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Discovering the Wonders of Runeterra with The Poro King!

Bow down, for the long-awaited ruler has arrived!

Prepare to be enchanted by the newest addition to the Runeterran realm, the magnificent champion known as The Poro King!

By including The Poro King in our deck, we unlock the ability to add any non-champion card with the word “poro” in its text. This means we can bring along cards like Poro Snax on our thrilling adventure across Runeterra, ensuring that our deck is not filled with pouty poros!

Speaking of snacks, The Poro King (level 2) is the powerhouse that propels our deck to new heights. The Special Snax he conjures provide a +1/+1 boost to all our poros, just like a regular Poro Snax. But these Snax come at a 1-mana discount and offer an additional effect!

These delectable treats are here to stay, as the King is more than willing to stock the pantry. They do not vanish from our hand after one use, and we even receive another Snax in the following round if we have space in our hand. Keep in mind, Challenger works wonders when you possess the attack token!

While constructing these decks, we must consider that our early game might be relatively weak despite having numerous 1-cost cards. Unbuffed poros enter the battleground as mere 1/1 creatures, making it challenging to trade or apply pressure on opponents until we indulge in some snacking.

Our game plan revolves around winning through value. It’s no easy feat for our opponents to consistently counter 1-cost 4/4 poros without depleting their hand. Moreover, we can make efficient trades against midrange decks once our poros have had their fill.

Before embarking on our journey, let’s discuss who we should (and shouldn’t) bring along for the adventure.

Pouty Poro is our esteemed first-class companion, boasting the premium keyword Overwhelm to ensure our stat-boosting remains impactful. With Tough and Regeneration, this testy traveler becomes resilient to removal. Similarly, let’s not forget the ever-adorable Mighty Poro, another cute threat with Overwhelm that demands attention from our opponents.

Daring Poro thrives on buffs and becomes effectively unblockable in some decks. Big Elusives are strong and can pose a significant challenge to our opponents.

As for Fabled Poro, this trusty travel companion aids in creating a win condition with our fuzzy friends. Ornn’s poro protege adds value to our board by granting lifesteal to win against aggressive matchups, bestowing Spellshield on our Overwhelm units, and making every poro Elusive for maximum psychological damage to our opponents. Lastly, Patched Porobot offers a reasonable array of base stats and enables us to take another spin at the keyword casinos schweiz.

Poro Sled presents a formidable mid-to-late game option, allowing us to replenish our board. Once this sled hits the battlefield, it should prove challenging for opponents to efficiently deal with. Thanks to Snax buffs affecting poros everywhere, the sled will surely arrive with a massive poro in tow. Another companion, Lonely Poro, serves a similar purpose by providing us with more resources during the latter stages of the game.

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Regrettably, there isn’t room for everyone on this adventure, and it seems Heart of the Fluft is constantly hogging the armrests. This card eliminates the advantages of having a diverse board and consolidates our forces into a single pile. This arrangement makes it all too easy for opponents to utilize cards like Vengeance or Disintegrate.

Though Poro Herder may seem promising, it fails to fully meet our requirements when we have Lonely Poro and Poro Stories at our disposal. A conditional draw of 1 on a 2/3 body without keywords pales in comparison to a 1-mana draw of 1 that grows or a 2-spell-mana draw of 3.

With the deck lists provided, I’ve maintained a relatively similar spread of poros throughout. The ideal ratios remain uncertain, so feel free to experiment!


Bandle City – Portals in the Poro King’s Court – Norra and The Poro King

As mentioned earlier, our early units may appear feeble until we’ve indulged in a snack or two. Aggro decks can easily overwhelm us if we fail to find our buffs. Luckily, we have the brilliant Norra on our side. Portals defend our poro-centric strategy by fending off early aggression and allowing us to focus on enhancing our fluffy companions. Additionally, we have access to light control tools like Group Shot and Buster Shot to disrupt our opponent’s strategies.

While Sneezy Biggledust! would be a decent addition to our deck, I believe it’s time to reintroduce Yordles in Arms. This card is effortlessly activated in our deck, and since the majority of our units are low-cost, we can easily field 5 or 6 units by turn 5. Furthermore, Ferocious Fluffs proves to be a strong asset, empowering all our poros on the board. The impact it provides is more crucial than the stat boosts, as it can deal an additional 6 damage to the enemy Nexus when we lack Overwhelm or Elusive units.

Norra offers us an alternative win condition if our poros fail to meet expectations. She swiftly levels up in this deck, benefiting from the inexpensive units generated by Poro Stories and Lonely Poro. All it takes is 1 or 2 fortuitous portals to seal the game in our favor.

Bilgewater – Siren Song Slam Down – Fizz and The Poro King

Our game plan here is simple: buff our 1-drops. Since most of our poros cost 1, additional universal buffs from cards like Jagged Taskmaster and Siren Song enhance the consistency of our deck. Additionally, Fizz brings additional Elusive damage to the table, making him difficult to handle. He also benefits from our buffs.

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Dragon Prince Grinzo is a new card that synergizes well with our 1-drop deck. This value generator allows our first poro or other 1-drop to be virtually free each turn, as long as we have an empty spell mana slot. This helps us maintain a full board without sacrificing the usage of our Snax.

