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Top 5 ADCs That Excel When Paired With Shaco in Season 12

Shaco support gained unexpected popularity a few seasons ago, proving his viability as a formidable pick. However, playing Shaco support effectively requires a good understanding of his mechanics, resulting in a relatively low pick rate. Shaco shines particularly well against champions with gap closers and aggressive tendencies, as he can disrupt their engages and halt their momentum.

To maximize Shaco’s potential as a support, it is crucial to pair him with ADC champions who can capitalize on his box triggers from a safe distance. Shaco heavily relies on his invisibility and the crowd control provided by his boxes. Ideally, his partner should possess self-peeling capabilities, long-range abilities, or strong basic attacks.

One thing to note is that Shaco lacks traditional peeling abilities, as well as heals and shields. However, he compensates for this with his ability to keep enemies at bay and make it challenging for them to approach his ADC. With that said, let’s dive into the top 5 champions who synergize well with Shaco support.

5. Caitlyn

When playing alongside Shaco support, expect the bot lane to be filled with his boxes strategically placed to catch enemies off guard. As Caitlyn, you need to be prepared and anticipate the movements of enemy champions. Whenever a Shaco box triggers fear, react swiftly by attacking the enemy multiple times or using your Q ability. Additionally, you can walk up to an enemy champion, plant an E beneath them, and unleash a full combo. This can result in a kill or at least force the enemy to use their flash.

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Best Rune for Caitlyn in This Duo: Fleet Footwork

Choosing Fleet Footwork as your rune provides Caitlyn with the much-needed sustain that both she and Shaco lack in the lane. Not only does this rune save you from frequently buying potions, but it also grants bonus movement speed to swiftly respond to Shaco’s box triggers.

Ideal Item for Shaco in This Duo: Everfrost

With Everfrost, Shaco can swiftly reach enemies triggered by his boxes, allowing him to either deal damage or slow them down with his E ability. The extended crowd control duration provided by Everfrost gives Caitlyn ample time to set up her snares and unleash a full combo on the enemy.

4. Ezreal

Ezreal pairs exceptionally well with Shaco support due to his long-range and safe laning capabilities, as well as his self-peeling ability. Ezreal can quickly follow up on Shaco’s box triggers by using his E ability to close the gap between him and the feared enemy. This also facilitates landing his W + Q combo, resulting in significant damage. If Ezreal is unable to reach the enemy in time, he can always rely on his ultimate to capitalize on Shaco’s ambushes.

Another advantage of this duo lies in Shaco’s exceptional roaming abilities. Ezreal’s long-range capabilities and self-peel make him suitable for a weakside playstyle, allowing Shaco to roam and assist teammates, while Ezreal farms solo and gains experience.

Best Rune for Ezreal in This Duo: Grasp of the Undying

When playing weakside, it is crucial for your champion to have high survivability and excellent sustain while dealing damage. Grasp of the Undying synergizes well with Ezreal, as he can easily trigger it with his Q ability. This rune pairs exceptionally well with Divine Sunderer, providing Ezreal with strong poke and sustained damage.

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3. Jhin

Jhin typically doesn’t require excessive peeling, thanks to his ability to deal damage from a significant distance. However, he must be cautious of flanking enemies, such as assassins or champions like Talon who can traverse walls. Shaco can effectively mitigate this threat by strategically placing his boxes behind Jhin or in common enemy flank routes.

Jhin’s abilities mesh seamlessly with Shaco’s boxes, allowing him to land his W ability whenever an enemy triggers them. Furthermore, Jhin can communicate with Shaco to coordinate engages by utilizing his Q ability and going invisible, surprising enemies. Following Jhin’s passive and Q combo, Shaco can slow down the target with his E ability and deploy a box, while Jhin follows up with his W ability and ultimate. This straightforward combo often secures kills.

Best Rune for Jhin in This Duo: Fleet Footwork

Fleet Footwork is an excellent rune for Jhin in this duo as it provides him with increased movement speed, allowing him to keep up with enemies engaged from long range. Jhin also needs the sustain provided by this rune, as he must fend for himself when enemy champions bypass Shaco’s boxes.

Ideal Item for Shaco in This Duo: Everfrost

Everfrost prolongs the duration of Shaco’s crowd control on enemies, precisely what Jhin needs to land all four bullets from his ultimate. Additionally, this item grants Shaco a mythic passive that enhances his magic damage, benefiting both his boxes and E ability.

2. Miss Fortune

Miss Fortune synergizes exceptionally well with champions capable of immobilizing enemies for an extended duration. Her high movement speed and long-range abilities make it easy for her to follow up on crowd control initiated by her allies.

A skilled Shaco player can employ a trick to effectively lock down enemies for over five seconds. By strategically positioning his boxes and enticing enemies to trigger them, Shaco can set the stage for Miss Fortune to unleash her devastating ultimate. Every enemy caught within its path will be pummeled by a barrage of bullets.

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Best Rune for Miss Fortune in This Duo: Dark Harvest

While Miss Fortune can opt for early poke damage, Dark Harvest is an excellent choice for late-game dominance. This rune synergizes particularly well with her ultimate and The Collector item, allowing her to execute enemies easily when they reach a certain health threshold.

Ideal Item for Shaco in This Duo: Chemtech Putrifier

When this duo successfully executes their ultimate combo, the grievous wounds proc from Chemtech Putrifier will come into play, significantly hampering enemy healing. This item amplifies their ability to eliminate enemies swiftly, as they can take full advantage of Miss Fortune’s ultimate.

1. Tristana

Playing as Tristana alongside Shaco can lead to devastating results for any enemy caught in their trap. Imagine an enemy stepping on Shaco’s box, triggering a chain of events that ultimately leads to their demise. Tristana can jump over the engaged enemy, detonating her E ability for a full stack. This combo almost guarantees a kill and provides Tristana with a reset on her Rocket Jump ability, allowing her to chase down fleeing enemies or make a swift escape if reinforcements arrive.

Additionally, Tristana can utilize her ultimate to push enemies directly into Shaco’s boxes. By strategically placing multiple boxes in one location, Shaco creates a perfect setup for Tristana to launch her ultimate, sending enemies straight into the awaiting traps.

Best Rune for Tristana in This Duo: Cheap Shot

Cheap Shot is an excellent rune choice for Tristana, enabling her to deal additional true damage to enemies whose movement speed is impaired. Tristana’s Rocket Jump and ultimate can trigger this effect, making it a valuable rune in this synergy.

Ideal Item for Shaco in This Duo: Morellonomicon

To assist Tristana in securing kills even faster, Shaco can opt for a full AP build, amplifying her playmaking potential. Morellonomicon also inflicts grievous wounds on enemies who trigger Shaco’s boxes, making it a crucial item for swiftly dispatching foes.

These top 5 ADCs offer fantastic synergy with Shaco support and can help secure victories on the Rift. Although Shaco support may not be as commonly seen, it can still provide significant value when played by someone with expertise. I hope you found this article informative and enjoyable. Thank you for investing your time and effort in reading my content. Good luck, have fun, and see you on the Rift!

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