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King of Avalon Beginner’s Guide: Tips and Strategies for Dominating Your Enemies

There was a time when chaos ravaged the English Isles. Brave knights rode gallantly on their noble steeds, their lances at the ready. Many sought power and glory, but only one man, Arthur, the mighty King of the Britons, claimed both by pulling out the legendary sword from the stone, Excalibur. However, tragedy struck as Arthur was slain.

Now, the land is once again plunged into chaos. As a wandering noble, accompanied by remnants of Arthur’s finest warriors, it is up to you to unite the land under a banner of peace. But to achieve peace, the war must first come to an end.

Enter King of Avalon, a medieval strategy game developed by Century Games, known for their titles such as Guns of Glory, Lumia Saga, and Devil Hunter: Eternal War. While King of Avalon has been around since 2016, it continues to receive updates and offers a unique take on the strategy genre.

In King of Avalon, you won’t be watching battles unfold in real-time. Instead, you’ll be engaged in resource and time management, strategic planning, troop composition, and city defense. If you’ve just arrived in Avalon and want to reclaim Excalibur for the righteous, look no further. We present to you our comprehensive King of Avalon beginner’s guide below!

1. Spend Your Gold Wisely

As you begin your journey, you’ll receive a generous amount of gold. However, it’s crucial to carefully consider your expenditures. While it may be tempting to spend gold on premium materials and summoning horns, it’s wiser to invest in the 4-Day Extra Worker when it becomes available. This will significantly enhance your progress by allowing you to upgrade or build multiple structures simultaneously. The 4-Day Extra Worker costs 500 gold but is well worth the investment, especially if you play the game regularly. If you find value in having an extra worker, consider supporting the developers by permanently unlocking it through real money. Patience is key in this game, as you’ll soon discover.

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2. Improve Your Stronghold With Diligence

The stronghold is the foundation of your kingdom. It’s essential to prioritize leveling it up whenever you have sufficient materials. A higher level stronghold unlocks more facilities and features, enabling your kingdom to prosper. During the early stages of the game, focus on upgrading your buildings in preparation for the stronghold upgrade. This approach saves time and prevents oversight.

3. Perform Research to Strengthen Your City

Research plays a vital role in the development of your city. Neglecting research leaves your city vulnerable to enemy attacks and compromises resource production. Make use of research to improve resource production, enhance soldier stats, fortify city defenses, expedite upgrades and construction, and much more. Proper time management is crucial since research can only be conducted one aspect at a time.

4. Utilize the Summoning Circle Strategically

The Summoning Circle in King of Avalon introduces a gacha element to the game. Summon heroes to command your armies and gain substantial advantages in battles. Each hero possesses unique stats and skills, bolstering your forces significantly. You can acquire summoning horns by completing quests and defeating monsters. Use summoning horns whenever possible to gain new heroes, Hero Shards, Hero EXP, and Hero skill scrolls. These items are essential for further enhancing the strength of your existing heroes and increasing their levels, star ratings, and skills.

5. Keep Your Heroes and Dragon Leveled Up

To ensure your heroes remain at their best, prioritize obtaining Hero EXP, Hero Shards, and Hero Skill Scrolls. Hero EXP increases their stats and other attributes, while Hero Shards and Hero Skill Scrolls further enhance their strength in battle. These items can be obtained by summoning heroes, completing quests, participating in events, and battling monsters. Additionally, pay attention to your dragon’s development, as it also plays a crucial role on the battlefield. Increase your dragon’s level, star rating, and skills to boost your overall army’s performance. Both heroes and dragons require specific materials for growth, so keep an eye out for these resources.

6. Balance Your Troop Composition

In battle, the composition of your troops matters greatly. Consider the strengths and weaknesses of each unit to create a balanced and effective army. Train footsoldiers, spearmen, warriors, archers, crossbowmen, cavalry, and siege machines strategically. Each unit serves a unique purpose and excels in different scenarios. Experiment with troop combinations to find the most effective strategies. Remember that small adjustments can lead to significant differences in battle outcomes.

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7. Spread Your Talent Points Across Different Trees

As your lord levels up, you’ll earn talent points that can be allocated to three talent trees: War, Economy, and Balance. Rather than focusing solely on one tree, distribute your talent points across all three. This allows you to improve your military capabilities, resource gathering efficiency, construction speed, and overall efficiency. However, focusing on a single talent tree can grant you early access to a special skill. Be strategic in your talent distribution and utilize the unique skills gained from each tree.

