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New Pacific Epitaph: The Ultimate Guide to God Rolls and Best Perks in Destiny 2

Exploring the Depths: New Dungeon and New Loot

A brand-new dungeon has emerged in Destiny 2, beckoning Guardians to uncover its secrets and claim its treasures. One of the most captivating weapons found within this dungeon is the New Pacific Epitaph grenade launcher. As a Stasis Wave Frame grenade launcher, its unique placement in the kinetic slot opens up a world of possibilities, allowing for a combination with a Primary weapon in the energy slot that was previously unattainable. Although its perks may seem unconventional and initially weaker, this extraordinary weapon is a must-have addition to any Guardian’s arsenal.

Unraveling the God Roll Mysteries

Choosing the right perks for the New Pacific Epitaph can be a daunting task, especially without the familiar selections like Ambitious Assassin, Rampage, Chain Reaction, or Envious Assassin. Fear not, as we have you covered with a selection of recommended Destiny perks and our own god roll suggestions to set you on the right path.

PvE God Roll: For the Daring Guardian

The PvE god roll for New Pacific Epitaph in Destiny 2 showcasing the perks Lead From Gold and Redirection.
Finding the ideal PvE god roll for the New Pacific Epitaph is no easy feat. Without the traditional combinations that guarantee universal effectiveness, each effective perk combination carves out a unique niche. Your preferred playstyle and focus will determine the perks you should pursue.

In the fourth column, consider the formidable Redirection as the most powerful perk. With the New Pacific Epitaph’s substantial damage waves, this perk grants additional damage ranging from 20 percent to 100 percent against major and boss enemies. Wave Frames traditionally struggle against targets with higher health pools, making Redirection the perfect solution to slice through these challenging opponents effortlessly.

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Alternatively, you can opt for Kill Clip or Adrenaline Junkie, classic damage-enhancing perks in the same column. These choices provide a more consistent damage boost, applicable against the smaller enemies that dominate PvE encounters.

The third column presents equally tough decisions. Lead From Gold aids in managing your ammo economy, crucial for Wave Frame grenade launchers that devour your Special ammo reserves. Unrelenting offers a valuable survivability option, bestowing easy health regeneration during tough encounters such as dungeons and raids. Demolitionist, on the other hand, caters to an ability-oriented approach, synergizing perfectly with Adrenaline Junkie if you opt for that combination. All three perks are equally effective, so choose the one that aligns with your intended playstyle.

PvP God Roll: A Deadly Strategy Unleashed

The PvP god roll for New Pacific Epitaph in Destiny 2 featuring the perks Perpetual Motion and Harmony.
Wave Frame grenade launchers fulfill a niche yet notorious role in the Crucible. While securing kills with them is challenging, utilizing chip damage that can be finished off swiftly with a switch to a Primary weapon proves to be a deadly strategy. The extensive reach of the launcher’s wave makes hitting targets a breeze, leaving only a sliver of health to be dealt with.

In PvP, your focus isn’t solely on securing kills with the New Pacific Epitaph. Therefore, the perks you choose from its pool should not revolve around that purpose. Opt for Quick Launch to enhance the weapon’s handling, and consider perks like Perpetual Motion and Shot Swap to further bolster its agility. Perpetual Motion, the more reliable option, ensures smoother handling, while Shot Swap holds potential for rapid and seamless weapon swapping if utilized effectively.

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The fourth column presents an even greater challenge as most perks are designed to enhance the launcher’s damage after killing with the weapon. Among these, Harmony stands out as a top choice. This perk exclusively amplifies the launcher’s damage following kills with other weapons, granting a 20 percent damage boost for your next Wave Frame shot when faced with the next enemy Guardian.

Pugilist, Collective Action, and Adrenaline Junkie are also alternative options, each carrying their own unique aspects. Pugilist activates only on kills, which may prove to be unreliable with this weapon. Collective Action has potential as an alternative 20 percent damage buff, but its effectiveness relies on consistently generating elemental pickups (such as with a Stasis Titan build). Adrenaline Junkie, similarly, holds promise but requires a grenade ability build that packs a punch to fully capitalize on its potential in PvP.

With these expert insights and suggestions, you’re equipped to embark on a journey to secure the perfect rolls for your New Pacific Epitaph. Whether you’re venturing into PvE dungeons or dominating the Crucible, this formidable grenade launcher will ensure your enemies meet their fate with unstoppable waves of power.

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