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Best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2: A Comprehensive Guide for PvP and PvE

Destiny 2’s Rocket launchers have come a long way. Once underpowered and unexciting, they have received numerous buffs that have catapulted them to the forefront of the game. Now, Rocket launchers are among the best weapons available, with Exotic and Legendary options for both PvE and PvP.

Destiny 2 Rocket Launchers Tier List: Top-tier Options

Here is a tier list featuring the top-tier Exotic and Legendary Rocket Launchers, covering both PvE and PvP:

Destiny 2 Rocket Launchers: The complete list

This comprehensive list includes all the viable Rocket Launchers currently in the game. We have categorized them into different tiers:

  • S Tier – Best: These are the highest ranking weapons in our Tier List.
  • A Tier – Strong: Very powerful weapons, though not on the same level as S Tier choices.
  • B Tier – Average: Decent selections that can be lethal in the hands of skilled players.
  • C Tier – Weak: These fall in the middle of the pack and are somewhat mediocre.
  • D Tier – Worst: Lagging behind the competition, these weapons don’t offer much.

Best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2: Top 5

Are you ready to explore the absolute best Rocket Launchers in Destiny 2 right now? These are our top picks:

5. Two-Tailed Fox

Excels in PvE and PvP

Ever since Two-Tailed Fox’s catalyst was released, it has become a top-tier choice in all areas of the game. This Exotic Rocket Launcher fires three rockets at a time, dealing significant damage. The Third Tail’s extra rocket and Jolt effect make it a strong option, especially for those without an S-Tier Legendary rocket launcher.

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In PvP, Two-Tailed Fox’s intrinsic tracking proves to be helpful. Equipping this weapon with a non-Exotic primary or special weapon can easily secure some kills with power ammo. While there are stronger Legendary options, Two-Tailed Fox is a solid choice for newer players, providing occasional debuffs and comparable DPS to some of the best weapons in the game.

Exotic Perk: “Shoots two rockets, one Void and one Solar, that can track onto the same target. The Void rocket suppresses enemies. The Solar rocket causes damage over time.”

How to get it: Two-Tailed Fox can be acquired via Exotic engrams or Xûr.

Two-Tailed Fox rocket launcher

4. The Hothead

Excels in PvE and PvP

Once the king of Legendary rocket launchers, The Hothead has seen a slight decrease in popularity due to the constant addition of stronger options. Nevertheless, The Hothead remains a meta pick that competes with other top-DPS choices.

For PvE, prioritize Auto-Loading Holster, Field Prep, or Tracking Module in the first column, depending on your preferences and DPS setup. The best pick for the final column is Explosive Light, providing a 25% damage buff and solidifying The Hothead as a reliable choice in the current meta.

In The Crucible, Tracking Module or Impulse Amplifier in the first column serve well. While not as strong as in high-end PvE, The Hothead is still a consistent option for PvP engagements. Season of the Deep introduced incredibly powerful rocket launchers, but The Hothead remains one of the best DPS options, especially for free-to-play Guardians.

PvE God roll:

  • Auto-Loading Holster (also good: Field Prep) + Lasting Impression (also good: Explosive Light)
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How to get it: The Hothead can be acquired by completing Nightfall: The Ordeals, with increased drop rates on higher difficulties.

The Hothead rocket launcher

3. Gjallarhorn

Excels in PvE and PvP

Gjallarhorn, arguably the most iconic Exotic weapon in the Destiny franchise, continues to dominate The Crucible and high-difficulty PvE, even after recent nerfs.

In PvE, Gjallarhorn’s base damage per shot has decreased significantly, but its Wolfpack Rounds perk compensates for it. The extra damage given to allies outweighs the individual damage loss, making Gjallarhorn a staple in most raid and dungeon groups. In The Crucible, its intrinsic tracking and Wolfpack Rounds make it a beast, although it may not be the best choice if you prefer an Exotic primary or special weapon.

While its effectiveness decreases when multiple players have it equipped, Gjallarhorn remains one of the best choices in the current sandbox due to its ability to increase other players’ damage.

Exotic Perk: “Rounds fired split into tracking cluster missiles upon detonation. Gain increased handling and reload speed when standing near allies. Firing this weapon also grants Wolfpack Rounds to nearby allies wielding non-Exotic Rocket Launchers.”

How to get it: Gjallarhorn can be acquired by completing the Grasp of Avarice dungeon.

Gjallarhorn rocket launcher

2. Apex Predator

Excels in PvE

Through a surprising turn of events, Apex Predator has gone from zero to hero in Season of the Deep with its reissued version. This Legendary rocket launcher now offers remarkable potency.

Before the reissue, Apex Predator’s only damage perk was Kill Clip, making it a weak choice. However, the reissued version includes Tracking Module and Reconstruction, making it one of the best options available. The king of the second column is Bait and Switch, providing a 35% damage buff that surpasses Explosive Light. Additionally, Apex Predator can be crafted, adding to its appeal. For raid-ready players who own the Forsaken Pack, acquiring Apex Predator is a must for PvE.

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PvE God roll:

  • Reconstruction (also good: Tracking Module) + Bait and Switch (also good: Explosive Light)

How to get it: Apex Predator can be acquired from the Last Wish raid.

Apex Predator rocket launcher

1. Cold Comfort

Excels in PvE

Cold Comfort has quickly become the best rocket launcher in the game, offering everything players need for PvE.

Similar to Apex Predator, Cold Comfort’s main draw is Bait and Switch in the final column. However, its first column offers potentially better options with Envious Assassin and Tracking Module. When paired with Restoration Ritual, firing four rockets without reloading becomes possible, making Cold Comfort an exceptional choice for any damage scenario.

The only downside is that Cold Comfort cannot be crafted. Players will have to rely on luck to obtain their desired roll. However, once acquired, Cold Comfort stands as the pinnacle of rocket launchers in Destiny 2.

PvE God roll:

  • Envious Assassin (also good: Tracking Module) + Bait and Switch (also good: Explosive Light)

How to get it: Cold Comfort can be acquired from the Ghost of the Deep dungeon.

Cold Comfort rocket launcher

Rocket launchers and the PvP Meta: TTK

In PvP, it’s all about consistency when using rocket launchers. Players should aim for a rocket launcher that can easily secure one-shot kills. The Wardcliff Coil is a popular choice for PvP engagements.

Rocket launchers and the PvE Meta: DPS

When it comes to PvE, DPS is one of the most crucial factors. Rocket launchers excel in burst damage, making them ideal for burning down champions quickly or clearing boss damage phases. Consider the DPS chart for every weapon in Destiny 2 to understand the damage potential.

Rocket launchers are strong when it comes to actual DPS, making them top-tier choices for PvE encounters.

Now that you know everything about Rocket launchers in Destiny 2, you’re ready to conquer both PvP and PvE content. Happy hunting!

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