance that includes two P-tier victories, two second-place finishes at S+ tiers, a multitude of major top 6 placements, regional wins, and a perfect 5-0 record against his closest competitor for the top spot.

It’s abundantly clear that Sparg0 is a force to be reckoned with. His precise spacing, electrifying advantage states, and consistent dominance make him appear as the best player in any tournament he enters.

His victory at the prestigious Battle of BC 5 stands out as a highlight, where he lost only three games throughout the entire tournament. At Kagaribi #10, he faced a grueling path to victory, playing 17 sets due to an initial loss against Yaura in the winners bracket. However, he finished the event with an impressive game record of 45-10 while securing victories against KEN, Dabuz, Yoshidora, Miya, and acola (twice).

Upgrading from third to second place, this season has been Sparg0’s best yet. At only 17 years old, he exhibits limitless potential that has yet to be fully understood. Undoubtedly, he is determined to claim the number one spot and surpass all competition.

— Jack “Trash Day!” Clifton

ZETA | acola

Photo: 限界社会人ナナミ / Genkai Syakaijin Nanami (@takatou0711)

The story of 2023 has been the battle for the top spot. Unlike most seasons, where the number one player is determined by head-to-head matchups, this year has witnessed a heated contest between two Wi-Fi prodigies—Sparg0 and acola. Surprisingly, it was consistency rather than their direct clashes that determined the victor.

acola claims the first place on the Mid-Year 2023 rankings due to his unparalleled mental fortitude. Among the nine events he attended, his lowest placement was seventh at GENESIS. He has avoided losses against players outside the top 50, dominating the Japanese scene while also maintaining positive records against most North American opponents.

However, there is one player who poses a significant challenge for acola—Sparg0. Despite acola’s greater consistency in terms of losses and major placements, the elephant in the room is his struggle against Sparg0, a player who is narrowly behind him. It seems inevitable that they will clash once again, and unless acola can defeat Sparg0 at some point this year, something will have to give.

Nevertheless, whether through the development of secondaries or further refinement of his already formidable Steve, acola is resolute in achieving his goal. And there is no doubt that conquering this obstacle will propel him far beyond any competition. With Japan securing its first-ever number one ranking in modern Smash, led by acola’s meteoric rise to power, the future looks bright indeed.

— Joshua “Barnard’s Loop” Craig

If you didn’t make it into the top 50, don’t worry! You’ll have a chance to make your mark in the National Arcadian at Luminosity Makes Moves this October. To learn more about Luminosity Makes Moves and register to attend, please visit the StartGG page.

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