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A Comprehensive Guide to Call of Dragons: Tips and Tricks for Beginners

Call of Dragons is an extraordinary RTS mobile game that offers a vast array of content and features to explore. However, for new players, it can be overwhelming, particularly when competing against experienced gamers or heavy spenders. Don’t worry! We’ve compiled a helpful Call of Dragons guide with tips and tricks to ensure you start off on the right foot.


Call of Dragons, developed by Farlight Games, is the latest release from the company that brought us Rise of Kingdoms, one of the most popular mobile strategy games. This game combines real-time strategy with city-building mechanics, set in a richly detailed fantasy world waiting to be explored and conquered.

The story begins with three mighty warriors engaged in a fierce battle for supremacy in a divided world. Eventually, they put aside their differences and unite against a common enemy – a colossal and fearsome dragon threatening the world. Supported by a powerful army of monstrous creatures, defeating this dragon requires strategy and tactical prowess.

Choosing a Faction

When starting Call of Dragons, you must choose one of three available factions: League of Order (humans), Springwardens (elves), or Wilderburg (orcs). Each faction boasts unique units, building designs, abilities, and heroes. As a new player, two significant reasons make the League of Order faction an ideal choice: a 10% gathering speed boost (more resources gathered) and design simplicity.

Having chosen the Springwardens faction, I regret my decision due to the similarity in building appearances. However, switching factions incurs a cost, making it a common mistake for new players.

Recruiting Heroes

Heroes are your most powerful assets and can make a significant difference in battle. It is vital to have heroes with outstanding skills in your legions. You can recruit heroes at the Altar building or obtain them through campaign missions and events. Level up your heroes and equip them with the best artifacts to enhance their strength. In battle, these artifacts can be easily utilized by tapping the skill icon in the top-right corner. Most artifact skills have a cooldown of around 1 minute and 30 seconds, allowing for multiple uses during combat.

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Setting Up Your Account

Ensure you personalize your account to establish your identity and protect your progress. Change the default generic name assigned to you and pick an avatar for yourself. To change your name, tap the default circled image in the top-left corner, click the pen icon, and type your desired name. From the same page, select an avatar from the gallery (11 available) or upload your own image. Remember, additional name changes will incur a cost of 500 Gems.

Linking your game account to Google or Facebook is essential for progress preservation and cross-device compatibility. To link your account, tap your avatar, go to Settings, tap the Account icon, and select either Google or Facebook. Follow the on-screen instructions to complete the process.

What to Focus on as a New Player

As a new player, prioritize completing campaign missions and side quests, participating in events, gathering resources, and collecting rewards from various activities. Additionally, aim to upgrade your Town Hall as quickly as possible to unlock new buildings and content that can enhance your strength. Train troops and upgrade essential buildings while maintaining a focus on advancing your city rapidly.

Exploring the World of Call of Dragons

The map in Call of Dragons starts fogged, but as you explore and scout around, the fog will dissipate, revealing new content such as villages, higher-level resource points, Dark Creatures, Behemoths, and more. You will also discover differently colored territories owned by various alliances of players. To expand your territory and reap associated benefits and rewards, join an alliance.

Call of Dragons Tips and Tricks

1. Adjust the graphics settings

Depending on your device’s performance, adjusting the graphics settings and frame rate can improve loading times and make your game more responsive. Access the General icon in the Settings menu to modify graphics quality, frame rate, sound, and other related settings. To ensure your device’s battery life is not compromised while maintaining optimal graphics quality, consider using one of the best portable chargers for mobile gaming.

2. You can change the Faction, but…

If you’re not satisfied with your chosen faction or want to switch to the best faction in Call of Dragons, you can do so once you upgrade your City to level 8. However, changing factions comes at a cost and requires fulfilling specific requirements. The price for changing factions is 10,000 Gems, and you must ensure you are not training any troops while relocating all legions, including scouts, to your city.

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The good news is that if you switch factions, your trained troops, upgrades, researched techs, and acquired items will automatically match the corresponding tier of your chosen faction.

3. You can create multiple Characters

To experience different factions without incurring the 10,000 Gems cost, create multiple characters and switch between them on the same device. However, note that you can only have one character per server. Ensure you link your game account to Google first to avoid losing progress. To create a new character, go to Settings, tap the “Character Management” icon, and follow the instructions.

