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Lost Ark Artist Builds (Support & DPS): A Comprehensive Guide

In this guide, we will delve into the world of Lost Ark and explore the versatile class of the Artist. Whether you are interested in playing as a powerful DPS character or a supportive player, we have got you covered. We will break down the engravings, skills, gear, combat stats, skill combos, gems, and gameplay tips to help you build the best Support and DPS Artist setups.

Lost Ark Artist Support & DPS Build Guide (Full Bloom & Recurrence)

The Artist class in Lost Ark is the first specialist-type class capable of being built as both a Support and a DPS character. We will guide you through the process of creating the best Support and DPS Artist builds for both PvE and PvP scenarios. So, let’s dive in!

Lost Ark Support Artist Build (Full Bloom Painter)

The Full Bloom build focuses on providing support to your teammates by generating healing wavelengths. By installing the older than a Rising Sun, you can generate wavelengths that provide healing for your allies. This build excels in providing decent and stable healing performance and offers smooth and light control. However, it requires some getting used to, as gaining identity can be challenging in the beginning. Additionally, the intricate shield skills and the need for heavy armor engraving pose some drawbacks. But overall, the Full Bloom build is a reliable choice for support-focused players.

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Support Artist Skill Setup

When it comes to skill composition, we recommend the following setup:

  • Orchid Painting – Tripod: 3-3-1 [10] / Rune: Galewind
  • Drawing Sun – Tripod: 1-2-1 [10] / Rune: Focus
  • Well of Sun – Tripod: 1-1-1 [10] / Rune: Focus
  • Gate of Illusion – Tripod: 3-2-2 [10] / Rune: Quick Recharge
  • Small Leap – Tripod: 1-1-1 [10] / Rune: Wealth
  • Scatter – Tripod: 1-1-2 [10] / Rune: Overwhelm
  • Upper Cut – Tripod: 2-3-2 [10] / Rune: Galewind

Lost Ark Support Artist Skill Build

As a supportive class, the Support Artist has a wide range of skills designed to protect and buff your teammates. The Gate of Illusion is particularly noteworthy, as it not only grants identity but also removes debuffs from your teammates. It’s crucial to aim your cursor toward your teammates to provide them with shields effectively. Keep in mind that using the ink mark tripod can increase the damage your teammates deal to the marked target. Mastering these skills will make you an invaluable support player.

Gems for Support Artist

To enhance the performance of your Support Artist, we recommend the following gem setup:

Lost Ark Support Artist - Gems

As a support class, your performance heavily relies on skill cooldowns. Therefore, equipping Crimson gems will greatly improve your Jam composition and ensure consistent results.

Gear for Support Artist

We recommend the following relic set for your Support Artist: Swamp of Yearning. This set will provide you with the necessary stats to excel in your supportive role.

Combat Stat Setting for Support Artist

When it comes to combat stats, you have two main options:

  • Full Swift (W.SPEC 500-600, SWIFT1600 or Higher)
  • Full Spec (W. SWIFT500-600, SPEC1600 or Higher)

The Full Swift build is commonly used and offers decent performance and stable buff supply. On the other hand, the Full Spec build provides higher damage and healing buffs but has a slightly lower reputation and can be harder to find a party with. Choose the build that suits your playstyle and party dynamics.

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Engravings for Support Artist

For optimal performance, we recommend the following engravings:

  • Heavy Armor
  • Full Blossom
  • Expert
  • Awakening
  • Vital Point Strike

Using the Vital Point Strike engraving will enhance your effectiveness in handling gimmicks. Alternatively, you can use Drops of Ether to further support your teammates.

Identity Skill for Support Artist

The Waning Moon (Z) skill consumes two identity orbs and provides a 10% attack increase buff for 10 seconds. The Rising Sun skill, on the other hand, consumes one identity orb and installs a stationary healing orb that can be interacted with for healing. It’s important to interact with it before time runs out to maximize its healing potential. Managing the Artist’s skills may seem intricate at first, but with practice, you’ll master the art of buffing and providing shields to your team.

Skill Combos

To make the most of your Support Artist, familiarize yourself with these common skill combos:

Combo 1: [Insert combo here]
Combo 2: [Insert combo here]

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build (Recurrence Painter)

The Recurrence Painter build focuses on turning the Artist into a formidable DPS character. The Peggy class engraving, known as Recurrence, buffs the Artist’s critical rate and damage when using the pose identity Rising Sun and Waning Moon. This build offers decent damage performance, good performance at gimmicks, and speedy, smooth control. However, it lacks in terms of HP and defense, relies on specific skill combos, and has limited party synergies.

DPS Artist Skill Setup

For an effective DPS Artist, we recommend the following skill composition:

  • Drawing Sun – Tripod: 1-1-2 [10] / Rune: Galewind
  • Well of Sun – Tripod: 1-3-2 [10] / Rune: Conviction
  • Small Spring – Tripod: 1-2-1 [12] / Rune: Wealth
  • Drawing Aline – Tripod: 2-3-1 [12] / Rune: Galewind
  • Tiger Slash – Tripod: 2-1-2 [12] / Rune: Wealth
  • Fly of the Crane – Tripod: 1-2-1 [12] / Rune: Overwhelm
  • Drawing Moon – Tripod: 3-1-2 [12] / Rune: Galewind
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Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Skill Build 1

To maximize your damage output, start your skill combos with a self-buff skill like Well of Sun and Drawing Sun. Tiger Slash, Drawing Aline, and Fly of Crane are your main dealing skills, while Small Spring and Drawing Moon offer additional damage potential. Keep in mind that Casting Drawing Moon takes quite some time, so plan your attacks accordingly.

Gems for DPS Artist

To enhance your DPS performance as a Recurrence Painter, we recommend the following gem setup:

Lost Ark DPS Artist Build - Gems

Investing in high-level Annihilation gems for Tiger Slash, Fly of Crane, and Drawing Aline will significantly boost your damage output during gameplay.

Gear for DPS Artist

For a well-rounded DPS Artist, we recommend using the following relic set: 2 Nightmare Flower + 4 Dominin Fang. This combination will provide you with a balance of mana and skill cooldown reduction, allowing you to unleash your skills without rest.

Combat Stat Setting for DPS Artist

When it comes to combat stats, full Swift (W.CRIT500-600 / SWIFT1600 or Higher) is the recommended build for Recurrence Artists. This build takes advantage of the high innate critical rate of the class and compensates for the slow attack speed and long skill cooldowns.

Engravings for DPS Artist

To optimize your DPS, consider using the following engravings:

  • Crudge
  • Keen Blunt Weapon
  • Cursed Doll
  • Raid Captain
  • Recurrence

These engravings will enhance your damage output and improve your overall performance as a DPS Artist.

Skill Combos for DPS Artist

As a DPS Artist, mastering skill combos is crucial. Here are some basic combos to get you started:

Combo 1: [Insert combo here]
Combo 2: [Insert combo here]

Remember to start your skill combos with a self-buff skill to maximize your damage and use main dealing skills along with sub-dealing skills for optimal performance.


In Lost Ark, the Artist class offers versatile gameplay options, allowing you to excel as a Support or a DPS character. By leveraging the recommended skill builds, gem setups, gear choices, combat stat settings, engravings, and skill combos, you’ll be able to unleash the full potential of your Artist character. Whether you choose to be a reliable support player or a formidable damage dealer, the choice is yours. So, step into the world of Lost Ark and let your artistic prowess shine!

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