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Best Pool 1 Decks for Marvel Snap

Early Beginner Ideas for Marvel Snap Pool 1 Deckbuilding

Marvel Snap offers a wide array of cards and synergies, including various effects, counters, and potential combos even at the early stages. To assist you with your deckbuilding in Pool 1, we have compiled a list of the best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap.

If you’re unfamiliar with the pool system, card distribution is divided into different categories. Players begin as recruits and eventually progress to Pool 1. As you advance through the levels, you will randomly unlock cards within the Pool 1 set. Then, when you move on to Pool 2, you will have access to all the Pool 1 cards, and the same process repeats for Pool 2 to 3. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Pool 1: Level 18 to Level 214
  • Pool 2: Level 222 to Level 474
  • Pool 3: Level 486 and above

Due to this progression, there is a predetermined list of cards you will have acquired by the end of Pool 1. However, the rate at which you unlock them may vary, and you may not immediately obtain all the synergistic cards.

So, we have outlined a few general options for Marvel Snap Pool 1 decks. These options are based on broad archetypes and serve as guidelines, considering that your collection level is constantly growing. Additionally, we will provide alternatives and swap-in options if your Pool 1 draws do not allow for complete decks just yet.

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Best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap

Deck #1: Zoo

Zoo decks focus on deploying creatures onto the board. The objective is to accumulate a strong presence by summoning creatures. Cards like Sentinel and Squirrel Girl ensure there are viable targets for buffs. Meanwhile, Angela, Ant-Man, and Wolf’s Bane utilize these creatures to empower themselves. Additionally, closers such as Kazar, Blue Marvel, and mid-game drops like Ironheart or Captain America contribute to the continuous growth of your forces.

The versatility of Zoo decks makes them particularly effective in the early stages of Pool 1 matches in Marvel Snap. While I’ve personally utilized this concept, you can easily make adjustments with other cards. Mr. Sinister would be a great addition, and early-game cards like Hawkeye can serve as temporary buffs until you acquire more reliable options. Building a Zoo deck will also provide you with valuable ideas that will reappear in later concepts.

Alternatives: Mr. Sinister, Hawkeye, Forge, Bishop, Cosmo, Iron Man, Spectrum, Gamora

Best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap

Deck #2: Odin / On Reveal

This strategy revolves around maximizing the on-reveal effects. While Odin may seem pivotal to this deck, he mainly acts as the finishing blow in an on-reveal attack.

Guardians of the Galaxy cards excel in this deck, with Star Lord, Mantis, and Gamora capable of delivering significant blows. The synergy between White Tiger and Odin can yield impressive results when positioning is taken into careful consideration. Additionally, Enchantress can specifically counter ongoing deck types, which we will discuss later.

Alternatives: White Queen, Scarlet Witch, Sentinel, Rocket Raccoon, Jessica Jones

Best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap

Deck #3: Onslaught / Ongoing

One of my personal favorite decks to pilot in Pool 1 of Marvel Snap revolves around ongoing decks, emphasizing specific synergies. In this deck, my goal is to position Namor in either the middle or, ideally, the right-hand lane. This positions enables a turn 5 Klaw and turn 6 Onslaught to secure victory.

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However, I have made some adjustments to make the deck less one-dimensional. Cards like Mister Fantastic, Kazar, and Iron Man offer flexibility in deploying Onslaught to benefit from his amplified power. Further tweaks can bring this deck closer to a Zoo archetype, taking advantage of Kazar and Onslaught’s synergy to summon formidable one-drop creatures.

Alternatives: Squirrel Girl, Blue Marvel, Spectrum, Cosmo

Best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap

Deck #4: Discard

Playing a Discard archetype in Pool 1 of Marvel Snap can be quite challenging. The deck I have assembled here is more of a hybrid, combining Discard effects with Destroy mechanics for increased versatility.

A Discard deck aims to exploit opportunities for impactful plays, such as obtaining a free Wolverine or utilizing Lady Sif to enhance Apocalypse without losing card count. It can be a delicate playstyle, so I’ve included options like the early synergy of Carnage, Nova, and Angel to provide more flexibility.

Moreover, America Chavez plays a crucial role in ensuring deck consistency. She not only guarantees a good card draw on turn 6 but also prevents drawing her too early. This makes drawing into combos safer, and if unsuccessful, you’ll have a powerful 9-drop on turn 6.

Alternatives: Kazar, Strong Guy, Colossus, Lizard

Best Pool 1 decks for Marvel Snap

Deck #5: Devil Dinosaur

Unlike the previous decks, Devil Dinosaur heavily relies on the synergy between Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur. Moon Girl allows you to draw a copy of your current hand, and Devil Dinosaur gains more power from the number of cards in your hand. Ideally, you want to summon Moon Girl on turn 4, granting you a full hand and enabling you to play two Devil Dinosaurs on turns 5 and 6.

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The remaining cards in the deck are designed to disrupt your opponent’s game plan with minimal card expenditure. Sentinel, Cable, and White Queen provide creature presence without depleting your card count. Additionally, Yondu, Korg, and Mantis serve as persistent annoyances to your opponent.

Alternatives: Armor, Mister Sinister, Angela, Namor, Squirrel Girl

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