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War Tortoise 2 Guide: Tips, Tricks, and Strategies

Are you new to the exciting world of War Tortoise 2? Have no fear! This comprehensive guide is here to help you understand and master all the concepts of the game. Packed with valuable tips, cheats, and strategies, this guide will ensure you become a formidable force in War Tortoise 2.

Getting Started: War Tortoise 2 Basics

To start your journey, you must capture various locations on the map. These locations are guarded by enemies and their bosses, so prepare for some thrilling battles. By conquering these locations, you earn War Rank EXP, which is crucial for increasing your War Rank level. As your War Rank increases, you unlock new units and supporters, such as the powerful Missile Toad unit at War Rank 5.

Guide to Battles in War Tortoise 2

In the beginning, battles require manual aiming to inflict damage on enemies. However, as you progress, you will unlock the DNA function, which enables auto-battle mode. This convenient perk automates firing, making battles more efficient.

Keep a close eye on your War Tortoise 2’s health, displayed at the top center of the screen. When the health bar depletes, your character will fall. Remember to increase your War Tortoise’s DPS (Damage Per Second) to ensure you can easily eliminate enemies. Upgrade your Tortoise using the money earned from defeating enemies and watch its DPS soar.

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Buying and Upgrading Units

To bolster your army, head to the Battle Upgrade menu. In the units tab, you can purchase and upgrade various units that aid you in battle. These units, such as the Mouse Assault Squad and Mouse Miners, will be instrumental in your quest for victory. Additionally, increasing your War Rank unlocks new units and the ability to buy War Supplies from the same menu.

Gearing Up the Tortoise

Equipping your War Tortoise 2 with the right gear is essential for success. In the tortoiseshell tab of the left-side menu, spend gems to acquire and upgrade armor and weapons. Strengthening your gear will significantly improve your chances in battle.

Activating and Leveling Up Pilots and Heroes

Pilots and Heroes possess unique battle skills that can turn the tide of a fight. In the Star tab of the left-side menu, spend gems to unlock and level up these valuable assets. Whether it’s the cunning Mouse Pilot or the fearless One-Eye Hero, their abilities will prove invaluable in your battles.

Capturing Locations for DNA

Capturing locations is not only crucial for advancing in the game but also for earning DNA. Use DNA to unlock evolution perks, which provide significant advantages. By selecting a location on the map and successfully capturing it, you will earn War Rank EXP or DNA as a reward.

Grabbing Crates and Setting Camp

Exploring the battlefield will reveal crates containing rewards such as DNA, idle cash, gems, and in-game offers. Make sure to claim these valuable crates whenever you come across them. Additionally, you can set up camp by tapping the campfire button in the bottom-right corner. This allows your War Tortoise 2 to heal and grind ingredients. Utilize these ingredients to cook recipes that offer various bonuses.

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Utilizing Heroes’ Skills

Heroes and pilots possess unique skills that can be utilized strategically in battles. Tap the skill button in the bottom-right corner to cast these skills, but remember that they require energy. Timing is key, especially when fighting bosses, so make sure to use these powerful abilities wisely.

Completing Quests for Gems

Daily quests offer a great opportunity to earn gems, which are valuable in War Tortoise 2. Access the quests by tapping the golden star on the top-right of the left-side menu. Complete these tasks to earn over 25 gems daily. For even more gems, keep an eye out for treasure chests scattered throughout the map.

That concludes our comprehensive War Tortoise 2 guide for beginners. If you require further assistance, please feel free to leave a comment below. Happy tortoise battling!

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Last updated on January 1, 2023.

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