4. Try the Call of Dragons game on PC

For an enhanced gaming experience, consider playing Call of Dragons on PC. Playing on PC allows you to enjoy stunning graphics, utilize a mouse and keyboard, and eliminate concerns about battery life. Give it a try and see the difference!

5. Take advantage of your Beginner’s City Shield

As a new player, you will receive a Beginner’s Shield that protects your city from attacks and resource looting for two days. Utilize this shield to its fullest by leveling up your heroes, training troops, and attacking low-level Darklings to gather resources and strengthen your city. After the shield expires, you can purchase a City Shield from the Store building, but accumulating enough Gems as a beginner might be challenging.

6. Unlock the second Research Queue

Unlocking the second Research Queue is essential for rapid progress. Reach Honorary Membership Level 8 to unlock this feature. Increase your level by collecting free daily Honor points or purchasing more Honor Points from the Store using Gems. Although it may require a substantial number of Gems, the ability to research two technologies simultaneously is worth the effort. Additionally, you will receive better daily rewards and productivity buffs.

7. Pick the right units for your heroes

Each hero in Call of Dragons corresponds to a specific unit type, such as infantry, marksman, cavalry, or magic. Some heroes have an “Overall” talent, enabling them to lead any type of unit. Maximize their effectiveness by selecting the appropriate units for each hero. Check the Hero’s Info window by tapping the Helm icon at the bottom of your screen. The hero’s preferred troop type is displayed below their name.

8. Join an Alliance

Joining an alliance enhances your gaming experience. Allies can provide guidance and assistance, offering gold, valuable resources, and items through alliance-related activities and special events. Additionally, alliances provide protection against enemy players, should your city come under attack. There is also a 300 Gems reward for joining an alliance for the first time. Tap the Shield icon in the bottom-right corner of your screen to join an alliance or create your own.

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9. Upgrade your hero’s first Skill before increasing the Star Rating

Prioritize upgrading your hero’s first skill, preferably to its maximum level (level 5), before increasing their Star Rating. As heroes level up and their Star Rating increases, more skills are unlocked. This reduces the chances of upgrading the first skill, which is typically the most important. Increase the first skill to its maximum level before focusing on Star Rating, as Hero Tokens required to increase skill levels are not easily obtained.

10. Create your unique City layout

Take advantage of the City Editor feature to customize your city’s layout, placing buildings wherever you desire. To access the City Editor, tap the hammer icon on the left side while inside your city. Move buildings individually or remove all buildings and start anew. Remember to save your layout before exiting. The City Editor provides an opportunity to create a personalized and aesthetically pleasing city layout.

11. Unlock your Deputy

Deputies serve as second commanders in Call of Dragons, adding strength and increasing troop capacity. Unlock a Deputy when your chosen hero reaches 3 Stars. It is important to note that only the Deputy’s Skills and Legion Capacity are shared with the legion, while talents and Artifact Skills are not.

12. Use the floating zoom buttons

The main circled button on the bottom-left side of the screen serves as an entry and exit point for the city. It also offers four hidden zoom features. By pressing and holding the button, you can jump directly to specific levels of zoom on the world map. This feature allows for better visibility of resource points, enemies, allies, and other elements on the map.

13. Create Legion Presets

Save time by preparing multiple armies with different troop and commander combinations using Legion Presets. These presets can be created for specific purposes, such as PvP battles, gathering resources, or attacking Darkling forces. To create a preset, tap any enemy or resource point on the map, create a legion, and then access the cog wheel icon at the top of the page. Save your preset in an empty slot, with up to 15 presets available. Use these presets whenever you require a specific legion, avoiding the need to manually select troops and commanders each time.

14. Try to reach City level 16 as soon as possible

Achieving City level 16 provides a significant advantage. This unlocks flying units, upgraded to tier 3 by default, which possess enhanced damage output and survivability. Upgrading units to tier 3 requires substantial resources and time investments. The Celestials, Forest Eagles, and Wyvern Ryders are the flying units for the respective factions League of Order, Springwardens, and Wilderburg. These units significantly enhance your battle capabilities.

Final Thoughts

Congratulations! You have now gained crucial insights and tips to embark on your Call of Dragons journey. With consistency and the application of these strategies, you will undoubtedly build the ultimate city in no time. Enjoy the adventure and conquer the world of Call of Dragons!

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