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Chasing the Dragon: A New Era of Skill-Based Gaming in Kansas

Introduction: Embracing Opportunities in Topeka Nightlife

In the pre-C era, Kansas seemed like an unlikely place for certain experiences, such as enjoying cocktails to go, relishing a silver screen adventure at SuperChief, or ending a night out with more money in your pocket. However, since March 2020, Topeka nightlife has surprised us with exceptional opportunities. One of these exciting developments is the introduction of Pace-O-Matic’s Dragon’s Ascent, a skill-based game that rewards players for their expertise. Operating within Kansas’ gambling laws, Dragon’s Ascent has taken the local bar scene by storm.

The Law of Dragon Land: Skill vs. Chance

Manufactured by Georgia-based Pace-O-Matic and distributed by 34th Street Games in Kansas City, Dragon’s Ascent has created a gaming revolution for Topeka locals, coin-op operators, and business owners across the state. This skill-based game with cash payouts, riding the line between vintage arcade mastery and traditional slot machines, has found its legal niche in Kansas and the Commonwealth. While citizens aged 21 and older can enjoy Dragon’s Ascent, the game’s classification as skill-based rather than chance-based determines its legality.

Unlike traditional gambling games, skill-based games require players to demonstrate mental progression before receiving payouts. Rick Goodling, compliance supervisor for Pace-O-Matic, explains, “If you have the patience and the skill, you can win on our machines many times. On the illegal games, the game already dictates whether you’re going to win or lose before you even press that button.” Since spring 2020, Dragon’s Ascent has captivated the hearts of Kansans, offering an exciting and fair gaming experience.

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Just Because It Looks Like a…: Understanding Legal Boundaries

Fred Waller, enforcement agent for KRGC, reminds us that appearances can be deceiving when it comes to slot machines. While Quarter Pushers and Cherry Master slot machines have attempted to skirt the law in the past, Kansas regulations remain strict. Possession and operation of these unauthorized devices are illegal, as they fulfill the necessary elements of illegal gambling under Kansas law, including “prize, chance, and consideration.” Exceptions to this rule include licensed bingo games, regulated tribal gaming, licensed parimutuel racing and wagering, and the state lottery.

A Winning Formula: The Power of Skill-Based Gaming

The essence of gambling lies in three ingredients: chance, consideration, and reward. For an activity to be considered gambling, it must encompass all three elements. Dragon’s Ascent, as a skill-based game, removes the element of chance, focusing on the players’ abilities rather than luck. Jay Shadwick, a Kansas attorney and former chair of KRGC, highlights Dragon’s Ascent as “a true game of skill” without any random number generators or compensating algorithms. By embracing skill-based gaming like Dragon’s Ascent, local bars have found a winning formula, supporting their businesses even during the challenging times of the ongoing pandemic.

Play It While You Can: Locations and How to Participate

Topeka offers various venues where you can experience Dragon’s Ascent. Two-person cabinets, known as DualPlay, can be found at Oscars, The Dugout, Skinny’s, and the eight-player cabinet, OctoPlay, will delight visitors to Viking’s Grill and Happy Basset Barrel House. Furthermore, more machines have been added to bars such as Victoria’s, The Dugout, and Gayle’s. Engage in the game by purchasing a reservoir of shots to capture dragons, and based on your shooting skills and various variables like color, shot power, and multipliers, you can win money. Dragon’s Ascent consists of seven fixed scenarios, allowing attentive players to learn and strategize. With fixed sequences and rewards, and the absence of chance in determining payouts, you have the opportunity to cash out at any time and receive the cash value of your credits from the establishment operator. Don’t forget to sanitize the controls when you’re done!

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In conclusion, Dragon’s Ascent has introduced a new era of skill-based gaming in Kansas, providing an exciting and fair alternative to traditional gambling experiences. With its legality firmly established and a growing number of locations offering the game, now is the perfect time to embrace the thrill and challenge of Dragon’s Ascent. So, if you’re looking for entertainment that could potentially result in both fun and financial rewards, give Dragon’s Ascent a try and see if you can conquer the dragon!

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