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How to Acquire the SUROS Regime & Its Catalyst in 2023

Destiny 2 Suros Regime

Nostalgia as a weapon of war. Style is a hallmark of victory.

The SUROS Regime, an Exotic Auto Rifle, is your key to vanquishing foes and restoring your vitality. With each round fired, this weapon becomes more potent, making it particularly lethal as its magazine empties. Capable of firing up to 600 rounds per minute, the SUROS Regime boasts a magazine that holds 36 rounds. Players have the ability to adjust the rate of fire by aiming down the sights, allowing for more damage output.

Acquiring the SUROS Regime

To obtain the SUROS Regime, you must acquire Exotic Engrams. These elusive treasures can be obtained by defeating enemies and completing missions. Alternatively, you may also obtain the SUROS Regime by opening Powerful Engrams, which are rewarded from completing weekly milestones.

SUROS Regime Perks

1) Hammer-forged Rifling (Barrel)

The SUROS Regime features a robust ranged barrel that increases its range.

2) Tactical Mag (Magazine)

The SUROS Regime’s magazine is enhanced with various tactical improvements, including increased stability, faster reload speed, and a slightly larger magazine size.

3) Spinning Up (Trait)

Holding down the trigger while firing the SUROS Regime causes the rate of fire to increase.

4) Dual Speed Receiver (Trait)

When aiming down sights, the SUROS Regime’s rate of fire slows down, resulting in increased damage.

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5) Hand-Laid Stock (Stock)

The SUROS Regime is designed to be particularly easy to grip, greatly increasing handling speed.

(Note: Only one trait can be active at a time)

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SUROS Regime Intrinsic Traits

SUROS Legacy

The bottom half of each magazine deals bonus damage and has a chance to restore health upon killing an enemy. Utilize this trait by carefully managing your magazine and saving the remaining half for the final blows against enemies. By doing so, you increase your chances of securing kills, especially with precision hits, while also healing yourself.

Acquiring the SUROS Regime Catalyst

The SUROS Regime can be further upgraded with its catalyst, unlocking the SUROS Ascendance perk. This perk enhances health regeneration upon killing enemies, providing you with enhanced survivability. The SUROS Regime catalyst can be obtained by defeating other Guardians in the Crucible.


With its ability to deal increased damage and offer health regeneration upon killing enemies with a half-empty magazine, the SUROS Regime allows for strategic precision hits. Once your magazine is halved, aim down the sights to decrease the rate of fire while maximizing damage output. This guarantees more kills and increased opportunities for healing. Master the technique of damaging enemies with the first half of your magazine and finishing them off with the bottom half for optimal results.

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