When you have a plethora of low-cost cards, running out of resources in the mid-to-late game becomes a genuine concern if cards fail to replace themselves. However, with The Swindler’s Den, this concern is a thing of the past. Each card we play is instantaneously replaced with a draw from our deck. Admittedly, this trait renders all cards in our hand fleeting, so it’s crucial to monitor our mana and consider how detrimental it would be to burn a copy of The Poro King if he hasn’t already graced the board!

Fleet Admiral Shelly serves as another win condition, allowing us to reap the benefits of our Special Snax and catch up if our board buffs have fallen behind. With this card, we can further enhance our non-poro allies.

Blood in the Water enables us to threaten opponents during their attack turn and maximizes the potential of our formidable stat-filled board.

Demacia – For King and Country! – Garen and The Poro King


That’s all there is to it. This deck revolves around going tall and wide, consistently checking our opponent’s stats throughout the game. With the likes of Garen, Genevieve Elmheart, and Vanguard Sergeant through For Demacia!, we can strategically buff our entire board. However, the true star of this deck is undeniably Champions’ Strength.

This card offers everything we desire and more. By Round 6, it’s effortless for us to field a 6-wide board with enough mana stored to unleash the ultimate “I win” button. Even if our opponent manages to survive, it often comes at the cost of their entire board, hand, or both, leaving them vulnerable to our subsequent plays in Rounds 7 and 8.

Demacia also provides us with Single Combat and Cataclysm to fully utilize our impressive stat piles and disrupt our opponent’s strategies. In fact, Cataclysm can even secure victory with our Overwhelm units.

Freljord – Mountains of Stats – The Poro King Sleds Solo

Though Freljord may be the original poro region, it pales in comparison to the grandeur of Demacia and Siren Song decks. While we have the potential to create gargantuan units with the help of Omen Hawk, Ingvar the Younger, Avarosan Hearthguard, and Glacial Saurian, we lack the means to threaten additional attacks or meaningfully interact with the enemy board. In essence, we become an underwhelming fusion of Ashe and LeBlanc. Furthermore, these buffs do not apply to any of our created allies from Lonely Poro and Poro Stories.

If we could venture into the realm of the eternal, Braum could summon Mighty Poros, and Spirits Unleashed would significantly elevate the power level of this region combination. However, for now, we shall remain in the standard realm.

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Ionia – Black Flame Fluffs – Master Yi and The Poro King

The following deck may elicit more laughter than victories, but rest assured that The Black Flame can conjure wonders when combined with Fabled Poro and Poro Sled – especially when The Poro King reigns supreme on the battlefield. If we have a poro unit ensnared by The Black Flame, we can generate Special Snax during an open swing, bypassing the need to develop our board first. This prevents our opponents from developing their own board or playing slow-speed responses to our formidable forces.

Should we manage to ensnare Fabled Poro, all our poros gain an additional keyword with each attack, thanks to the summon effect. We also acquire keywords if our opponent destroys The Black Flame, making it challenging for them to effectively deal with our forces.

Poro Sled is an invaluable asset, summoning a non-ephemeral poro each time we attack and ensuring our board remains populated.

Units ensnared by The Black Flame still benefit from Snax buffs and force our opponents to either trade with our ephemeral units or expend additional resources in order to prevent their Nexus from being overwhelmed.

As for Master Yi, he is present to discount our Snax and…well, that’s about it.

Noxus – Samira Needs a Nerf – Samira and The Poro King

When in doubt, trust in Akshan Samira!

Samira remains a force to be reckoned with, and I am convinced that she has the ability to make any random combination of 37 other cards viable. She proves particularly useful in our deck, as she helps control explosive hands from our opponents while we prepare for the Snax-pocalypse.

Samira also benefits from our deck’s abundance of low-cost cards, making it easier for her to level up and rally after flipping. Additionally, Legion Deserter thrives with our Snax buffs and swiftly becomes an enormous threat, especially once The Poro King graces the board.

With access to Whirling Death and Brutal Skirmish, we can effectively deal with our opponent’s units. Moreover, Might helps maximize our damage output in case we fail to find our overwhelm units.

While I briefly considered pursuing a reputation-based route with LeBlanc and Incisive Tactician, the truth is that if our poros stand at 5/5, victory is already practically assured.

PnZ – Seraphine Also Needs a Nerf – Seraphine and The Poro King


Seraphine remains as overpowered as ever, and the prospect of doubling the power of our Special Snax was simply too enticing to ignore! Any Special Snax will become a new spell and will either be doubled in power or help us progress toward leveling up Seraphine so that we may engage in her usual popstar shenanigans.

PnZ provides us with an abundance of draw cards to help us find our key pieces, as well as enough removal to guide us through the early game while we amp up Seraphine and her trusty poro band.

Acorn, the Hextechnician joins us on this adventure, reducing the cost of our spells. This makes leveling up Seraphine easier and buffs our poros more affordable.

Subpurrsible is present for the sheer value it offers, especially since we are playing a plethora of spells. It consistently becomes active early in the game, summoning a 5/5 Elusive unit that draws us a card. And let’s not forget that a doubled Colorful Snacks is bound to generate an incredible amount of salt!

Shadow Isles – Hallowed Be Thy Poro – Gwen and The Poro King

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