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WWE SuperCard: A Comprehensive Guide to Master the Game


WWE SuperCard – Battle Cards is an incredibly popular collectible card game developed by renowned sports game provider 2K, Inc. In this game, your objective is to collect cards featuring the best WWE fighters, upgrade them, and release them into battle. With various game modes to choose from, including PvP battles and team challenges, you can form the ultimate dream deck and taste victory against players from all over the world!

WWE SuperCard


  1. Types of Decks and Card Lining
  2. Card Improvement Guide
  3. Training Center and Synthesis Chamber
  4. Combat Styles and Techniques
  5. Using the Election Board
  6. Game Modes Overview
  7. How to Apply Super Attacks Correctly?
  8. Team Play
  9. Types of Card Sets
  10. Promotions and Events Overview
  11. Walkthrough Guide
  12. “Last Man Standing” Event Guide
  13. Giants Unleashed Combat Walkthrough
  14. Clash of the Champion Event
  15. “Wargames” Event Guide
  16. Code Breaker Event Guide

WWE SuperCard: Types of Decks and Card Lining

Deck Types

Deck Levels:

  • Your deck’s level depends on the cards you include in it for each game mode.
  • The cards available on the Election Board are determined by the level of your Top-8 cards.

Your Cards:

  • The card menu allows you to view, sort, and filter your entire collection of cards.
  • Upgrade and combine cards to power them up, and see how they are distributed across game mode decks.

Cards Menu


  • The Catalog displays the cards you have collected.
  • The collection rankings show your progress to friends and foes.
  • Each time you acquire a new Superstar, your collection rating increases by one star. Upgrading a Superstar to Pro status earns a second star.


Collectible Sets:

  • Collector’s Catalog Kits allow you to earn rewards for expanding your collection.
  • Kits can be found in the “Collections” tab of the card catalog.
  • Collecting all of the cards in a set rewards you with a collectible reward.
  • New collectible sets are added throughout the season.

Collectible Sets

Rules for Card Lining:

  • Lineups are used in Tag Team matches and can be strategically used in some events.
  • Compatible Superstars receive a stat bonus in Tag Team matches, while conflicting alignments lead to decreased performance.
  • Superstars with the same alignment do not have changes to their stats.

Card Lining

Energy Cards:

  • Energy Cards can be found on the Election Board.
  • They restore the strength of the fighters in the King of the Ring mode.
  • Stamina loss decreases the stats of superstars and limits their full participation. Drag Energy cards onto superstars to restore their stamina.

Energy Cards


  • Collections serve as types of currency, varying in size and type.
  • Collections are found throughout the game, with some being more challenging to acquire than others.
  • Check out the Collections Store to see the available collections, quantities, and what you can buy with them.
  • Collections and recipes are only available for a limited time, so check back later if nothing is currently active.
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WWE SuperCard: Card Improvement Guide

Card Improvement

In the “Improvements” menu, you can enhance and change the indicators of your cards.

Improvements Menu


  • Train your superstars to increase their levels and performance.
  • Select the superstar you want to improve and the cards used for training. As the card gains experience, the superstar reaches the next level.



  • Combine two identical superstars to create a Pro card.
  • When merged, both cards are consumed, but a new Pro Superstar is obtained.
  • Pro cards have higher current and maximum values compared to regular cards.



  • Strengthen your cards to maximize their potential.
  • Fortification is only available for Pro cards of Nightmare level and above.
  • To fortify a card, you need another card of the same superstar. A regular card opens one fortification level, while a Pro card opens two levels. All experience gained after reaching the maximum level contributes to strengthening.



  • Play enough matches to permanently empower your cards.



  • Unlock tokens every 5 levels and attach them to your card’s stats or skills for constant enhancement.
  • Once attached, tokens cannot be reassigned, so make your decisions wisely.


  • Power-ups can be attached to a card’s indicators or ability for a certain number of matches.

