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Street Fighter 6: Unleashing the Dee Jay Experience

Street Fighter 6 is just around the corner, set to be released on June 2nd. With its launch, the game brings a diverse roster of 18 characters, each with their unique playstyles. In this overview, we shine the spotlight on the legendary hip-hoppin’ musician of the Street Fighter universe, Dee Jay.

Note: Please bear in mind that this guide is currently in development. All inputs follow numpad notations. For example, Hadouken from player 1’s starting side is 236P. Attack buttons are as follows: LP, MP, HP for light punch, medium punch, and heavy punch respectively, while LK, MK, and HK represent light kick, medium kick, and heavy kick respectively. Let’s throw away the Fierce or Roundhouse bulls*** for now and focus on the real deal.

Info & video credits: Fighting Game Anniversaries, WoolieVS, FlawlessDeku, Capcom, Reversal

Dee Jay SF6 Move List

The Reggae-Loving Mix Master

Dee Jay, the reggae-loving Sobat-tossing fighter, makes his triumphant return in Street Fighter 6. This time, he’s even better with his mixup games. Dee Jay possesses a projectile, a forward-moving combo special, and an anti-air ability. Furthermore, his Roll Through Feint allows him to deceive opponents, baiting them into unsafe moves that he can then punish with his own safe attacks.

While half of Dee Jay’s moves require charge inputs (holding backward or downward for 2 seconds, then forward plus the attack button), the other half are motion inputs, a departure from his previous iterations. This change grants him quicker reactions, enabling him to unleash a barrage of Sobat kicks, Machine Gun Uppercuts, and his new Jus Cool move. Jus Cool bewilders opponents with its multiple confusing follow-ups and lockdown moves, halting them in their tracks. Clearly, music is Dee Jay’s ultimate weapon!

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Play If: You seek a faster and sleeker version of Guile, enjoy combos with a touch of defense, and love gracefully weaving through the arena.

Avoid If: You prefer straightforward characters or lean more towards defensive playstyles.

Dee Jay SF6 Move List 2

Mastering the Moves

Special Moves

Air Slasher: [4]6P. This fireball has a slightly faster recovery than a Hadouken but falls short of the Sonic Boom’s speed.

Jackknife Maximum: [2]8K. Use this anti-air attack in combos and combo enders.

Roll Through Feint: 236LK. This feint move tricks opponents into performing unsafe moves, like an uppercut.

Quick Rolling Sobat: 236MK. A great footsie tool that requires precise spacing for safe recovery.

Double Rolling Sobat: 236HK. This move finishes combos and propels Dee Jay forward. Be cautious, as it leaves him vulnerable if blocked.

Machine Gun Uppercut: 214P. While this move is useful for ending combos, it doesn’t bring much else to the table. Style with caution!

Jus Cool: 214K. This retreating sway move can be chained into combos. Additionally, it offers various follow-up attacks: LK initiates a lightning-fast low attack, MK delivers an overhead strike (or functions as a block string if blocked), HK serves as an anti-air or combo starter, and 6P unleashes a projectile-invincible dash known as the Juggling Dash, covering a substantial distance. The Juggling Dash also features follow-ups: 4P triggers a backdash to confuse opponents and make their attacks miss, much like SF3 Dudley’s sways.

Super Arts

The Greatest Sobat (Level 1): 236236K. Utilize this super art in combos.

Lowkey Sunrise Festival (Level 2): 236236LP>LP>MP>HP>LK>MK>HK. This super art resembles Geese’s Deadly Rave combo super in the Street Fighter universe. It deals good damage.

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Marvelous Sunrise Festival (Level 2): 236236MP>LP>MP>HP>LK>MK>HK. Similar to Geese’s Deadly Rave combo super, this super art delivers significant damage. It can be followed up with HP or HK for a final hard-hitting uppercut, resulting in even more impressive damage. The HP ender switches positions with your opponent, while the HK ender pushes opponents towards the corner.

Headliner Sunrise Festival (Level 2): 236236HP>LP>MP>HP>LK>MK>HK. This super art, much like Geese’s Deadly Rave combo super, deals substantial damage. Similar to the Marvelous Sunrise Festival, it can be followed up with either HP or HK for a final hard-hitting uppercut. The HP ender switches positions with your opponent, while the HK ender shoves opponents into the corner.

Weekend Pleasure (Level 3): 214214P. This super art serves as a fantastic combo tool and anti-air move.

Unique Moves

Knee Shot: During a forward jump, perform 2LK. This air attack remains active until you land, allowing you to move even when blocked. It places you at a frame advantage.

Sunrise Heel: 6MK. Employ this move to maintain movement even when blocked, providing a frame advantage.

Face Breaker: 4HK. Cancel this move into special moves for additional combo potential.

Threebeat Combo: LP>MK>MK. This target combo delivers lightning-fast strikes.

Dee Jay Special: MP>HP>HK. Execute this target combo, with the last hit being cancelable into Super Arts.

Funky Dance: MP>MP>HP. Unleash this multi-hit target combo.

Funky Dance Feint: MP>MP>4HP. This two-hit target combo features a feint.

Party in the Air: During a jump, perform MP>HP. This move knocks opponents down to the ground upon connecting.

Speedy Maracas: 22PP. By holding this move, you can build your Super Art Gauge. Employ various Air Slashers for keepaway tactics, then surprise opponents with a well-timed execution to draw them closer.

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Master Dee Jay’s unique moves and unleash the rhythm of victory!

Remember, Street Fighter 6 rewards experience, expertise, authoritativeness, and trustworthiness. So, keep honing your skills, explore new strategies, and become the ultimate fighting game champion!

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