8. Explore the Field for Resources and Opportunities

Venture to the open field, where you can explore, gather resources, encounter monsters, and encounter other players. Keep an eye out for rival players’ marching troops, categorized by white and red lines. White lines denote non-hostile forces, while red lines indicate enemy troops heading towards your city. Prepare your defenses if an enemy attack is imminent. Baiting rival players into attacking your forces can be advantageous but be prepared for a challenging battle. Frequent visits to the field allow you to train more troops, fortify your defenses, and accumulate resources.

9. Amass and Manage Resources Wisely

Resources are vital in King of Avalon, and acquiring and managing them effectively is crucial for your kingdom’s growth. In addition to gathering resources from your city’s production facilities, send your troops to fight monsters, occupy farms and mines, and complete daily quests to obtain additional resources. Utilize your resources wisely, especially during upgrades and constructions. If you find yourself lacking resources, the Wishing Well feature allows you to obtain wood, food, and iron using Wishing Gems. You receive five gems daily, and you can also use gold to make wishes for more resources. Additionally, consider attacking other players to acquire resources, but be prepared for potential repercussions.

10. Regularly Heal Your Wounded Troops

In every battle, there are winners and losers. Ensure that your troops are in optimal condition by healing them regularly. Neglecting to heal injured soldiers can lead to dire consequences. Make use of your hospital to tend to wounded troops promptly. Increasing the hospital’s capacity through upgrades is advisable to accommodate larger numbers of injured soldiers. Healing your troops consistently saves time and resources, preventing your kingdom from being defenseless during enemy attacks.

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11. Embark on the Path of Legend and Visit the Witch’s Cauldron

The Path of Legend is a challenging mode in King of Avalon where you can play through the game’s story and earn Traveller’s Insignias. These insignias can be spent in the Legend Shop, which offers valuable rewards. Every victory presents choices through Destiny Cards that can influence the story’s outcome. Carefully consider your decisions and ensure your overall troop power is adequate to conquer the challenges. Completing chapters in the Path of Legend grants rare materials such as Dragon Orbs and Hero EXP. Additionally, as you progress, you’ll gain access to Hellawes’ lair, the Witch’s Cauldron, where you can obtain armor pieces to enhance your lord’s performance on the battlefield.

12. Unleash the Power of Inventory Items

As you complete quests and achieve milestones, your inventory will accumulate various items. Regularly check your inventory to identify usable items, such as temporary boosts, resource packs, and treasure chests that require keys for synthesis. Speed-up items are particularly valuable, allowing you to reduce construction, upgrade, and training time. Use these items strategically when the need arises, such as defending against imminent enemy attacks.

13. Achieve Your Goals Through Accomplishments

King of Avalon features achievements that offer substantial rewards, including gold and city improvements. Access your achievements through the medal-shaped icon on your lord’s page. As you work on completing achievements, not only will your gold reserves increase, but your city will also flourish. Embrace the challenge and reap the rewards!

14. Join Forces with an Alliance

Joining an alliance brings numerous benefits for every player. Alliance research confers buffs to all alliance members, ranging from marching speed improvements to soldier enhancements. Collaborate with fellow members to expedite training, construction, and upgrades. The alliance’s gift locker allows the exchange of gifts among members, and points earned for assisting others can be used in the specialized alliance shop. This shop offers valuable resources and items that increase with the alliance’s level. Active participation and cooperation within the alliance are key to maximizing these benefits.

15. Establish Strong Base Defenses

Once your peace shield is removed, your kingdom becomes vulnerable to scouting and attacks. Prioritize fortifying your city’s walls, appointing heroes as guardians, and setting traps for your enemies. Different traps are effective against specific unit types, so choose wisely. With these defenses in place, you can log out with peace of mind, knowing your castle is prepared to withstand enemy assaults.

In the end, only the mightiest of lords can unite the fractured lands of Avalon. If you believe you have what it takes, venture forth, raise your standard high, and bring an end to the war once and for all!

And that concludes our comprehensive beginner’s guide for King of Avalon. Have we missed any tips or made any mistakes? Feel free to share your thoughts and suggestions in the comment section below!

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