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Simulated Universe World 4: Master the Game with Our Ultimate Guide

The Simulated Universe World 4 in Honkai: Star Rail can be a challenging level to conquer. But fear not! We have all the information you need to beat this world, including tips for each difficulty level, the best paths to follow, recommended characters and teams, and strategies to defeat the formidable boss, Svarog. So, gear up and get ready for an epic adventure!

World 4 Difficulty Levels

The World 4 stage comes with different difficulty levels, each requiring specific conditions to unlock. Here’s a breakdown of how to access each difficulty level:

World 4 Difficulty 1

  • How to Unlock: Complete Simulated Universe World 3 – Difficulty 1
  • Recommended Level: Level 50
  • Enemy Levels: Varies

World 4 Difficulty 2

  • How to Unlock: Complete Simulated Universe World 4 – Difficulty 1 and reach Equilibrium Level 3
  • Recommended Level: Level 62
  • Enemy Levels: Varies

World 4 Difficulty 3

  • How to Unlock: Complete Simulated Universe World 4 – Difficulty 2 and reach Equilibrium Level 4
  • Recommended Level: Level 67
  • Enemy Levels: Varies

World 4 Difficulty 4

  • How to Unlock: Complete Simulated Universe World 4 – Difficulty 3 and reach Equilibrium Level 5
  • Recommended Level: Level 76
  • Enemy Levels: Varies

World 4 Difficulty 5

  • How to Unlock: Complete Simulated Universe World 4 – Difficulty 4 and reach Equilibrium Level 6
  • Recommended Level: Level 80
  • Enemy Levels: Varies

Best Paths for World 4

Choosing the right path in World 4 is crucial for success. Here are the best paths to take:

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The Hunt and Nihility

The Hunt path provides a direct increase to your damage output, while Nihility offers extra damage with improved Damage over Time (DoT) effects. This combination can be particularly effective when using characters like Serval or Sampo in your team.

To maximize your potential, make sure to acquire the Preservation and Remembrance Blessings. Preservation improves shields for better survivability and damage boost, while Remembrance Blessings can freeze enemies, allowing you to deal uninterrupted damage. Look for the Faith Bond Curio to upgrade your Blessings at a cheaper price or reroll for your Path Blessings. Additionally, collect the Sealing Wax Curios to increase the chances of obtaining your chosen Path’s Blessings.

Best Characters for World 4

Choosing the right characters is essential for overcoming the challenges of World 4. Here are the standout characters for this stage:


Blade is the ultimate DPS character for World 4. His Skill and Ultimate moves easily apply Weakness Break, and he synergizes well with blessings from The Hunt or The Destruction. Blade also possesses self-sustain abilities, making him a formidable force even at low HP.

Dan Heng

Just like Blade, Dan Heng is a highly effective Weakness Breaker. He excels at freeing imprisoned allies and works exceptionally well with the Crit stats from The Hunt blessings.


Sampo is another effective Weakness Breaker and deals decent damage with his DoTs. He can take full advantage of the DoT augments from Nihility blessings.


Kafka is a top-notch DoT damage dealer, and her lightning-based attacks make her perfect for World 4. Pair her with other DoT characters like Sampo for maximum effectiveness.


Himeko is the go-to choice for Fire DPS in World 4. Most enemies, including the boss Svarog, are weak to Fire, and Himeko can easily handle Svarog’s summons.

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Hook is an exceptional Fire DPS character who rivals Himeko. She can make excellent use of Nihility blessings with her Burn application.


Asta is the ideal buffer for the Svarog fight. She can increase the Fire DMG of your Fire Main DPS, boost the Speed of all allies, and help shred Svarog’s Toughness bar.

Best Teams for World 4

Putting together the right team composition is vital for success in World 4. Here are some optimal team setups for different playstyles:

Free To Play Team

  • Main DPS: Dan Heng
  • Support: Asta
  • Healer: Natasha
  • Shielder: Trailblazer (Fire)

This free-to-play team composition utilizes Dan Heng, Trailblazer (Fire), and Asta to quickly deplete Svarog’s Toughness bar, as he is weak to Fire and Wind.

Blade Team

  • Main DPS: Blade
  • Support: Bronya
  • Healer: Bailu
  • Shielder: Trailblazer (Fire)

This team composition takes advantage of Svarog’s and his arm summons’ weaknesses to Wind. Blade can easily free imprisoned allies, while Bronya provides massive damage support. Bailu can be substituted with Natasha or Luocha, and if you have Gepard as a shielder, take Preservation and Remembrance blessings for optimal performance.

Nihility DoT Team

  • Main DPS: Kafka
  • Sub-DPS: Sampo
  • Healer: Bailu
  • Shielder: Trailblazer (Fire)

To maximize Damage over Time (DoT) effects, choose Nihility as your Path and assemble this team. Kafka and Sampo excel in dealing high amounts of DoT damage, while Bailu provides healing support. Bailu can be substituted with Natasha or Luocha, and if you have Gepard as a shielder, take Preservation and Remembrance blessings for added effectiveness.

Burn Team

  • Main DPS: Himeko
  • Support: Asta
  • Healer: Bailu
  • Shielder: Trailblazer (Fire)
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This team composition boasts three Fire characters to easily deplete Svarog’s Toughness bar. Hook can replace Himeko for additional Burn damage, and Bailu can be substituted with Natasha as a healer. This lineup heavily relies on Path Resonance to handle Svarog’s arm summons. Take Preservation and Remembrance blessings if you have Gepard as a shielder.

How to Beat Svarog – World 4 Boss

Defeating Svarog requires strategy and focus. Follow these tips to emerge victorious:

Save Path Resonance and Ultimates for Summons

In each phase, Svarog summons robots to aid him in battle. These summons can deal damage to your team, heal Svarog, and capture your allies. Prioritize eliminating the summons before focusing on Svarog himself. Use your Path Resonance or Ultimates to swiftly dispose of them. Once the summons are taken care of, Svarog should become more manageable to defeat.

Free Captured Allies

In Svarog’s third phase, he summons robot arms that can capture your allies. These arms inflict damage and prevent you from using your captured characters. Prioritize taking out the arms as soon as they appear to free your allies and maintain full combat effectiveness.

World 4 Rewards

Completing World 4 offers valuable rewards. Here’s what you can expect:

Planar Ornament Rewards

  • World 4 Planar Ornaments: Sprightly Vonwacq Talia: Kingdom of Banditry

You can also refer to our comprehensive Relics and Planar Ornaments Guide for more information.

First Time Clearance Rewards

The first time you clear each difficulty level, you can claim unique rewards. Take note that you can only claim these rewards once:

  • Difficulty 1
  • Difficulty 2
  • Difficulty 3
  • Difficulty 4
  • Difficulty 5

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Now that you’re armed with this ultimate guide, go forth and conquer Simulated Universe World 4 with confidence! May victory be yours, and may the stars align in your favor!

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