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Destiny 2 Guide: Mastering the Tarnished Mettle God Roll

Welcome to our comprehensive guide on obtaining and optimizing the Tarnished Mettle god roll in Destiny 2. This arc lightweight scout rifle has made its mark as a reliable anti-champion weapon in challenging PVE content like Grandmaster Nightfalls. As a seasonal weapon, it’s crucial to acquire it before the release of the Lightfall DLC. So, let’s dive into the details and elevate your gaming experience with the Tarnished Mettle!

How to Obtain the Tarnished Mettle

To add the Tarnished Mettle to your arsenal, you’ll need the Season of Plunder pass and the Witch Queen DLC. Obtain it by completing Plunder seasonal activities or focusing on it through the seasonal kiosk in the Helm. Crafting this weapon requires acquiring and completing five deepsight resonance versions of the weapon. Ensure efficient farming by following these three crucial upgrade paths: Focused Weapon Spoils, Double Perk Weapon Spoils, and Hidden Compartment.

Season of the Plunder Upgrade Path
Take These Upgrades!

PVE – Maximizing the Tarnished Mettle God Roll

Let’s explore the ideal perks for the Tarnished Mettle in PVE encounters:

Barrel: Arrowhead Break

Choose this perk for better recoil direction, improving your accuracy and allowing for consecutive shots. It also enhances weapon handling, enabling quick swaps to stun champions when needed.

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Magazine: Flared Magwell

Opt for Flared Magwell to boost reload speed and stability, complementing the other perks on the weapon effectively.

Tarnished Mettle PvE God Roll
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Perk 1: Demolitionist

Demolitionist grants additional grenade energy upon kills and refills the magazine upon grenade throws, amplifying your offensive capabilities.

Perk 2: Voltshot

Voltshot grants the weapon’s next shot the power to jolt enemies with chain lightning after a kill and reload. This perk synergizes exceptionally well with arc subclasses, making your attacks even more formidable.

Masterwork: Reload

Maximize Voltshot’s potential by selecting the reload masterwork, emphasizing swift reloading after a kill.

Mod: Minor Spec

In your mod slot, equip Minor Spec to increase damage against minor enemies, often referred to as “adds.”

In conclusion, the Tarnished Mettle, especially scout rifles in general, is an invaluable addition to your arsenal. With a balanced perk pool and powerful PVE perks, it’s a must-have weapon for guardians venturing into challenging encounters.

PVP – Dominating with the Tarnished Mettle God Roll

Now, let’s explore the optimal perks for the Tarnished Mettle in PVP engagements:

Barrel: Arrowhead Break

The Arrowhead Break barrel perk enhances recoil direction, providing better accuracy and increasing your chances of consecutive shots. Its boost in weapon handling facilitates quick weapon swaps, crucial when transitioning to a close-range weapon for a kill.

Magazine: Steady Rounds

Given scout rifles’ innate long-range capabilities, Steady Rounds offers improved performance by sacrificing a bit of range. It enhances stability and reduces incoming flinch, ensuring you can contest other weapons effectively.

Tarnished Mettle PvP God Roll
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Perk 1: Moving Target

Moving Target provides a significant aim assist boost and increases movement speed while aiming down sights. This perk grants an edge in any engagement, especially when employing evasive maneuvers to make your opponents miss.

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Perk 2: Eye of the Storm

When your health is low, Eye of the Storm significantly enhances accuracy and handling, helping you secure kills during intense duels.

Masterwork: Stability

A stability masterwork is essential, reducing flinch and increasing accuracy. Combined with the chosen perks, this masterwork provides the best opportunity to land multiple shots with precision.

Mod: Targeting Adjuster

Equip Targeting Adjuster in your mod slot to receive a slight boost in aim assist, increasing the likelihood of hitting your target.

In conclusion, while scout rifles may not dominate in PVP, they excel on long-range maps, providing an advantage in most engagements. The Tarnished Mettle’s solid PVP perks make it a formidable contender in any engagement.

The Tarnished Mettle boasts impressive base stats, making it an exceptional weapon right from the start. With its remarkable perk pool, many of which synergize perfectly with arc subclasses, this weapon is an absolute must-have for any guardian.

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We hope you found our comprehensive Destiny 2 Tarnished Mettle God Roll Guide helpful. Keep in mind that this weapon is compatible with all classes (Hunter, Titan, Warlock), all subclasses (Solar, Void, Stasis, Arc, and Strand), and both PVE modes (Strikes, Nightfalls, Lost Sectors, Vanguard Operations, Dungeons, and Raids) and PVP modes (Crucible, Gambit, Trials of Osiris, and Iron Banner).

As an avid MMO player experienced in all aspects, from solo play to PVP and PVE encounters, you can catch more Destiny 2 action by watching my live streams on Twitch and checking out my Youtube Channel.

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