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Street Fighter 6 Patch Updates: TMNT Collaboration Arriving in August

Street Fighter 6 has been released for over a month now, and it has already seen several tournaments and Majors. While the initial meta may have been exciting, it’s only natural for the game to undergo changes to maintain balance. Recently, the first batch of Street Fighter 6 patch notes was released, addressing both minor issues and introducing new characters. Let’s take a closer look at the major updates from these patches.

Street Fighter 6 Patch Notes – August 8 Patch

The most recent update, released on August 8th, comes packed with new changes and an exciting collaboration. Players can now find Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtle items available for purchase in the shop. Here are the key changes in the August 8th patch notes.

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles Collaboration

Undoubtedly the highlight of this update is the introduction of a new collaboration featuring the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles. Players can now get their hands on exclusive TMNT items available in the shop.

Battle Changes in August 8th Patch Notes

In addition to the TMNT crossover, the recent patch brings several character adjustments to improve gameplay.

  • All Characters Assist Button Changes: Safe throws are no longer possible.
  • Blanka: Fixed a bug with Hop, delayed the start of Crouching Heavy Punch by one frame, and addressed the Rock Crusher issue.
  • Kimberly: Fixed a bug with Emergency Stop.
  • Rashid: Eliminated the wall trap with the anti-air attack.
  • Bug Fixes
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These are the major changes in the patch notes at this time. Although not as comprehensive as patches that aim to adjust every character, these changes should alleviate some of the existing issues, particularly with characters like Rashid.

Street Fighter 6 Patch Notes – July 24 Patch Notes

The second patch, released on July 24th, introduced a new playable character, among other additions.

Rashid Hits in July 24th Patch Notes

After weeks of anticipation, Rashid has finally joined the roster as the first character expansion in Street Fighter 6. Rashid brings a unique set of moves and will be available not only for online play but also in Arcade Mode and World Tour.

Mechanic Changes

One significant alteration made to the overall gameplay is the removal of the ability to cancel Drive Rush, a gameplay mechanic. While not a major concern, this change will undoubtedly impact gameplay dynamics.

New Items

In addition to the new character, several new items have been added to the goods shop.

  • Rashid
  • Outfit 2 for Rashid
  • Rashid Colors 3-10
  • Avatar Gear – Pirate Captain, Resort-Style, and Breazy
  • Resort-Style Bundles

Fighting Ground Changes

Minor adjustments have been made to the fighting ground.

  • Added Rashid’s Story
  • Can now switch between record and playback directly in the pause menu
  • Master League coming on August 1st

World Tour

If you have previously enjoyed World Tour mode, there are new features and content waiting for you to explore.

  • Rashid’s Master Missions
  • Additional missions after completing the main game
  • New comic cutscenes

Aside from these changes, the remaining updates mainly consist of bug fixes. It appears that future Street Fighter 6 patch notes will primarily focus on introducing new content, with balance adjustments scheduled to occur approximately once a year.

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Street Fighter 6 Patch Notes – July 5 Patch Notes

The first official Street Fighter 6 patch notes primarily addressed technical issues and included additional content. Surprisingly, this patch did not focus on balance adjustments. However, there was an important change made to a game mechanic, although Capcom classified it as a bug fix rather than a competitive change. This reflects the already well-balanced nature of the game, even as one of the best fighting games available. Nevertheless, some adjustments were made, as outlined in the initial patch notes.

Rashid Arrives!

The introduction of a new fighters pass provides dedicated players with additional content to enjoy, although it does not include new characters or major additions to the Street Fighter 6 roster.


A club recruitment campaign has been initiated, offering exciting activities for players who are already enjoying the club system in the game.

Server Improvements

Improvements have been made to the servers to enhance overall performance and reduce strain. Although Street Fighter 6 has provided a relatively smooth online experience thus far, these ongoing improvements are always welcome.

Throw Bug Fix

Players recently discovered a new technique related to throw escapes, which some considered an exploit. Capcom quickly addressed the issue and released the first Street Fighter 6 patch to remove the “tech.” They have taken measures to prevent players from intentionally recreating this bug in the game. This fix brings relief, especially with major tournaments looming on the horizon.

These are the primary changes detailed in the first round of Street Fighter 6 patch notes. While this patch mainly focused on addressing the throw tech/bug, we can expect more comprehensive patch notes in the future. It is our hope that before the Capcom Cup 2023 gains momentum, we will see balancing adjustments made. While the game is already fairly well-balanced, some improvements could be made to the more powerful characters.

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