Tokens and Gains


  • Attach equipment to a WrestleMania level 36 or higher Superstar to enhance their stats or abilities.
  • You can attach and remove equipment as desired, and even transfer equipment from one superstar to another if appropriate.
  • The rarity of the equipment can exceed the rarity of the Superstar card by a maximum of one level. If you lose a Superstar card, the equipment will be automatically removed.


Hidden Equipment Bonus:

  • In addition to the main bonus, equipment also has a hidden bonus that can be unlocked by using the card in matches.
  • When the hidden bonus is unlocked, it can be changed to reveal another bonus.

WWE SuperCard: Training Center and Synthesis Chamber

Training Center

Training Center:

  • The Training Center allows superstars to train in the gym and in the ring to improve their cards.
  • Send a card to the ring to increase the number of matches played or head to the gym to reach the maximum level.
  • Training time is reduced if your card is in a live match or gains a level outside the Training Center. Additional practice slots can be obtained for an additional cost.

Training Center

Synthesis Chamber:

  • The synthesis chamber allows you to create powerful synthesis cards.
  • There are three types of synthesis: Active, Legacy, and Promotion.
  • Active and Legacy syntheses are available at any time, while Promotion synthesis is only available for a limited time.
  • To activate a synthesis, you need to have all the required ingredients and meet the price requirement by adding enough cards.

Synthesis Chamber

Synthesis Process:

  • Choose the cards you want to use as ingredients in the synthesis process.
  • Choose wisely, as the selected cards will be consumed.
  • The time to completion for the synthesis will be shown by a dedicated counter.
  • If you don’t want to wait, you can use credits to complete the synthesis instantly.
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WWE SuperCard: Combat Styles and Techniques

Combat Styles


  • Combat Styles and Techniques are two new attributes for biomechanical level and above cards.

Combat Styles:

  • The fighting style of a card matches the way the superstar prefers to fight in WWE.
  • There are 5 basic fighting styles: Fighter, Invader, Drummer, Flyer, and Orator.
  • Playing as a Superstar with a specific style can grant bonuses in certain modes, with each style having one or more associated fighting techniques.

Combat Styles

Combat Techniques:

  • All cards with a combat style also have combat techniques.
  • Combat technique is chosen randomly from several techniques associated with the card’s combat style.
  • There are 6 basic combat techniques: Triumphant, Crusher, Helper, Conjurer, Inspirer, and Protector.
  • The technique can work every time a card enters the ring, giving bonuses in the current and next matches.
  • The card’s fighting technique improves when you play matches with its participation.

WWE SuperCard: Using the Election Board

Election Board

Election Board:

  • The Election Board is a grid of face-down cards.
  • Flip one card and add it to your collection.
  • Obtain elections by playing certain modes, finding them in packs, or purchasing them with credits.
  • While low-level cards are common on the Election Board, there’s always a chance to get a high-level card.

Election Board

Discard Card:

  • The Election Board is refreshed when there are no cards left or when a discard card is selected.
  • A discard card is always present but changes its location each time.
  • The minimum level of the discard card depends on your Top-8.
  • The minimum discard rarity periodically increases with your Top-8 level.

Election Board

Exclusive Election Board:

  • The Exclusive Election Board works similarly to the regular Election Board but offers better rewards.
  • The discard card will always match your current Top-8 level, while other cards will be one or two tiers below.

Exclusive Election Board

Card Dust:

  • After obtaining cards from the Election Board, you can convert them into Card Dust.
  • The amount of Dust received depends on the rarity of the card, with higher rarities granting more Dust.
  • Dust fills a special counter, and once the counter is full, you receive a special reward.

Card Dust

Election Board Patterns:

  • The Election Board sometimes contains hidden patterns.
  • The general pattern is the same for all players, while personal patterns are unique to each player.
  • Completing the general pattern unlocks the personal pattern, and completing the personal pattern rewards you with a special bonus.

