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Constantine the Great – The Ultimate Evony TKR Guide

Evony The King’s Return has introduced a powerful gold general named Constantine the Great. Let’s dive into the details of this epic character and explore his skills, attributes, and rankings. Constantine the Great is a debuff general for subordinate cities, making him an excellent choice for the role of Subordinate City Mayor. In this guide, we will cover all the essential aspects of Constantine the Great and how he can enhance your gameplay.

Constantine the Great – General Summary

Constantine the Great is available in the tavern under the Europe category, and his price is set at 60,000,000 gold. As one of the top debuff generals for subordinate cities, Constantine the Great is ranked 10th. He specializes in reducing the attack of siege, ground, ranged, and mounted troops by 40%. To acquire Constantine the Great, you can purchase premium packages.

Being a primarily mounted general in Evony, Constantine the Great excels in providing mounted buffs. With all his specialties maxed out, he offers a total mounted buff of 46%. Now let’s take a closer look at Constantine the Great’s stats and attributes.

Constantine the Great – Stats & Attributes

Constantine the Great ranks 48th when it comes to the total of his four general attributes: leadership, attack, defense, and politics. At level 35 with 5 stars, his stats are as follows: 877 leadership, 834 attack, 827 defense, and 893 politics. Notably, Constantine the Great is ranked exceptionally high for politics, securing the 10th position among level 35 generals.

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At level 1 with no stars, Constantine the Great possesses the following base stats:

  • Leadership: 112 (Growth: 9.05)
  • Attack: 109 (Growth: 8.57)
  • Defense: 106 (Growth: 8.53)
  • Politics: 119 (Growth: 9.15)

Upon reaching level 35 with 5 stars, Constantine the Great’s stats are as follows:

  • Leadership: 877
  • Attack: 834
  • Defense: 827
  • Politics: 893

A fully cultivated level 35, 5-star Constantine the Great boasts the following stats:

  • Leadership: 1377
  • Attack: 1334
  • Defense: 1327
  • Politics: 1393

And at level 40 with 5 stars, Constantine the Great’s stats are even more impressive:

  • Leadership: 1490
  • Attack: 1440
  • Defense: 1433
  • Politics: 1506

Constantine the Great – Skills & Specialties

Constantine the Great possesses four specialties and a special skill that set him apart from other generals. These are:

  • (Specialty) Mounted Troop Formation
  • (Specialty) Formation
  • (Specialty) War God
  • (Specialty 4th) Battle of the Milvian Bridge
  • (Special Skill) Roman Emperor

Based on his skills and specialties, Constantine the Great excels in leading mounted troops. When all his specialties are maxed out, he provides a 36% buff to mounted attack, 10% to mounted defense, and 0% to mounted HP. Now let’s explore each skill and specialty in more detail.

Mounted Troop Formation

Mounted Troop Formation offers the following attributes:

  • Mounted Troop Attack: 10%
  • Mounted Troop Defense: 10%


Formation provides the following attribute:

  • Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack: 10%

War God

War God grants the following attribute:

  • All Troops Attack: 6%

Battle of the Milvian Bridge (4th Specialty)

Battle of the Milvian Bridge bestows the following attributes:

  • Enemy Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack: -20%
  • Ground Troop and Mounted Troop Attack: 10%
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Roman Emperor (Special Skill)

Roman Emperor comes with powerful attributes for a subordinate city mayor:

  • Reduces enemy ground troops and mounted troops’ attack by -20% when the General leads the army.
  • Increases the survival rate of Subordinate City troops by 10% when the General serves as the Mayor.

Constantine the Great – Buffs & Rankings

As one of the mounted generals in Evony, Constantine the Great offers a remarkable 46% mounted buffs, encompassing attack, defense, and HP. The table below showcases the rankings of each buff type among all generals for Constantine the Great in Evony:

Constantine the Great Buffs & Rankings

With Constantine the Great by your side, you can expect a significant boost in your gameplay, especially when it comes to mounted troops. Utilize his debuff abilities and leverage his specialties to emerge victorious in any battle.

Remember, a solid strategy coupled with the right general can make all the difference. Good luck, and may Constantine the Great lead you to triumph!

Note: The information in this guide is based on the current version of Evony The King’s Return. Please refer to the game for any updates or changes.

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