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The Ultimate Void Warlock Build for Destiny 2 Season of Defiance

Destiny 2’s Lightfall expansion brought significant changes to the game, particularly the mod system. As a result, players are scrambling to adapt to the new status quo and find the best builds. If you’re a Warlock who prefers running Void, you’re in luck! We have a highly effective build tailored for PVE scenarios.

Aspects and Fragments for the Perfect Void Warlock Build

The foundation of this build revolves around maintaining a constantly charged grenade, granting you access to Volatile Rounds at all times. To achieve this, we recommend utilizing two specific aspects: Chaos Accelerant and Feed the Void. These aspects not only charge your grenades but also grant the Devour buff, significantly enhancing your survivability. For fragments, we suggest equipping Echo of Expulsion, Echo of Remnants, and Echo of Reprisal. The combined effects of these fragments cause enemies to explode upon grenade kills, extend the duration of grenades, and provide super energy when surrounded by foes.

While running this build, it’s advisable to equip Vortex Grenades and consider utilizing a Healing Rift for additional support. As for your jump ability, the choice is yours.

Gear and Mods to Maximize Your Void Warlock Build

To amplify the potential of this Void Warlock build, we recommend using Contraverse Hold as your Exotic armor piece. This powerful gear refunds Void grenade energy upon a charged direct hit and provides a 20% damage resistance while charging. As for other armor pieces, strive to reach 100 Resistance as well as 100 Discipline to optimize your gameplay.

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When it comes to mods, incorporating two Ashes to Assets mods is ideal for gaining super energy through grenade kills, which you’ll be obtaining frequently. Harmonic Siphon and Firepower mods aid in generating Orbs of Power. Double Grenade Kickstart mods ensure even more grenade energy regeneration after each throw, assuming you have Armor Charge. Charged Up allows for a greater number of Armor Charge stacks, offering enhanced benefits. Moreover, double Innervation mods replenish grenade energy upon picking up Orbs of Power, while Distribution grants energy for all abilities when you deploy your rift near enemies.

When it comes to weapons, the legendary SMG Funnelweb remains one of the most formidable Void primary weapons in the game. However, please note that the effectiveness of the Veist Stinger has diminished. Other excellent options for Void weapons include Veles-X, which deals significant damage with Golden Tricorn and Volatile Rounds, and Doom of Chelchis, a versatile and powerful scout rifle. As for heavy weapons, last season’s Retrofit Escapade pairs exceptionally well with Golden Tricorn. If you decide to equip a Void primary, Witherhoard is a reliable choice for a kinetic Special weapon, although feel free to choose your personal preference.

Seasonal Artifact Perks for Enhanced Performance

Under the new Destiny 2 artifact system, unlocking a Seasonal Artifact perk automatically activates it. This means that eventually, you can have all the perks active. However, if you’re looking to prioritize, we recommend focusing on a few standout perks. Naturally, Authorized Mods: Void proves invaluable in reducing your mod costs. Additionally, Volatile Flow is an extremely potent perk, granting you nearly constant access to Volatile Rounds. In the fourth column, Bricks From Beyond provides a chance to generate Heavy ammo whenever you defeat a powerful combatant with a Void weapon. Lastly, Void Weapon Channeling boosts the damage of your Void weapons whenever you eliminate an enemy while having at least one ability charged.

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With this ultimate Void Warlock build, you’ll dominate the battlefield in Destiny 2 Season of Defiance. Take advantage of the revamped mod system, synergistic gear, and artifact perks to become an unstoppable force.

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