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A Comprehensive Guide to Umbral Shards in New World


Are you ready to take your gear and expertise to the next level in New World? Look no further than Umbral Shards. In this guide, we will provide you with all the information you need to earn Umbral Shards and use them effectively to upgrade yourself. Whether you’re aiming to reach the maximum gear score or unlock the final perk on your items, we’ve got you covered.

What are Umbral Shards in New World?

Umbral Shards are a valuable resource that allows you to take your gear from a minimum Gear Score of 590 all the way up to a maximum of 625. In addition to increasing the Gear Score, Umbral Shards also enable you to boost the expertise of a specific gear slot from 600 to 625. However, it’s important to note that you must have an Expertise level of 600 for that particular gear slot to utilize Umbral Shards, even on a 590 Gear Score item.

Upgrading from 590 to Legendary

If you’re looking to unlock the final perk and make a named item legendary, such as Infamy, Doom’s Chance Earring, or Will of the Ancients, you can achieve this by increasing its Gear Score from 590 and above using Umbral Shards. However, it’s worth noting that increasing the Gear Score of other items, such as crafted or randomly dropped items, from 590 to 600 via Umbral Shards will not make them legendary or grant any additional perks. Instead, it will enhance the power scaling of the item up to a maximum of 625.

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There are a few exceptions to this rule, though. The following items can be upgraded to receive a random third perk:

  • Outpost Rush Gear (including arena gear)
  • War Cache Gear
  • Corrupted Breach Gear
  • Invasion Gear

How to Obtain Umbral Shards in New World

There are several ways to acquire Umbral Shards in New World:

  1. Completing Mutated Expeditions: The higher the difficulty level and Score Rank achieved, the more shards you will earn. Completing Mutated Expeditions at a high level is the most efficient way to obtain Umbral Shards.

  2. Crafting Gear Score 600 Items: By crafting an item with a Gear Score of 600 and having an expertise of 600 or higher for that specific item slot, you will be rewarded with Umbral Shards.

  3. Opening Gypsum Casts: If your expertise for a particular item slot is 600 or above, opening a Gypsum Cast will provide you with Umbral Shards.

  4. Completing an Outpost Rush Match: Ensure you achieve a minimum score of 501 to receive the rewards, including Umbral Shards.

  5. Slaying Rafflebones: Defeating Rafflebones in Shattered Mountains or Reekwater will award you with 500 Umbral Shards.

  6. Arena Completion: Completing an Arena will also grant you Umbral Shards.

  7. Completing the Tempest Heart Repeatable Quest: Rise of Captain Isabella or the Tempest’s Soul will reward you with Umbral Shards.

  8. PvP Reward Track: You can purchase Umbral Shards from the PvP reward track using Salt.

  9. Perfect Salvage: Umbral Shards can be obtained from a perfect salvage.

  10. Various Late Game Quests: Completing quests in late game zones can also reward you with Umbral Shards.

  11. Elite Chests: There is a chance to loot Umbral Shards from elite chests.

  12. Completing the Elite Trial of Shah Neshen: Completing this elite trial will also grant you Umbral Shards.

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How to Use Umbral Shards in New World

To use an Umbral Shard, you must have a piece of equipment with a Gear Score of 590 or above, and your expertise for that item slot must be at 600 or above. If these requirements are met, and you have the required number of Umbral Shards, you can right-click on the item you wish to upgrade and select the “Upgrade” option.

Once the upgrade is complete, the Gear Score of your item will increase, and the Expertise for that particular item slot will also be upgraded. For example, upgrading a legendary hatchet from Gear Score 600 to Gear Score 602 using Umbral Shards will make the hatchet more powerful and raise its Gear Score to 602. Along with the upgrade, the Expertise for that slot will also be 602.

It’s important to note that your Expertise level remains at 602, even if you unequip the 602 hatchet and equip a Gear Score 600 hatchet. However, it’s crucial to understand that only the hatchet you upgraded to 602 will have that power level – it does not automatically upgrade a Gear Score 600 item to 602. Additionally, upgrading an item with an Umbral Shard binds it to the player, preventing it from being sold.

Number of Umbral Shards Needed Per Gear Score Upgrade

Each Gear Score/Expertise level upgrade from 590 to 600 requires an increasing amount of Umbral Shards. The exact number of shards needed for each upgrade can be found in the following table:

Gear ScoreUmbral Shards NeededTotal
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Number of Umbral Shards Rewarded for Dungeon Mutations

Dungeon mutations are categorized into different levels, ranging from the easiest (Level 1) to the hardest (Level 10). Within each level of mutation, your performance in the dungeon determines whether you are rewarded with Bronze, Silver, or Gold rewards. The table below illustrates the number of shards you will receive based on the difficulty level of the mutation and your group’s performance:

Mutations LevelBronzeSilverGold

Number of Umbral Shards Rewarded for Gypsum Casts

Once you have reached an expertise level of 600, Gypsum Casts will no longer increase your expertise. However, they will reward you with Umbral Shards based on the expertise level of the item you open. Refer to the table below to see how many Umbral Shards you will be rewarded per cast, based on your expertise score for that particular item:

Expertise LevelUmbral Shards Rewarded

Number of Umbral Shards Rewarded from 600 Gear Score Crafting

Crafting a gear score 600 item will grant you an expertise bump for that specific item slot, up to 600 Expertise. Once you reach 600 expertise for a particular item slot, you will start receiving Umbral Shards each time you craft a gear score 600 item. The number of Shards rewarded is based on the expertise level of that slot. The table below outlines the number of Umbral Shards you will be rewarded for crafting a gear score 600 item, based on the expertise level of that slot:

Expertise LevelUmbral Shards Rewarded


That wraps up our comprehensive guide to Umbral Shards in New World. We hope this information helps you on your journey to upgrading your gear and expertise. If you have any further questions about Expertise and how it works, be sure to check out our New World Expertise Guide. Happy hunting!

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