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Hungry for Victory: A Closer Look at Prodigy All-Stars Midnight

Rising to the Challenge: Prodigy All-Stars Midnight’s Journey

In 2019, Prodigy All-Stars Midnight delivered an exhilarating performance at The Cheerleading Worlds and emerged victorious in the Senior Small Coed division, clinching the championship title. As the competition draws near once again, the Midnight team is eager to return to defend their well-earned crown.

“This season’s Midnight comprises our most skillful ensemble of 22 athletes, a testament to the rigorous training they have undergone at Prodigy All-Stars,” revealed All Star Director, Bret Burgeson. Despite facing various roster changes and routine adjustments throughout the season, the team has displayed remarkable adaptability and unwavering determination.

The 2020-2021 season proved to be a challenging time for cheerleading teams across the nation due to the pandemic. Faced with obstacles and the shift to virtual practices and training, many senior athletes on Midnight were disheartened by the prospect of not being able to showcase their talents on the Worlds stage.

“During that time, we utilized social media platforms to keep our families and athletes engaged,” shared Burgeson. “When we were finally able to resume our season, it was immensely rewarding to witness the longing for the everyday experience of Prodigy All-Stars and the vibrant culture that all star cheer brings.”

Burgeson further expressed his admiration for the team’s determination, stating, “The rule adjustments for these athletes were truly remarkable. Their hunger and eagerness to return to the gym and prepare for The Cheerleading Worlds 2021 were palpable. Athletes of all ages and skill levels trained with renewed passion and determination.”

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A Quest for Excellence: Prodigy All-Stars’ Midnight and Blacklight

Both Midnight and Blacklight, the formidable Worlds teams of Prodigy All-Stars, have devoted countless hours to perfecting their routines for The Cheerleading Worlds. Over the years, both teams have consistently stood on the podium and dominated their respective divisions, propelling them to strive for the same level of accomplishment this season.

WATCH: Prodigy All-Stars – Midnight

After the NCA competition, both Midnight and Blacklight made significant enhancements to their routines, aligning with the current trends in USASF scoring.

“Midnight and Blacklight have implemented more daring stunt and pyramid sequences, as well as incorporating additional basket elements to elevate the level of difficulty in these categories,” revealed Burgeson.

Will Prodigy All-Stars Triumph Again?

As the anticipation builds, all eyes are on Prodigy All-Stars. Will they bring home another World Championship title this season? Don’t miss the exhilarating action, broadcasted live on FloCheer from May 8th to 10th.

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