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Destiny 2 God Roll Guide: Mastering the Wastelander M5 for PvP and PvE (2022)

Destiny 2 has seen its fair share of meta shifts and loadout changes over the years. Among the various weapon types, Shotguns have remained a staple for almost 90% of the community, especially when it comes to dealing with Guardians up close. While primary weapons may vary based on playstyle and approach, Shotguns have consistently delivered the power and precision required.

Shotguns in Destiny 2 come in different archetypes, each offering a unique playstyle. From the devastating spread of pallet shots to the pinpoint accuracy of precision slugs, each Shotgun has its own lethal potential, even without the perfect set of perks. One such weapon that has proven to be quite lethal in the Crucible is the Wastelander M5 from Dares of Eternity, a Lightweight Framed archetype.

Unleashing the Wastelander M5: Best Perk Combinations for PvP and PvE (2022)

The Wastelander M5 has recently received an update to its perk pool, making it an even more formidable choice for both PvP and PvE. In this article, we will explore the best perk combinations for this shotgun in both game modes.

1) Understanding Usage and How to Obtain

The Wastelander M5 can be acquired by running multiple instances of Dares of Eternity and collecting five red-bordered weapons to craft it with the desired perks. As a Lightweight Framed weapon, it grants increased mobility while equipped, along with enhanced base handling. This makes it an excellent choice for PvP players who prefer a more agile playstyle.

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For PvE, the Wastelander M5 excels as a Kinetic weapon, allowing players to equip strong Exotic primary Energy or Heavy gear. Melee-based loadouts in PvE synergize well with the likes of the newly added Pugilist. Other great perks for Destiny 2 PvP include Fragile Focus, Perpetual Motion, and Slideshot.

2) PvP God Roll

Wastelander M5 PvP god roll

The Wastelander M5 offers a range of potent perks for players who prefer an aggressive playstyle. Recent additions have made it more versatile in terms of range and handling. Here are the best perks for the Wastelander M5 Shotgun in Destiny 2 PvP:

  • Full Choke: Tightens the barrel and reduces pallet spread.
  • Accurized Rounds: Increases the range of the weapon.
  • Perpetual Motion: Improves handling, reload speed, and stability.
  • Fragile Focus: Grants a 20 Range boost until the wielder takes damage, with a 5-second cooldown.

Alternatively, players can opt for Opening Shot, which provides a 25 Range boost and 20 aim-assist, or Killing Wind, which grants range, movement speed, and handling after getting a kill.

3) PvE God Roll

PvE god roll of Wastelander M5

The Wastelander M5 fires pallets, making it easier to land shots on enemies up close. Therefore, a perk combination based on melee loadouts will be more effective in PvE. Here are the best perks for the Wastelander M5 in Destiny 2 PvE:

  • Corkscrew Rifling: Increases range, stability, and handling.
  • Tactical Mag: Improves reload speed and stability.
  • Pugilist: Grants melee energy with each kill and improves handling after a melee kill.
  • One-Two Punch: Increases melee damage by 350% after hitting all pallets on bosses.

An excellent alternative to One-Two Punch is Trench Barrel, which provides a 50% weapon damage boost after a successful melee hit.

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With these optimal perk combinations for the Wastelander M5, players can dominate both PvP engagements and PvE encounters in Destiny 2.

Remember, always prioritize your playstyle and adjust the perks accordingly to find the perfect balance for your loadout. Happy hunting, Guardians!

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