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Best Builds for Arcane Odyssey – Roblox

You have access to incredible fighting styles and magic in Arcane Odyssey. However, if you don’t allocate your stats wisely, they won’t reach their full potential in battles. As you level up and gain experience points, you can improve your stats by placing them strategically. These placements are crucial for creating your desired Build, which determines your character’s strengths and performance in battle. In this article, we will discuss some of the top Builds to focus on.

Understanding Builds in Arcane Odyssey

Builds are determined by how you allocate your skill points. Combining two stats can create a hybrid Build, or you can focus all your points on one primary stat. Depending on your allocations, your Build can vary. There are four stats to consider:

  • Vitality: Increases your body’s durability, boosting your maximum health and allowing you to withstand more damage before succumbing.
  • Magic: Enhances your knowledge of magic, enabling you to cast stronger spells, master multiple magics, and more.
  • Strength: Amplifies your athleticism, empowering you to unleash more powerful melee attacks, master various fighting styles, and more.
  • Weapons: Enhances your proficiency in using weapons, allowing you to unleash stronger weapon abilities, master high-level weapons, and more.

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List of the Best Arcane Odyssey Builds

Best Arcane Odyssey Builds - Roblox
Image via Arcane Odyssey Official Wiki

Determining the best Build ultimately boils down to personal preferences and opinions. Each Build has its own strengths and usefulness. Here, we have compiled a list of what we believe are the top Builds based on their damage output and success in battle:

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1. Berserker

The Berserker Build focuses entirely on the Strength stat, requiring you to allocate 60% of your skill points to it. By awakening as a Berserker, you forsake magic and harness your brutal strength instead. This Build pairs well with gear that boosts defense and health. Find a fighting style like Boxing or Iron Leg that complements this Build. The Berserker Build is essentially a “tank” Build, enabling you to withstand heavy blows and deal devastating melee attacks.

2. Warrior

Similar to the Berserker Build, the Warrior Build emphasizes one stat: Weapons. Allocate 60% or more of your skill points to the Weapons stat. By choosing this Build, you become adept at utilizing weapons, resulting in increased damage regardless of the weapon type you wield. The Weapon Aura Awakening enhances your weapon’s attacks and damage, allowing for more destruction. To optimize this Build, acquire high-level weapons by grinding boss fights and looting.

3. Warlock

The Warlock Build combines two stats: Magic and Strength. Allocate 40% of your skill points to each stat, but not exceeding 59%. This combination amplifies your damage output while using magic and enables you to integrate weapons into your magical prowess. The Warlock Awakening infuses your fighting styles with magic, granting a boost to your skills. Seek magic-enhancing gear and a compatible fighting style, such as Thermo Fist with Explosive Magic or Iron Leg with Crystal Magic, to maximize this Build.

4. Warlord

The Warlord Build, like the Warlock Build, focuses on two stats: Weapons and Strength. Allocate 40% of your skill points to each stat to achieve this Build. Similar to the Warlock, the Warlord combines weapon techniques and fighting styles. This fusion enhances both skills, resulting in a significantly deadlier combination. Just like the Warrior Build, aim to find a powerful weapon that complements your chosen fighting style by engaging in boss fights and looting.

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5. Conjurer

The Conjurer Build is highly regarded in the game, as it merges the Magic and Weapons stats. Distribute 40% of your skill points to each stat, ensuring you stay below 59%. With this Build, you infuse your weapons with magic, allowing for potent area-of-effect attacks or lasting effects. For example, imbuing a weapon with Lightning could paralyze enemies on hit, and Fire could cause burning damage. As with the other Builds, acquiring a worthwhile weapon is essential to unlock the full potential of this Build.

Remember that progressing and earning skill points to allocate for these stats takes time. Be patient, complete quests, and undertake tasks to expedite your progress. We’re curious to know which Builds you prefer. Share your favorite Builds in the comments below!

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