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How to Defeat Evelynn in the Tournament of Souls

Want to conquer the soul fighter Evelynn in the Tournament of Souls, both in story and expert mode? Whether you’re new to the game and exploring the Story mode or challenging yourself in Expert battles, Evelynn will be your formidable sixth opponent. While Pike only demands specific skills and patience, the battle against Evelynn is significantly tougher. While she may not be able to beguile Samira, her ability to lurk in the shadows remains. The key to victory lies in a well-planned strategy and an appropriate set of skills. To make your life a little easier, we’ll disclose how to defeat soul fighter Evelynn in the Tournament of Souls.

Who is Evelynn in the Tournament of Souls?

As mentioned, Evelynn is a perilous demon who thrives on the suffering and pain of humans. However, the crux of the matter lies in her ability to vanish. Concealed within the shadows, Evelynn materializes suddenly after a while and launches an unexpected and devastating assault.

Evelynn’s prowess is particularly lethal in Expert mode in the Tournament of Souls. But fear not, for you possess the means to counter her. Next, we will discuss the skills you should equip and the strategy to conquer this formidable foe.

Best Skills to Overcome Evelynn

To emerge victorious against Evelynn, you must make astute use of specific skills. Here are the skills you need:

  • Q – Deadshot: Employ Puncturing shot to deal 70 damage and inflict bleeding for 160 damage over 4 seconds. If the enemy is already bleeding, the initial shot deals 4 times the damage.
  • W – Back Atcha: Execute a double spin, dealing 60 damage, blocking all damage and status effects, and reflecting a maximum of 500 damage to your opponent for 1 second. If Samira successfully blocks 300 damage or more, she gains an additional point.
  • E – Sever Strike: Thrust forward to strike and inflict 265 damage, causing the enemy to be wounded for 4 seconds. If the enemy is already bleeding, refresh the duration of the bleed.
  • R – Immortal Inferno: Unleash a torrent of shots, resulting in 550 damage and a total of 500 healing.
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Evelynn Battle Tips

Our winning strategy revolves around countering Evelynn’s ultimate ability, launching counterattacks, and occasionally regenerating health. Follow the tips below to secure victory:

  • Firstly, your primary sources of damage in this battle are the Q and E abilities. Use them as soon as they cooldown, and strive to unleash attack combos whenever possible.
  • Aim to keep Evelynn in a bleeding state. Fortunately, your skills facilitate this objective.
  • When performing combos, execute the sequence E > Q > W > Q. Whenever available, conclude combos with R.
  • The turning point of the battle occurs when Evelynn fades into the shadows. This moment is perilous, but you can mitigate most of the damage by employing the W skill. Look for a heart icon on the screen when the enemy dissipates into the shadows.
  • Keep a close eye on the heart icon and activate W between the second and third beat. After three heartbeats, Evelynn will attack, but your skill will counteract her before she can inflict damage.
  • Based on the previous point, utilize W judiciously, so you have a means to counter Evelynn’s ultimate skill.

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Remember, practice makes perfect, so keep honing your skills and strategies to triumph over Evelynn in the Tournament of Souls. Good luck!

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