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How to Conquer Storming the Gates in Diablo 4

After successfully completing In Her Wake, it’s time to embark on the challenging quest called Storming the Gates in Diablo 4. This part of Act 1: A Cold and Iron Faith requires a significant time investment, as it is more intricate than previous quests. In this article, we will guide you on how to pursue Lilith and Vhenard and complete Storming the Gates in Diablo 4.

Starting Storming the Gates in Diablo 4

To begin, you need to enter The Cradle. If you left off at the end of In Her Wake, you should already be at the Gates of the Cradle. Interact with the gates to enter. Once inside The Cradle, your main objective is to pursue Lilith and Vhenard with Neyrelle. However, keep in mind that you may encounter several pauses during Storming the Gates.

Proceed through The Cradle, following the main path until you reach a room adorned with Lilith’s Blood Petals in the form of a symbol on the ground. Before continuing, you must inspect Lilith’s Blood Petals. Approach them and interact to inspect.

After inspecting Lilith’s Blood Petals, a cutscene will unfold. You’ll witness a vision from the past where Lilith converses with Neyrelle’s mother. Neyrelle eventually succumbs to Lilith’s offer to join her. Vhenard, curious about Neyrelle’s sparing, discovers that they are on a quest to find Rathma, Lilith’s son. Once the cutscene concludes, you can resume pursuing Lilith and Vhenard alongside Neyrelle in the Storming the Gates quest.

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Pursuing Lilith and Vhenard with Neyrelle

In this phase of the Storming the Gates quest, be prepared for intense combat, including encounters with Elite enemies. Make sure to equip yourself and gear up accordingly. Push forward until you come across another of Lilith’s Blood Petals. As before, inspect Lilith’s Blood Petals after defeating the dungeon boss, Rohaksa. Another vision will unfold, revealing Vhenard expressing longing for her daughter. Lilith gives Vhenard a choice to go or stay, and Vhenard decides to remain with Lilith instead of going after Neyrelle.

After the cutscene, open the Ancient gate ahead and continue pursuing Lilith and Vhenard with Neyrelle. Once again, this section involves intense combat. Use your Town Teleport to return to town, clear your inventory, and repair your gear before proceeding with Storming the Gates.

Return to The Cradle and venture forth until you encounter another locked door. However, this time, you won’t find any of Lilith’s Blood Petals to inspect. Neyrelle believes she can dispel the magic that’s sealing the door. Your task is to protect Neyrelle while she unseals the doorway. This process takes approximately one minute, during which enemies will relentlessly attack.

Once the timer is up, Neyrelle will unlock the door, and you can proceed through. On the other side, you’ll notice a few things. Firstly, there’s a new dungeon accessible called the Mourning Shore. Secondly, your quest objective will update to Pursue Lilith and Vhedard to the Mourning Shore. Enter the doorway to the Mourning Shore to successfully complete the Storming the Gates quest in Diablo 4.

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