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The Optimal Team Composition for the Doctor


When it comes to building a team for the Doctor, the format of ‘2 scholars, 2 guards, and 1 Gourmet or Doctor’ is often recommended. However, this composition has proven to be problematic on many levels. In this article, we’ll explore why this formation falls short and provide alternative team compositions that yield better results.

The Problems with the Recommended Formation

The recommended team composition spreads the damage potential too thin. By having five different damage dealers, your offensive resources get diluted, resulting in mediocre damage output. Only top world spenders with an abundance of resources can make this work with extensive investment in attack, critical damage, agility gems, and crystals. But for the majority of players, this strategy is simply not feasible.

Moreover, the formation lacks utility at higher levels of play. While scholars and guards can excel as damage dealers individually, they do not provide the necessary support and control required in more competitive gameplay situations. As a result, the team becomes ineffective and struggles to perform effectively.

Another issue with this composition is that it renders certain heroes useless. As you spread your damage potential across multiple heroes, the effectiveness of each diminishes at higher levels. Consequently, you end up concentrating your resources on the best damage dealers, leaving the remaining heroes to contribute little to the team’s success.

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To illustrate the consequences of this formation, take a look at this actual photo of your damage dealers:

Damage Dealers

Recommended Team Compositions

Slow and Tanky Build: 1 guard, 1 scholar, 2 gourmets, 1 doctor

For a slow and tanky build, consider the following composition:


Running more than one guard is rarely recommended unless specific conditions apply. Guards require significant investment, both in terms of resources and expenses. To maximize their potential, prioritize attack, critical damage, and damage bonus gems. Reserve remaining slots for resistance and evasion. Good choices for this role include Lyu Bu, Zhan Zhao, and Sun Ce.

Gourmet 1:

To ensure sustained healing, especially when using a slower scholar, select one of the following gourmets: Diaochan, Wang Zhaojun, Liu Shan, or Zhuang Zhou. These heroes possess excellent healing capabilities, making them ideal for this role.

Gourmet 2:

To provide additional support beyond healing, and to protect your team while preparing for significant attacks, consider using Jia Baoyu, Ji Kang, or Pan An. Avoid using Wu Zetian or Linglong, as their agility increase may not offer as much utility to your team.


Including a doctor in your team composition is crucial for control purposes. A doctor provides much-needed control, ensuring the tide of battle remains in your favor. Consider heroes like Daji, Guiguzi, Mi Yue, Princess Taiping, or Lotus Fairy for this role.


The scholar slot serves as a wildcard. If you desire a tankier team, add another gourmet. Alternatively, if you prefer more control in battle, consider running an additional doctor.

Fast Damage Build: 1 guard, 1 scholar, 1 gourmet, 2 doctors

For a fast damage build, try the following composition:

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Similar to the previous composition, running more than one guard is discouraged, unless specific conditions warrant it. Prioritize attack, critical damage, and damage bonus gems on your guard. For additional slots, focus on resistance and evasion. Opt for Lyu Bu, Zhan Zhao, or Sun Ce for this role.

Doctor 1:

In fast teams, control becomes paramount. A fast and accurate doctor, such as Daji, Guiguzi, Mi Yue, or Lotus Fairy, is indispensable for controlling potential counter-attacks.

Doctor 2:

If your accuracy allows it, consider running a second control doctor, preferably one that can be slower. Linglong (Doctor Gourmet), Mi Yue, Daji, or Princess Taiping are excellent options. If that is not feasible, support heroes like Ying Zheng or Li Shizhen can fill the role effectively.


Regardless of how fast and powerful your damage dealers are, having a healer is essential. Zhuang Zhou is the top choice for healing, followed by Diaochan as the second-best option. If you opt for a gourmet without direct healing abilities, like Wu Zetian or Princess Linglong, ensure you have other means of healing, such as treasure skills like Selfless Spirit and pets like Phoenie or Chinchilla.


Similar to the previous composition, the scholar slot remains flexible. If you desire a tankier team, add another gourmet. If you prefer more control in battle, include an additional doctor.


When constructing a team for the Doctor, it is crucial to avoid the recommended formation of ‘2 scholars, 2 guards, and 1 Gourmet or Doctor.’ This composition spreads your damage potential too thin, limits utility, and renders some heroes ineffective. Instead, opt for the suggested team compositions, either focusing on a slow and tanky build or a fast damage build. By carefully choosing the right heroes for each role, you can create a formidable team that excels in combat.

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Remember, the key to success lies in adapting and refining your team composition based on your playstyle and the specific challenges you face.

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