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Destiny 2: Qullim’s Terminus Perfect Rolls for PvE and PvP

These two god rolls for the Destiny 2 Qullim’s Terminus are absolutely amazing. This weapon, along with many other King’s Fall armaments, excels both in PvE and PvP, despite machine guns not being META in the former during Destiny 2’s Season 18.

When you finally lay your hands on one of these god rolls, get ready for an incredible experience. Not only is this weapon incredibly powerful, but it’s also a blast to use. You’ll understand what I mean once you manage to acquire one for yourself.

Qullim’s Terminus Perfect Rolls

Qullim’s Terminus PvE Perfect Roll

Destiny 2 Qullim's Terminus god roll PvE.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith

There are four potential perfect rolls for PvE that I believe are worth considering. While three of the four perks remain the same across these rolls, it’s the last column that brings excitement. I have chosen a perfect roll that performs well across all activities and builds, but don’t hesitate to experiment and switch things up here.

Let’s start with Arrowhead Break and Tactical Mag. Arrowhead Break is always the top barrel perk for 90% of the weapon archetypes in the game. It provides a significant recoil buff and enhances handling.

Tactical Mag adds five extra bullets to the magazine, as well as increased stability and reload speed. If you prefer, you can opt for Appended Mag to gain a couple more bullets, but it won’t make a significant difference overall.

The third column offers a few decent options, although none are particularly top-tier. I recommend Unrelenting because it’s easy to fulfill its three-kill requirement in PvE. Qullim’s Terminus is a machine gun capable of mowing down enemies effortlessly. The healing effect from Unrelenting should consistently activate whenever you use the weapon.

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Now, the fourth column is where things get interesting. There are several top-tier perks to consider for a perfect roll. Killing Tally and Firing Line are both incredible damage buffing perks. If you primarily use Stasis, then Headstone should be your perk of choice. However, for all other subclasses, I highly recommend Firefly.

Sure, obtaining the damage buff from Killing Tally or Firing Line would be nice, but Firefly is too good to pass up on machine guns, and it synergizes well with Unrelenting. With this roll, you’ll be blowing everything up and gaining health in the process.

The only area where this roll falls short is boss DPS. You could consider running Firing Line to address this, but it renders Qullim’s Terminus useless unless you have a three-man or larger Fireteam. Besides, if you’re relying on a machine gun for DPS, then something has gone terribly wrong elsewhere.

Qullim’s Terminus PvP Perfect Roll

Destiny 2 Qullim's Terminus god roll PvP.
Screenshot via D2Gunsmith

Often, there isn’t much difference between a PvE and PvP perfect roll. Both prioritize ammo economy and damage perks, resulting in a significant overlap. However, with this Qullim’s Terminus PvP perfect roll, there’s a notable distinction.

The only perk shared with the PvE perfect roll is Arrowhead Break. Everything else is brand new, which speaks volumes about the strength of this weapon’s perk selection.

Let’s start with swapping Tactical Mag for the aforementioned Appended Mag. With this perfect roll, we run Killing Tally, and that buff remains active until we reload or switch weapons. Therefore, it’s logical to maximize the magazine size with Appended Mag.

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Dynamic Sway Reduction is a perk I rarely recommend in PvE. However, in PvP, it can be quite powerful on the right weapons, and Qullim’s Terminus is one of those weapons.

This perk transforms the machine gun into a figurative laser, making headshots much easier to land in the Crucible.

This accuracy is particularly crucial because we’re utilizing Killing Tally. Killing Tally is a damage buff perk that outperforms most others. It grants a 10% damage buff per kill, up to 30%, until we reload or switch weapons. Qullim’s Terminus can eliminate opponents in just a few shots in PvP, and this perfect roll has a magazine capacity of 52 bullets. So, if you have enough ammo, you could end up dealing 30% more damage with the machine gun for over 30 bullets.

It might take some time to get going, but once it does, you’ll be melting everything in sight.

There are other good Qullim’s Terminus PvP perfect rolls worth experimenting with, but this would be my go-to choice.

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