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Lost Ark Summoner Build Guide: Master the Advanced Class with the Best Skills and Engravings

If you can’t contain your excitement for the Summoner advanced class in Lost Ark, then this is the article you’ve been waiting for. We have put together a comprehensive Lost Ark Summoner build guide specifically designed for chaos dungeons and cube content. Get ready to unleash powerful spells and command your army of elementals!

Introduction to the Lost Ark Summoner Build: Playstyle and Skills

As the latest advanced class for the Mage, the Summoner brings an arsenal of cast spells and formidable elemental summons. Your role is to dish out damage from a safe distance while strategically utilizing your skills and summons to achieve maximum impact. This build we’re about to delve into is tailored for Chaos Dungeons and Cube encounters.

To help you thrive in combat, here are the essential skills, tripods, and runes to consider:

Ancient Spear Lv. 10

  • Quick Prep
  • Explosive Spear
  • Ancient Strength
  • Skill Rune: Galewind

Earth Collapse Lv. 10

  • Glacier Collapse
  • Aftershock
  • Earth Manipulator
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Electric Storm Lv. 10

  • Swift Cast
  • Sustain Enhancement
  • Guiding Storm
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Maririn Lv. 10

  • Atk. Power Enhancement
  • Taunt Command
  • Small Talk
  • Skill Rune: Quick Recharge

Steed Charge Lv. 10

  • Stormlike Gallop
  • Rushing Destruction
  • Ascension
  • Skill Rune: Wealth
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Sticky Moss Swamp Lv. 7

  • Ready Attack
  • Corrosion Diffusion
  • Skill Rune: Focus

Water Elemental Lv. 10

  • MP Recovery
  • Geyser Elemental
  • Water Cannon
  • Skill Rune: Wealth

Winged Spirit

  • Swift Cast
  • Wide-Angel Attack
  • Small Talk
  • Skill Rune: Galewind

Phoenix Identity Skill

For optimal skill progression, we recommend prioritizing three key skills. First, focus on leveling Maririn, which serves as your dependable solo tank. Next, invest in Ancient Spear, your primary damage-dealing skill. Lastly, level up Earth Collapse, an area-of-effect skill that obliterates large groups of enemies. The other skills can be leveled according to your preference.

As for your main Identity skill, we suggest using Phoenix for effective area damage. However, if you encounter single target-focused battles, Akir is your go-to choice due to its exceptional damage output and the ability to paralyze enemies.

Mastering the Lost Ark Summoner Build: Engravings for Success

To further enhance your Summoner prowess, prioritize the following engravings:

  1. Master Summoner: This engraving reduces the cost of your summons while boosting their damage and critical strike chance.
  2. Preemptive Strike: By selecting this engraving, your first attack against Challenge or lower level monsters deals 160% increased damage.
  3. Contender: Unlocking this engraving grants you a 2.5% increase in Attack Power for 40 seconds after defeating an enemy.

By focusing on these engravings, you’ll maximize your Summoner’s potential and dominate content filled with mobs. Chaos Dungeons, Cube encounters, and open world quests will be a breeze. However, do keep in mind that if you plan to tackle Guardian Raids or Legion Raids, where single target damage is crucial, you may need to make adjustments to this build.

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Choose the Lost Ark Summoner build and conquer the battlefield like never before. Get ready to unleash your elemental fury!

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