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Discovering the Mechanics of TFT Set 9/9.5 Region Portals

Riot Games has introduced a captivating new addition to Teamfight Tactics in Set Nine Runeterra Reforged. They have unlocked the potential of Portals, granting access to regions teeming with treasures, items, ability enhancements, and much more.

In this latest TFT Set, there are a total of 11 Runeterra regions to explore, each offering two to four regional Augments. These regions provide various advantages throughout the early stages of the game, some even extending their benefits into the mid-game. However, the spotlight firmly belongs to the remarkable “Region Portals,” which serve as the centerpiece mechanic of TFT Set Nine. These portals appear alongside Evergreen and Legend Augments, giving players a wealth of options and strategic possibilities.

Unveiling the Mystery of TFT Set Nine Region Portals and Portal Augments

At the beginning of each TFT match, players have the opportunity to choose one of three enticing Portals provided on the Carousel. This replaces the traditional Carousel seen in previous sets. The selection includes three out of the 11 possible Region Portals, each accompanied by a corresponding regional Portal Augment.

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It is important to note that the game treats all player votes equally. Simply direct your Little Legend or Chibi Champion into one of the three Region Portals. However, there is a twist: the game randomly chooses a Portal as long as that region has received at least one vote from the eight participating players. Hovering over each of the offered Region Portals will provide a brief description, enabling you to make an informed decision.

Once a Region Portal is chosen, the Augment holder on the Arena battlefield proudly displays the selected Portal. Players can then further scrutinize the chosen Portal to gain a comprehensive understanding of its unique attributes.

In Patch 13.15, several changes were implemented to the TFT Set Nine Region Portals. These changes included a renaming of The Lavender Sea Portal, accompanied by a new effect, as well as a rework of Shifting Sands.

Let’s now delve into the 11 extraordinary Region Portals and the 30 regional Portal Augments available to players in TFT Set Nine.

Bandle City

Scuttle Puddle:

Every PvE round is transformed into an encounter with scuttle crabs that reward additional loot.

Yuumi’s Zoom Zone:

Player combat rounds are shortened to 20 seconds, hastening the resolution before overtime begins.

Bandle Cafeteria:

Starting from 2-1, players gain a Spatula. During shopping intervals, units equipped with a Spatula, emblem, or Tactician’s Crown treat their closest ally to a delightful Poro Snax, bolstering their health by a permanent 20 points. Units feed one Snax per equipped item they possess. Each Snax consumed during Hyper Roll confers 40 HP.

Yordle Pordles:

On the first and fifth rounds of each Stage, players receive a high-tier unit free of charge. The unit’s tier increases as the game progresses.

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House Lightshield:

Upon reaching 2-1, players obtain a formidable Crown of Demacia. However, if the wearer perishes, defeat is imminent.

Ehrenmount (formerly Petricite Forest):

All units grow by 15% and gain an additional 150 health.



At 4-5, players acquire a valuable Masterwork Upgrade consumable that allows the transformation of one equipped item into its radiant version.

Ornn’s Forge:

Between 2-5 and 3-5, players receive an Ornn Anvil, adding a stroke of luck to their arsenal.


The Dreaming Pool:

At the beginning of each stage, players are granted a champion that seamlessly slots into their team.

God-Willow’s Grove:

One bench slot is designated as the grove. The unit placed there enhances the team’s traits as if it were on the front lines. Moreover, the unit in the Grove cannot be sold during combat.

Placidium Library:

On 3-5, players obtain an invaluable consumable. Placing this item on a unit opens an Armory that houses an Emblem representing each of the unit’s traits.



With each Augment acquired, a random arena Hex materializes. Units occupying these Hexes receive an item they can utilize.

Immortal Bastion:

On 2-1, players gain a deployable battle flag. Adjacent units starting combat near this flag gain a 20% attack speed boost and a shield that protects 20% of their maximum health.


Jayce’s Workshop:

All Augments offered throughout the game are of the Prismatic variety.

The University:

The first Augment round features a Prismatic Augment.

Stilwater Hold:

No Augments are offered during this game.

Shadow Isles

Thresh’s Sanctum:

Whenever a champion falls in battle, collect their soul. Once you possess 40 souls, rewards await you.

Yorick’s Graveyard:

Whenever a player is eliminated, all participants gain access to an Armory that holds four completed items from the fallen player.

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Thresh’s Sanctum early-game loot table

This table shows the percentage chances of obtaining specific loot upon reaching 40 souls before Stage Four.

Thresh’s Sanctum late-game loot table

This table illustrates the percentage chances of obtaining specific loot in the late stages of the game.


Warlord’s Palace:

The 4-7 NPC round is substituted with a treasure-filled Armory that can be infinitely rerolled for two gold per reroll. Brace yourself for the possibility of Chaos and Order Armories.

Shifting Sands:

Every player enjoys the effects of Pandora’s Bench, transforming three bench slots into champions of the same cost each turn. However, Patch 13.15 disabled the Pandora’s Bench Augment to prevent stacking.

Shurima Bazaar:

Component carousels now feature two components per carousel, except for units with a Spatula.


The Summit:

From Stage Two onwards, players receive a Lesser Champion Duplicator at the start of each stage. On Stage Five and beyond, a Champion Duplicator is bestowed upon them.

Targon Prime:

When your HP reaches 40, the Targonian Gods bestow their blessing upon you.

Marus Omegnum:

On 2-5 and 4-5, players obtain a Tactician’s Crown.


The Hall of Nine:

At the beginning of each stage, all players receive loot from a diverse loot pool.

The Rupture:

Experience the thrill of traveling to a random location not currently visible.


The Sump:

Interest is nonexistent in this game. However, starting from 2-1, players receive three gold every round.

Glasc Industries:

Every time a completed item is built, players earn three gold.

Ecliptic Vaults:

For each augment chosen, players acquire four gold per Augment they possess.

Update May 31, 12:45pm CT: Additional information has been provided via Mortdog’s TFT Set Nine PBE Rundown.

Update June 6, 4pm CT: The TFT Set Nine Augments have been updated following the June 6 PBE Patch.

Update June 13, 1pm CT: Odds tables have been added for Thresh’s Sanctum, courtesy of Riot Mortdog, for the Patch 13.12 TFT Set Nine launch.

Update June 27, 3:50pm CT: TFT Set Nine Region Portals have been updated with their corresponding stats and abilities following Patch 13.13.

Update Aug. 2, 10:15am CT: All changes from Patch 13.15 have been incorporated into TFT Set Nine Region Portals.

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