What’s On Your Phone? A Free Printable Party Game for Tweens and Teens!

Are you wondering what kids are always glued to their phones? Well, why not turn it into a fun game? “What’s On Your Phone” is the perfect party game for kids, tweens, and teens! It’s a great way to engage them and make your event an unforgettable one. And the best part? We have a free printable version of this game that can be played in two exciting ways!

Two Exciting Ways to Play the “What’s On Your Phone?” Game

Interactive Drawing

One of the most interactive ways to play the game is by having each player draw a question from a jar. They then have to search for the “evidence” on their phone and show it to the group. Players can keep the strips for the questions they can prove and discard the ones they can’t. The player with the most strips at the end of the game wins! To prepare for this version, print out all the game questions, cut them into strips, and place them inside a glass jar. You can add a touch of elegance by attaching a “What’s On Your Phone?” label and a ribbon to the jar.

Checklist Style

Alternatively, you can play the game “checklist style.” Give each player a clipboard with 50 game questions on it. Set a time limit (maybe 20 minutes) and let the kids race against the clock to complete the checklist. At the end of the time, the player with the most checkmarks wins the game! To add an extra level of challenge, you can ask each guest to “prove” five items from their list by passing the clipboard to another guest to pick five checked-off items to prove!

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Ready to Print Your Own “What’s On Your Phone?” Game?

If you’re excited to try out this fantastic game at your next party, we’ve got you covered! To access the free printable version of the game, simply sign up below and join the MomOf6 community. You’ll then be directed to a thank you page with access instructions! Don’t worry; we respect your privacy. You can view our Privacy Policy here. If you prefer not to subscribe to our newsletter, you can also click here to send us an email requesting access to the printable. Easy, right?

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So, would your tween or teen enjoy this “What’s On Your Phone?” party game? It’s a surefire way to keep them entertained and engaged throughout the event. Give it a try and watch the fun unfold!

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