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The Unstoppable Marvel Snap Pool 2 Deck: Strategies and Counters


Marvel Snap, one of the popular decks in pool 2, has taken the gaming community by storm. Casual players often find themselves grappling with this formidable deck before venturing into higher card ranges. While Destroy decks, Discard decks, and Zoo decks are prevalent, the Move deck reigns supreme, with its unique ability to hop cards around the board. In this article, we will delve into the intricacies of the Marvel Snap Move deck, explore its strengths and weaknesses, and most importantly, equip you with effective strategies to counter it.

Marvel Snap Move Deck Breakdown

The Move deck comprises various cards that synergize seamlessly to maximize their movement capabilities. Let’s examine the key cards in this deck:

Iron Fist

  • Function: This card pops your next drop over, synergizing directly with Multiple Man and Vulture.
  • Strategy: Utilize Iron Fist strategically alongside Multiple Man and Vulture to gain a significant advantage.


  • Function: Nightcrawler can move at any time, once per turn, and is especially powerful when equipped with Hulkbuster armor.
  • Strategy: Leverage Nightcrawler’s unique movement ability, combined with the strength of Hulkbuster armor, to outmaneuver your opponents effectively.


  • Function: Kraven gets buffed as you move cards to its location, including enemy cards.
  • Strategy: Exploit Kraven’s ability to grow stronger as cards move to its location, even turning your opponents’ cards against them.
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Multiple Man

  • Function: Multiple Man is a core staple of the Move deck, leaving a copy of himself behind when he moves. When paired with Hulkbuster, his power increases to 7 wherever he goes.
  • Strategy: Strategically utilize Multiple Man’s duplication ability, coupled with Hulkbuster’s power boost, to gain an overwhelming advantage.


  • Function: Cloak allows you to move anything to its space in a turn, triggering all move effects.
  • Strategy: Capitalize on Cloak’s versatility to mobilize cards across the board, activating move-based effects.

Doctor Strange

  • Function: Doctor Strange pulls your highest power card over, enabling the creation of additional Multiple Men or a more potent Vulture.
  • Strategy: Utilize Doctor Strange’s ability to strategically pull your most powerful cards into play, strengthening your position.


  • Function: Vulture accumulates power as he moves around, eventually becoming one of the most potent cards in your deck.
  • Strategy: Exploit Vulture’s power stacking ability by strategically maneuvering him across the board.


  • Function: Hulkbuster thrives in environments where movement occurs.
  • Strategy: Deploy Hulkbuster on cards that frequently move to amplify his effectiveness.

Shang Chi

  • Function: Shang Chi provides counterplay against formidable opponents like Devil Dinosaurs.
  • Strategy: Leverage Shang Chi’s unique abilities to neutralize powerful adversaries.


  • Function: Hobgoblin, a personal preference among the five-drop options, offers a variety of move-based strategies. Vision, another move-based pool 2 five-drop, may not be as effective as other choices.
  • Strategy: Choose between Hobgoblin and Vision, tailoring your selection to complement your overall strategy.


  • Function: God Leech, although slightly annoying, adds a disruptive element to the deck.
  • Strategy: Utilize Leech’s disruptive ability to impede your opponents’ progress.
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  • Function: Heimdall serves as the final move in your gameplay, shifting everything over one space, thereby gaining move-based buffs. However, mastering Heimdall’s movement requires careful planning and calculation.
  • Strategy: Utilize Heimdall strategically to create a domino effect, shifting all cards over one space while capitalizing on move-based buffs.

Countering Move Decks

If you repeatedly find yourself facing Move decks, consider incorporating the following cards into your strategy for effective counterplay:

Professor X

  • Function: Professor X is your most potent tool against Move decks. By locking down a lane, particularly the middle, he becomes a significant annoyance to your opponents. Note that you can only play him on turn 5.
  • Strategy: Utilize Professor X’s lane-locking ability to disrupt your opponents’ move deck strategy effectively.


  • Function: Storm introduces timing complications for Move decks by forcing them to scramble and reach a specific location before it closes. Place Storm strategically to disrupt the typical leftward movement pattern.
  • Strategy: Capitalize on Storm’s ability to disrupt Move deck timing to gain a tactical advantage.


  • Function: Cosmo’s “on reveal” effect neutralizes a portion of your opponent’s cards, limiting their effectiveness.
  • Strategy: Leverage Cosmo’s ability to disable “on reveal” effects in your opponent’s deck, weakening their overall strategy.


  • Function: These cards offer deck disruption, potentially eliminating crucial cards or disrupting your opponent’s card draw.
  • Strategy: Utilize Yondu, Korg, or Iceman to disrupt your opponent’s deck, preventing them from executing their key moves effectively.

Kingpin (Pool 3)

  • Function: Although Kingpin belongs to Pool 3, once in play, any card that moves to his location on turn 6 will be eliminated.
  • Strategy: Deploy Kingpin strategically to remove key cards from your opponents’ deck, gaining a significant advantage.
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Abandon Left Lane

  • Strategy: Instead of a specific card, this strategy involves prioritizing the right and middle lanes, as most movement effects tend to send cards to the left. Focusing on securing the right and middle lanes will position you to end the game with a multitude of powerful cards concentrated on the left.

We hope these strategies and countermeasures equip you with the necessary tools to tackle move decks effectively.


Navigating through the intricacies of the Marvel Snap Move deck can be challenging. By understanding its core cards and employing the right counter-strategies, you can overcome even the most formidable Move decks. Remember, adaptability and careful planning are essential when facing these decks. Best of luck in your future battles!

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Marvel Snap Move Deck

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