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Lost Ark Vykas Gate 3 Guide: Rewards, Mechanics, and Loots

Are you obsessed with Vykas in Lost Ark? Well, you’re not alone! Vykas is the second legion raid to arrive in the western version of Lost Ark, and it’s got players buzzing with excitement. In this comprehensive guide, we’ll delve into the mechanics and rewards of Vykas gate 3. So, gear up and get ready to conquer this challenging raid!

Lost Ark Vykas Normal Rewards

Vykas: The Ultimate Legion Raid

Vykas is an 8-player Legion Raid that requires a minimum item level of 1430 to enter, and 1460 for hard mode. It’s widely acknowledged that Vykas poses a greater challenge compared to Valtan due to its demand for superior coordination and accuracy. Even the smallest mistake can prove fatal. The third phase of the Lost Ark Legion Raid, Vykas, is considered the most difficult thus far. But fear not, this guide will equip you with the knowledge and strategies needed to succeed. So, let’s dive into the mechanics of the Lost Ark Vykas gate 3 raid.

Lost Ark Vykas Gate 3 Rewards

Let’s start by talking about the rewards you can earn from defeating Vykas. In the normal mode, you will receive legendary gear materials, relic-type accessories, 1 Vykas wing, and 600 gold. On the other hand, if you manage to conquer Vykas in hard mode, you’ll be rewarded with 2 Vykas wings, relic-type accessories, and 1000 gold. Additionally, you have the option to purchase bonus loot boxes using Lost Ark gold to obtain even more valuable items. The spoils of victory await!

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Lost Ark Vykas Raid Gate 3 Guide

Charm Gauge

During the Vykas encounter, you’ll need to keep a close eye on your charm gauge. It plays a crucial role throughout the fight, offering either benefits or penalties depending on its progress. If your charm gauge hits 0%, your damage output will temporarily decrease. Conversely, if it surpasses 70%, you’ll deal and receive more damage. Moreover, certain mechanics will only become visible to you when your charm gauge is at a certain level. Beware! If your charm gauge reaches 100%, you’ll be charmed and turn against your own allies. But fear not, this debuff can be removed with hard cc or sleep bombs.

Golden Orbs

As you navigate the arena, you’ll come across golden orbs scattered throughout. Interacting with these orbs will create a circle and drastically deplete your charm gauge. Keep track of their locations as you’ll need them for later mechanics. Golden orbs are precious, make the most of them!

Slow Puddles

Prepare to deal with slow puddles, a major mechanic in the Vykas raid. At specific HP thresholds (170 and 75), Vykas will create a danger zone in the middle of the arena, followed by marking two random players with brown puddles at their feet. These players must move to the boss’s left side and create a slow path. Wait for them to deposit their slow puddles before advancing so that the slow effect applies to you as well. Coordination is key!

Swords & Clones

When Vykas reaches 150 HP bars, she will temporarily disappear from sight, confusing the players. Those with less than 70% charm gauge remaining will see copies of Vykas, while swords will be visible to everyone else. There will be one sword position identical to a clone position. Players able to see the swords must ping their locations. When a sword and a clone ping overlap, that’s your safe spot. Move there immediately to evade harm. Communication is vital!

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Keys Input

At 135 HP bars, Vykas teleports to the center of the arena, summoning blood to rain down from the sky. This downpour significantly increases everyone’s charm gauge. Take cover near a golden orb until your charm gauge hits zero. Once everyone is stunned, the key input mechanic begins. You must input the keys displayed on the screen twice. The outcome depends on the success rate: if no one fails, Vykas is temporarily stunned; if one to three players fail, Vykas gains a shield and unleashes an area-of-effect (AOE) attack; if more than three players fail, the party will be wiped out. The raid leader can unleash massive damage using the Nineveh skill after the key mechanic. Stay alert and be ready to dodge additional attacks that follow!

Mass Charm

When Vykas reaches 120 HP bars, all players must be charmed to avoid a devastating explosion. Vykas will randomly mark players with charm puddles, so stick together and stay in the puddle until your charm gauge is full. Unity is strength!

Stagger Check

Around the 100 HP bars mark, Vykas teleports to the center of the arena and summons a charm puddle around herself. Stepping into the puddle increases your charm gauge. Simultaneously, a staggered bar and slimes will appear. Quickly gather near a golden orb to lower your charm gauge. Once it hits zero, converge on Vykas and pass the stagger check. Whirlwind grenades can help resolve this mechanic effectively. Remember to use the time stop potion to avoid the slime explosions. If the party’s stagger damage is low, consider using the Wave skill to deal significant damage to Vykas.

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At 55 HP bars, Vykas will vanish momentarily, summoning tentacles at predetermined locations across the arena. Your objective is to eliminate all the tentacles before the mechanic ends. However, you won’t be able to deal any damage until your charm gauge reaches nearly 70%. Throughout this mechanic, you will gradually lose charm, so be mindful of your gauge. If necessary, pick up the red orbs in the center to replenish your charm gauge. Avoid reaching 100% while recharging your charm gauge!

Blood Orbs (Hard Mode Only)

In hard mode, at 40 HP bars, Vykas teleports to the center of the arena and casts orbs at its four cardinal points. These orbs must be consumed by players to prevent the entire party from being wiped. Players who devour the blood orb will be stunned and must repeatedly press the space bar to free themselves. Keep your wits about you!

Final Phase

As you reach the final stretch of the battle, converge around the last golden orb when Vykas has approximately 11 to 5 HP bars remaining. This will lower your charm gauge. During this phase, Vykas will summon pink clones. Spread out and search for the real Vykas, but avoid facing the center clone. Casting a glance at its gaze icon will petrify you. After the gaze mechanic is resolved, move behind Vykas to avoid her frontal sword attack. Raid leaders can use the Wei skill to deal stagger damage. The objective is to reduce Vykas’s purple stagger bar to zero before everyone’s charm gauge reaches 100%. Unleash your skills and prevail!


You’ve made it to the end of our Lost Ark Vykas gate 3 guide. Now armed with knowledge and strategies, you’re ready to take on this formidable raid. Remember, is your go-to source for buying Lost Ark gold, saving you both time and money. Good luck, adventurers!

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