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RAID Champions: Your Path to Victory

RAID: Shadow Legends, the renowned collectible squad-based battle MMORPG, presents an exciting challenge – collecting over 700 powerful Champions. Your champions will be the key to conquering this immersive world, and their fate is intertwined with yours.

Experience the Power of Champions

In RAID: Shadow Legends, the importance of your Champions cannot be overstated. They are the backbone of your journey, and you rely on them just as much as they rely on you. To fully understand their role, it’s crucial to dive into the mechanics of acquiring and utilizing Champions.

How to Obtain Champions

The path to acquiring Champions in RAID: Shadow Legends is diverse and exciting. By tapping on the Index button on the Bastion screen, you’ll discover the various Factions within the game and the vast array of Champions available to collect.

Shards, special crystals found throughout the game, provide one path to summon Champions. Different types of Shards have varying probabilities and can yield Champions of different rarities. Mystery Shards offer a mix of common, uncommon, and rare Champions, while Ancient Shards and Void Shards provide higher chances of obtaining rare, epic, and even legendary Champions. Sacred Shards, the golden pinnacle, possess the incredible potential to summon epic and legendary Champions.

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The Mercy System: Never Lose Hope

Should your Shard openings fail to yield a Champion of a specific rarity, RAID: Shadow Legends introduces the Mercy System. With each consecutive Shard you open, the odds of summoning a Champion of that rarity increase. This system ensures that you will eventually summon a legendary Champion from an Ancient Shard – a glimmer of hope that keeps you going.

Diverse Sources of Champions

Shards are not the only means of obtaining Champions. RAID: Shadow Legends rewards your victories in various game modes with specific types of Shards. Campaign mode awards Mystery Shards, Dungeons offer Mystery and Ancient Shards, and PVP Chests, Demon Lord Chests, and Quests provide a chance to acquire Ancient, Void, and Sacred Shards. Additionally, Shards can be obtained through Progress Missions, Challenge rewards, daily login rewards, and in-game events. The game also offers limited-time special offers and bundles in the Shop.

The Campaign: A Treasure Trove

Playing through the Campaign missions presents another exciting opportunity to collect Champions. As you battle your way through each stage, keep an eye out for the chance to earn multiple Champions as miscellaneous loot drops. The beauty of Champion loot drops lies in their limitless availability, allowing you to attempt to obtain them as many times as you desire, as long as you have the energy to spare.

Unlocking Champions: Quests and Fusion

RAID: Shadow Legends offers additional avenues to acquire rare Champions. Completing specific quests or achievements can unlock some of the most coveted Champions in the game. These quests often pose great challenges but offer rewarding prizes for your dedication and perseverance.

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Fusion, a unique mechanic, allows you to summon powerful Champions by combining others. Champion Fragments also offer a chance to summon specific Champions, but collecting all the fragments within a limited time is essential. The portal within the Bastion provides detailed information on which Champions are available for Fusion and Fragment Summons.

Starter Champions: Choose Your Champion

At the beginning of your RAID: Shadow Legends journey, you’ll face a tutorial battle, where all four of your Champions will fall. However, you’ll have the opportunity to revive one of them to kickstart your army. The choice is yours – Athel, a Sacred Order Attack Champion with weakening attacks; Galek, an Orc Attack Champion with impressive speed and a defensive debuff; Kael, a Dark Elf Attack Champion specializing in poisons and AOE abilities; or Elhain, a High Elf Attack Champion with exceptional AOE attacks and a critical hit focus.

Understanding Champion Rarity

The strength and abilities of your Champions are influenced by their rarity. RAID: Shadow Legends classifies Champions into five levels of rarity:

  • Common (Grey): Early-game fodder best used to strengthen higher-rarity Champions.
  • Uncommon (Green): Backbone of your early army, providing more utility than Commons.
  • Rare (Blue): Peak performers in the early stages, worth investing in for the long term.
  • Epic (Purple): Impressive base stats and stellar combat abilities.
  • Legendary (Gold): The most prestigious Champions of Teleria, with game-changing abilities and unmatched base stats.

While Legendaries are not always superior to less-rare Champions, acquiring a gold-framed Champion is a sign that you possess one of the most valuable assets in the game.

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The Power of Champion Types

In RAID: Shadow Legends, Champion Types play a vital role in team composition. Champions are categorized into four types: Attack, Defense, HP (Health Point), and Support. Maintaining a balanced mix of Champion Types enhances your chances of success in challenging situations.

Attack Champions excel at dealing damage, while Defense Champions are hard to kill and provide defensive protection for your squad. HP Champions soak up damage and often possess valuable secondary skills. Support Champions offer healing, buffs, and debuffs to enhance your team’s capabilities.

Affinity: A Rock-Paper-Scissors System

Each Champion in RAID: Shadow Legends possesses an Affinity, which adds another layer of strategy to battles. There are four Affinities: Magic (blue), Spirit (green), Force (red), and Void (purple). The first three Affinities follow a rock-paper-scissors relationship, with each having an advantage over one and a weakness to another. Void has no direct advantage or counter.

Matching your Champion’s Affinity with that of your opponent allows for more devastating strikes, while a mismatch increases vulnerability. To ensure victory, assemble an army with options for all four Affinities, enabling you to adapt to any situation.

Harness the Power of Champions

Now that you’re fully equipped with knowledge of the depth and breadth of the RAID: Shadow Legends Champions, it’s time to embark on your journey and collect an impressive army of unique Champions. Brace yourself for epic battles, legendary victories, and an unforgettable adventure!

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