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Destiny 2 Transfiguration God Roll and How to Obtain it

Destiny 2 players are constantly on the lookout for powerful weapons that can give them an edge in battle. One such weapon is the Transfiguration Scout Rifle, a High-Impact Frame Scout Rifle that can be obtained through crafting or by participating in the Last Wish raid, which is available with the Forsaken Expansion.

Why Choose the Transfiguration Scout Rifle?

The Transfiguration Scout Rifle is considered one of the most potent weapons in both PvE and PvP activities. Its perks enhance reload speed, stability, and offer burst damage in PvE encounters, making it an ideal choice for endgame activities. In PvP, this weapon allows players to eliminate opponents with just three headshots, and as the perk activates, this requirement is reduced to two headshots, even from long distances.

How to Acquire the Transfiguration God Roll

To obtain the Transfiguration Scout Rifle, players must participate in encounters within the Last Wish raid, located in the Dreaming City. The weapon can drop from any encounter or hidden chest within the raid. Alternatively, players can craft the Transfiguration at the Enclave once they have unlocked the Deepsight Pattern.

To acquire the Deepsight Pattern, visit the Clan Vendor, Suraya Hawthorne, at the Tower and obtain the “O Deepsight Mine” quest. This quest guarantees a red border weapon upon completion and requires players to complete all encounters in the raid. Once completed, players can purchase additional Deepsight Patterns they have unlocked in their collections. Deepsight Patterns can also drop during the raid or be applied to acquired weapons using a Deepsight Harmonizer.

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PvE Transfiguration God Roll

PvE God Roll - Transfiguration

  • Barrel: Arrowhead Brake – This barrel greatly improves recoil direction, making the recoil pattern predictable and enhancing headshot accuracy.
  • Magazine: Tactical Mag – Provides an additional bullet, boosts reload speed, and improves stability, allowing for more shots and quicker magazine changes.
  • Column 3 Trait: Rapid Hit – Landing a headshot grants a stack of Rapid Hit, which improves reload speed and stability for a short duration. This trait stacks up to five times, providing excellent stability and reload speed.
  • Column 4 Trait: Kinetic Tremors – Landing multiple hits on a target triggers a large area-of-effect explosion, dealing significant damage to surrounding enemies. This is particularly useful against tough enemies.
  • Origin Trait: This weapon gains bonus stability and reload speed when activating a grenade ability. Healing grenades and grenade final blows provide additional stacks of this bonus.
  • Masterwork: Stability – Improves accuracy against targets.
  • Mods: Major Spec – Increases damage against orange health enemies and Champions.

The PvE God Roll for the Transfiguration Scout Rifle focuses on stability, reload speed, and damage output, making it an excellent choice for engaging high-health enemies.

PvP Transfiguration God Roll

PvP God Roll - Transfiguration

  • Barrel: Smallbore – Provides increased range and stability, enabling kills at longer distances.
  • Magazine: Accurized Rounds – Offers a substantial increase in range, allowing for more effective long-range engagements.
  • Column 3 Trait: Rampage – Increases damage with each kill, stacking up to three times.
  • Column 4 Trait: Kill Clip – Reloading after getting a kill provides a damage buff for a short duration. This buff can be stacked with Rampage, allowing for devastating damage output.
  • Origin Trait: This weapon gains bonus stability and reload speed when activating a grenade ability. Healing grenades and grenade final blows grant additional stacks of this bonus.
  • Masterwork: Range – Enhances effective range.
  • Mods: Targeting Adjuster – Improves aim assist, making it easier to land headshots.
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The PvP God Roll for the Transfiguration Scout Rifle focuses on range, stability, and damage perks, making it a formidable choice in player-versus-player encounters.

Wrapping Up

The Transfiguration Scout Rifle is a versatile and powerful weapon that can be used effectively across all classes, subclasses, and game modes in Destiny 2. Whether you prefer PvE activities such as Strikes, Nightfalls, or Raids, or enjoy the thrill of PvP matches in Crucible, Gambit, or Trials of Osiris, the Transfiguration Scout Rifle will prove to be your go-to weapon.

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Thank you for reading our Destiny 2 Transfiguration God Roll Guide. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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