WWE SuperCard: Game Modes Overview

Wild Mode

“Wild” Mode:

  • “Wild” mode allows you to use both regular cards and heritage cards.
  • In each solo match, select the superstar with the best performance.
  • If your stat score is higher than your opponent’s, you earn a point.
  • Tag Team matches involve two superstars, and good compatibility provides a stat boost, while bad compatibility reduces performance.

King of the Ring Mode

King of the Ring:

  • King of the Ring is a tournament for 32 players vying to become the ultimate champion.
  • Qualifications start the competition, and each round requires defeating another player in a series of matches.
  • The winner of each round progresses to the next round until reaching the championship.
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Money in the Bank Mode

Money in the Bank:

  • Money in the Bank is a tournament where players choose battles to climb the tournament ladder.
  • The goal is to earn Super Coins that can be exchanged for rewards.
  • Defeat opponents to collect Super Coins, with tougher opponents offering more Coins in their suitcase.

Team Battleground

Team Battleground:

  • Team Battleground is a battle between teams that tests persistence and teamwork.
  • Team owners or generals initiate battles when their team is ready for a challenge.
  • Team events and modes reward better prizes for higher-level team decks.

WWE SuperCard: How to Apply Super Attacks Correctly?

Super Attack


  • Super Attacks provide a significant boost to your Superstar to dominate the ring.
  • Fill the Super Attack meter by playing matches until the counter is full.
  • Click on the counter to activate the Super Attack and give your next card (or cards) a huge stat boost.

WWE SuperCard: Team Play

Team Play


  • Teams provide an opportunity to meet new people, participate in team events, and team battlegrounds.

Team Events:

  • Team Road to Glory and Team Ring Domination are weekly events where team members contribute cards to the team deck.
  • The higher the level of the team deck, the better the rewards in team events and modes.
  • You can choose up to 6 cards for your team’s deck: 3 men, 1 lady, 1 boost, and 1 support.

Team Battleground:

  • Team Battleground is a two-day battle between teams.
  • Earn Super Coins and Map Packs in Team Battleground, depending on your performance.
  • Rewards are sent directly to the participants’ mailboxes.

Team Chat:

  • Teams have access to private chat for strategizing battles, discussing the latest news, and more.

Search for a Team:

  • Use the Team Finder to join a team or let team owners find you.
  • Create or join teams that fit your preferred playing style and goals.

WWE SuperCard: Types of Card Sets

Lucky Deck

Lucky Deck:

  • Try your luck by collecting cards in the Lucky Deck.
  • Each round, choose a card to add to your piggy bank.
  • Be cautious of hitting a wound card, which ends the game and forfeits all rewards.
  • Bonus rounds are safe and allow you to acquire rewards without any risk.

Cards in a Row

Cards in a Row:

  • Each hidden card on the board gives a separate reward.
  • Collect enough cards of the same type to claim the reward.

Make a Set +

Make a Set +:

  • Collect cards from the board to create a unique set.
  • Avoid strike cards as they occupy space in your set without providing rewards.
  • Discover a roulette wheel for additional rewards, including a x2 multiplier that doubles rewards.



  • Collect speed puzzles and win rewards.
  • Complete as many puzzles as possible within the time limit to earn rewards.
  • Complete all six puzzles to claim the main reward.

Without Stops

Without Stops:

  • Select cards on a special board in this interactive set.
  • Certain cards provide rewards, but others are obstacles that halt progress.
  • Continue picking cards until reaching the limit or encountering an obstacle.

Walking the Tightrope

Walking the Tightrope:

  • Rope Walk is a special interactive set that tests your reflexes.
  • Move your player across the game board and collect rewards on each square.
  • The game ends when the player stops at the “KO” cell, collecting all rewards acquired during the game.

Domination in the Ring

Domination in the Ring:

  • Domination in the Ring is an interactive set that rewards progress through rings.
  • Each ring offers better rewards than the previous one.
  • Start by

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