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The Fate of All Fools – Frequently Asked Questions


Published on: Sep 13, 2015 @ 22:45

We’ve all been inquisitive about the extraordinary “Fate of All Fools” since it was awarded to a deserving Guardian several months ago. This Scout Rifle possessed an intriguing perk, a solid range of stats, and the potential to become a formidable Exotic Primary. However, concrete data confirming or refuting its status as more than just a novelty was lacking.

Now, with the arrival of the nearly identical “The Jade Rabbit,” it is clear that Bungie intends to test the archetype in the field. If you’re ready for the unlimited ammo and never-reload potential of this new Exotic, keep reading!

Weapon Overview

Patrick Casey was given the opportunity by Bkbunny87 to test the Fate of All Fools through shareplay. In a video for our channel, he outlines the weapon’s perks, its general feel, and its strengths in PvP. This FAQ will highlight some of the points he made and address any confusion regarding its availability.

“Will I be able to acquire the Fate of All Fools?”

Yes, but with a caveat. While it is highly unlikely that the original FoAF will be released in its initial form, Playstation owners will have a chance to experience its unique perkset with The Jade Rabbit, an Exotic Scout Rifle that borrows the base FoAF model. The Jade Rabbit will be available with the release of TTK. Unfortunately, Xbox users will have to wait until Year 2 PSN-exclusives become available. The Jade Rabbit has its own design and a few stat adjustments, most notably a smaller magazine size, but it remains largely unchanged from the original model.

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“But what about the distinctive appearance? Can I never wield it?”

Interestingly, the Exotic Pulse Rifle, No Time To Explain, closely resembles the current Fate of All Fools in terms of aesthetic design. Although its performance differs, you will have both halves of the FoAF experience if you manage to acquire both The Jade Rabbit and No Time To Explain.

“How does it perform in PvP?”

As always, performance depends on your skill. The Fate of All Fools deals 73 damage on a headshot and 49 on a body shot. This means that with three headshots, you can eliminate any Guardian, while lightly armored ones require two headshots and a body shot. Considering its slightly lower fire rate, precision is crucial. As a Scout Rifle, it performs best with some distance between you and your target.

“How does the perk function?”

“The Fate of All Fools” perk increases the damage of your next precision shot based on the number of consecutive body hits landed. Each body shot adds 9% extra damage to the subsequent precision strike, and this effect can stack up to four times, resulting in a total bonus damage of 36%. Moreover, following a body shot, any precision shot will instantly refill the magazine. The current FoAF design does not impose a time limit or window for achieving these feats, making the perk incredibly useful for managing ammunition and maximizing damage even when missing headshots. Landing consecutive headshots will still yield stronger damage, but conserving ammo is equally important in prolonged engagements.

Weapon Changes and Speculations

It is possible that Bungie may fine-tune and adjust wildcard perks before making the weapons available to Guardians. The Jade Rabbit, without Extended Mag, only holds 7 rounds in the magazine, a significant difference from FoAF’s 13 rounds. This change may serve as a limiting mechanism that Bungie deemed necessary before allowing players to test it. Additionally, the original Fate of All Fools featured Solar damage, which seems to be absent from The Jade Rabbit. These modifications might be sufficient to prevent the weapon from being overpowered, ensuring that it won’t undergo another balance adjustment before The Taken King’s release.

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“Anything else?”

There is a minor bug that displays Fate of All Fools kills in the Crucible with the Pulse Rifle icon. This visual error will likely be fixed before the (usable) Jade Rabbit arrives.

If you’re curious about how one Guardian received the original Fate of All Fools, you can check out this Reddit thread that details the special circumstances prompting Bungie’s generosity. For more news, take a look at our Dead Ghost guide.

That’s all the information we have about this weapon! If you have any unanswered questions, please leave them in the comments, and we’ll do our best to respond promptly. In the meantime, we’d love to hear your thoughts on FoAF’s replacement, The Jade Rabbit, and whether you’re excited to get your hands on it!

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