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Mystic Abyss Raid: A Comprehensive Guide


The Mystic Abyss raid is an exhilarating 8-player encounter featuring three gates. To level the playing field, combat stats are scaled down to item level 1302, and gear set bonuses are temporarily disabled. While it’s possible to conquer this challenge with any group configuration, having a support player in each group can be advantageous for newcomers.

Preparing for Battle

While battle items are not mandatory, having health potions of any grade can be incredibly helpful during intense moments. Stay alert for the boss’s special patterns amidst the typical frontal hits and tail swipes, as well as the opportunity to taunt the boss to cancel certain mechanics and maximize DPS.

Special Mechanics to Master

  1. Orb Avoidance: Beware of the light blue orbs, as they unleash damaging attacks upon contact.
  2. Gift of Ether: Pink orbs leave behind a gift that contains a special ether. Breaking this gift will significantly increase your DPS.
  3. Snowman Transformation: When the boss folds its wings, cease all damage immediately. Failure to do so will result in nearby players being transformed into snowmen.
  4. Imprisonment: Throughout the battle, random players may become imprisoned. Free them by attacking them, either with skills or auto attacks.
  5. Purple Mist: When the boss spreads its wings, purple mist appears beneath it. Pay attention to random players who receive a purple effect under their feet, and guide them to place it on the edges of the room.
  6. Stagger Phase: The boss teleports and initiates the stagger phase with the appearance of two laser beams. Utilize your stagger skills at this point to maximize damage output.
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Navigating the Gates

At the start of the stagger phase, the raid splits into two groups. Generally, Group 1 heads left to face the fire boss, while Group 2 ventures right to confront the ice boss. Consider sending the group with stronger stagger potential to the ice boss to meet mechanic requirements.

Fire Boss Room

Be cautious in the fire boss room, as the surroundings are engulfed in lava that inflicts continuous damage. Avoid getting knocked down or pushed into the lava by carefully evading the boss’s telegraphed attacks, such as the round telegraph.

The most critical mechanic to watch out for is the boss’s devastating jump, where it ascends and then crashes down onto a targeted player. Look for the glossy puddle marking the landing location. As soon as the boss lands, a powerful shockwave is generated, pushing players back and potentially into the lava. Employ skills with push immunity or execute well-timed dashes to counter the knockback effect.

Ice Boss Room

Within the ice boss room, be mindful of two distinctive mechanics. The boss will encase itself in ice shards, which must be shattered to deplete its stagger bar.

Additionally, the boss creates a clone of itself that explodes after a few seconds. Stay clear of the clone to avoid unnecessary damage.

Gate 3: A Second Encounter

In gate three, you will face the same boss encountered in gate 1, accompanied by familiar mechanics such as front and back attacks, blue and pink orbs, and the snowman transformation. However, there are a few additional special patterns to be aware of.

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Throughout the fight, there is a fog enveloping the center of the room. Stepping outside the fog subjects you to a debuff that proves fatal after 10 seconds. You must either fight within the fog or ensure you step inside before the debuff expires. Keep in mind that the fog gradually shrinks as the fight progresses.

Be cautious when standing on top of ice geysers, as they have the potential to freeze you in place.

The boss will create a foggy wave that moves inward, transforming nearby players into snowmen after a few seconds. Strategically eliminate towers located on the room’s edge, as they either shoot laser beams or release blue orbs towards the middle. These towers are indicated by bull heads on the minimap.

Similar to gate 1, imprisonment may occur during this encounter. Free imprisoned players by attacking them with skills or auto attacks.

Lastly, be prepared for the boss’s airborne maneuvers, as it dashes across the room, leaving damaging stripes in its wake. Combine this with the light blue orbs it drops, and the timing can be deadly. Prioritize clearing out any overlapping towers to mitigate the threat.


With this comprehensive guide, you’re equipped with the knowledge to tackle the Mystic Abyss raid. Remember to prioritize communication, coordination, and adaptability to maximize your chances of success. Good luck, and may victory be yours!

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